Saturday, December 17, 2016

Haus of Gloi Cyber Monday/Yule 2.0

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Haus of Gloi had an epic Cyber Monday release a few weeks ago with the return of customer favorites like Hearth and His Sweater, and a lineup of brand new scents. Seriously, the list of new scents was insanely long and there was plenty of temptation, but I kept it small and this is what I picked up ---

Mini pumpkin butters in Winter Divinity (reviewed here) and the unscented Aether, Turkish Delight perfume, a sample perfume of Tannenbaum, one Amethyst Snow Ball butterbomb, and a free sample of Peppermint Cocoa (reviewed here).

A few of the new scents were offered in a variety of formats, but the Stocking Stuffers and Eggnog blends were only available in full-size perfumes. I would've loved to try a bunch of these and sampler sets would've been a nice way to try them all, but that wasn't an option so I grabbed what sounded most appealing.


Fir baughs, deep woods, airy lichens, and cold wintery air.

Starts out heavy on the fir and smells identical to Snow Wolf and the Silver Fir butterbombs. It's icy with a fresh grassy green note and a woody backdrop. The drydown transforms into a slightly sweet, damp green aroma that reminds me of Solstice Scents Courtyard. Is that oakmoss? Whatever it is, it's a nice wintery unisex blend.

Turkish Delight

A confection of exotic vanilla and rose squares dusted with powdered sugar.

Dewy, fresh cut rose is the most prominent note here resting on top of a rich, creamy vanilla custard with an additional sweetness from the powdered sugar. The vanilla and sugar are pretty subtle and only hang around for an hour or so before disappearing. I wanted to see how this compared to Marshmallow Rose from the summer restock, so I did a quick comparison. Turkish Delight is a richer blend while Marshmallow Rose is sweeter and more airy. They're both pretty similar and the rose note is the same, so IMO it's safe to  go with one or the other instead of both.

Amethyst Snow Balls

Soft cream, violets, white amber, and a pinch of peppermint.

The one butterbomb I was able to grab. It's heavy on the peppermint with a soft violet and sweet, silky cream note that blends everything together. I love their violet note and this will make a great spring scent with an icy wintery twist.

The Amethyst Snow Balls are sold out and I haven't seen any mention of a restock, but you can still order Tannenbaum, Turkish Delight and the rest of the new scents here.

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