Sunday, December 11, 2016

NAVAlloween Part 2

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

NAVA's second Halloween update was pretty huge but I only grabbed a couple things this time through the amazing Ajevie. I dug around in my stash and found two from last year's collection which is why the labels are a little different.

Black Santalum Cider

Rich black sandalwood drizzled into an old oak barrel found just outside a deserted castle and filled with sticks of cinnamon, tart apple slices, cardamom and nutmeg. A perfumed cider to enchant any pumpkin king or queen. 

I missed out on this one last year and regretted it, so I was happy to see it return. The cinnamon starts out strong but quickly softens, giving way to a steaming cup of mulled apple cider. It bears a strong resemblance to NAVA's Halloween Spiced Mummy with the apple cinnamon combo giving me potpourri vibes. The drydown consists of a soft and cozy blend of smooth oak and sandalwood that I'm in love with. Sadly, I'm starting to realize that NAVA's apple note just doesn't work for me.

Pumpkin #10

Creamy pumpkin pie filling with a hint of spice, ginger, fresh cream drizzled over pumpkin cake with candied pecans and Crystalline vanilla absolute. 

Tons of cinnamon that amps like crazy blended with sweet pumpkin puree. After a long while the spices disappear, leaving behind a pumpkin and vanilla blend. Some of these pumpkin blends are pretty damn good, like #1 and #12, and others like #13 just didn't work out. And that's what this one reminds me of - #13. I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but it smells like a generic pumpkin spice candle. But the sillage is pretty strong ~10 hours later when I got into the shower, and I could still smell it after I got out.

Pumpkin #12

Harvest pumpkins, toasted marshmallows, Kobalt vanilla absolute and a smattering of Bastet's Ice Cream accord.

Like eating a late-night bowl of vanilla ice cream while cozied up with a good book and a Marshmallow Fireside candle burning nearby. I don't smell any pumpkin in here, but it's a well-done marshmallow and vanilla blend. There's a soft toasty note in the opening with a sweet sugary aroma quickly moving in. That must be the ice cream accord because it smells just like ice cream - it's fluffy and airy and slightly cold smelling. If you're a fan of NAVA's vanilla blends, this is one you won't want to miss!

Underlord Bastet

Sumptuous vanilla tea perfumed with 7 vanilla oils - Kobalt, Crystal, Moonstone, French vanilla, Sumerian, Copenhagen vanilla bean and Crystalline then blended into a rich iced tea perfume with sweetened resin of amber, California redwood and a touch of unreleased Bastet's sandalwood - suitable for any divine feline. 

A bold and fresh sun tea blend that instantly transports me to warm summer days. A great tea scent can be hard to come by, but this one is beautifully done. After an hour the vanilla notes begin to take over. It's smooth and airy, a little sweet but not excessively so, and wraps around my wrist in a beautiful haze.  A little further into the drydown the tea pushes forward once more, only softer this time. I don't know how vanilla and iced tea can work so well together, but somehow they do.

Underlord Nefertiti

Tempestuous raspberry tea perfumed with NA Raspberry, black raspberry, Egyptian blackberry, a drop of Crystal, a touch of black rose petal then blended into a deep black tea perfume and sweetened with resin of amber and teak. 

This is a good example of why not to judge a perfume out of the bottle...err, vial. I've had this for a year or so and this is the first time wearing it. It's pretty unpleasant in the vial and for the first few minutes on my skin. I pick up that same bitter, acidic honey note that I smelled in Solstice Scents Sun Warmed Honey and a few Sixteen92 blends, but after a few minutes on my skin it unfolds into the most decadent fruity floral blend. Mounds of tangy berries with a romantic, voluptuous rose and a drop of tea to brighten things up. For a short period of time I smell something powdery and sweet thrown into the mix, but it doesn't hang around long. The drydown is a delicate, unisex amber that hugs close to the skin. I know NAVA gets a lot of well-deserved love for their vanillas, but their berry blends deserve just as much attention IMO.

So that's it for now. I was *thisclose* to grabbing a bottle of Nefertiti, but ultimately decided that the sample was enough. I know I'll regret it at some point though. I'll be back with a few more NAVA's that I picked up in their Holiday collection once they've had time to settle a bit. In the meantime you can check out this post with some of the scents that are currently available.

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