Monday, December 26, 2016

NAVA Pyramid Vanille 1 and 2

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

One more quick NAVA review before their website closes this week, and this time I have more vanillas. These are the Pyramid Vanille which are blends of the various vanillas in their catalog. The original has been around for a while now, but the second one was released alongside the holiday collection.

Pyramid Vanille

Kobalt (vanilla orchid of Cairo), Crystalline (Egyptian vanilla/stigma resin), Crystal (black vanilla bean musk), and Moonstone (African white vanilla). 

This one is difficult to review - I haven't tried any of these four scents individually so I can't pick them out in this blend. What I end up smelling is a very delicate, sugary vanilla with a floral element to it, and I *think* that is the Crystalline. It's the same sweet drydown from the Ice Creams, and Crystalline is the one note they all have in common. I didn't notice any musk or black notes but just a very fluffy, super sweet scent. Unfortunately, that's all I smelled throughout the day. I was expecting this to unfold over time to reveal all the different notes, but what I smelled at the beginning was the same thing I smelled at the end of the day. It's still a beautiful scent with strong sillage and excellent staying power, but I was expecting a bit more complexity.

Pyramid Vanille 2

French vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, Ember vanilla and Bastet's Ice Cream vanilla absolute (vanilla Crystalline Cream, butter accord, caramel accord, French vanilla bean absolute, vanilla milk accord, vanilla orchid, Crystalline absolute and vanilla sugar).

At first I was worried about this one because the Tahitian Vanilla jumps out, and that's the only vanilla I didn't like. It's a coconut and caramel blend that leans excessively sweet even for my tastes, but once it's on my wrist the French Vanilla begins to tame it into something more wearable. #2 is a thick and savory caramel-drizzled custard scent with coconut nuances. The coconut disappears over time but the sticky, thick custard and caramel base remains. I didn't pick up on the Ice Cream accord or the Ember Vanilla, which is supposed to be a woodsy-smoky vanilla (I haven't tried it yet, but I didn't smell anything that matches that description). The sillage was low to moderate, and I reapplied this several times throughout the day.

These are both vanilla blends and both require a sweet tooth to enjoy, but that's where the similarities end. #1 has an airy, breezy quality like a vanilla cloud with a floral touch while #2 is more of a thick, creamy gourmand. If I were to compare these to a color, #1 would be a stark white and #2 would be more of a golden beige shade.

You can find both of these on the website for $27 each, the original here and #2 is here. Hope you all had a happy holiday!

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