Monday, January 16, 2017

Cocoa Pink 4.0

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

I'm getting through these Cocoa Pink scents slowly but surely.   This is somewhere around the halfway point lol.

Agave Lime Stiletto

Pink lemonade, green herbal agave lime, cotton candy, candy floss, bubblegum, and sour limes make this a sweet & sour yet enticingly different fragrance (Spring/Summer).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Fresh squeezed lime juice and a soft green note surrounded by a cloud of fluffy cotton candy. Clean, sweet and fresh all at once. I love the contrast between the sweet and tangy notes and will be reaching for this A LOT when the weather warms up.

Blackberry Sugar

Blackberry, sugar whipped cotton candy, and a splash of candy floss (Year-round).

Format - Perfume oil

Starts out with a slightly tangy blackberry, but the cotton candy is close behind, morphing this scent into a fluffy, sugary pink blend. Cocoa Pink's blackberry note is always nicely done. It's a nice balance between sweet and tangy and lacking any perfumey tones.

Butterfly Forest

Warm sunbeams peek quietly through majestic, ancient oak trees entangled within lush English ivy setting the paper thin wings of Pipevine Swallowtails, Painted Ladies, and Monarchs aglow in a breathtaking display of color. Purple sandalwood, ancient woods, English ivy, Firelight Peony petals, snow white musk and a single drop of oud (Spring/Summer).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

An enchantingly beautiful scent for spring. It opens heavy on the sandalwood but the peonies quickly push their way forward. I was under the impression that peony smells like roses, but what I'm smelling is a sweet and powdery 'white' floral. It's a dainty, femine scent that dries down to a blend of soft sandalwood and clean musk.

Elf Magic

A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles for a magical top note (Fall/Winter).

Format - Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner

Effervescent with a lemon-lime kick. Not too sweet and it's not what I would expect from the description. More summery and bright than sweet like candy.

Fear of Witches

Warm baked bread fresh from the oven, gentle wisps of bonfire smoke drifting through the frigid autumn air and smooth buttery caramel sprinkled with coarse black sea salt is your best bet in keeping them at bay (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Fresh bread with a strong yeasty note smothered in butter, sprinkled with salt, and something herbal that reminds me of sage. It's along the lines of Witch's Cottage from Solstice Scents.

Ghost Train of Gettysburg

Faint memories of gunpowder, ghostly vanilla mists blended with the distinct scents of pipe tobacco, overgrown grass, cold dirt, rusted metal, blackberries from a nearby wild blackberry bush, giant oak trees creaking softly in the breeze (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Damp potting soil and juicy blackberries open this scent. I'm wondering if this is a different berry note than the other blackberry scents I've tried from Cocoa Pink - usually it's more tangy but this one goes very perfumey. Anyway, the dirt only hangs around briefly before being replaced by a sweet grassy aroma that plays nicely with the berries.

Halloween Apple Harvest

3 favorite Fall treats all wrapped into one mouthwatering fragrance. Sugared candy apples, gooey caramel apples, and toffee smothered Gala apples all decorated with candy corn (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

This one alternates between burnt sugar and a perfumey, cloying sugar note with the latter being a B&BW Winter Candy Apple dupe. Surprisingly I didn't smell any apple here.

Harvest Wreath

A colorful array of newly harvested apples piled high in aged oak baskets below fragrant dried wreaths adorned with an abundance of dried lingonberries lit up by brilliant red and yellow autumn leaves grounded with cinnamon vanilla (Fall/Winter).

Format - Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner, EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

An autumn staple. Red apples and a pinch of cinnamon with the aroma of soft, delicate oak in the background. Very similar to Haus of Gloi's Olde Cider Haus, and the two scents layer well together.

Homemade Holiday Eggnog

Creamy milk and heavy thickened cream, sugar cane, vanilla extract spiked with hot buttered rum and topped with a special blend of powdered nutmeg and a light touch of cinnamon (Fall/Winter).

Format - Coco Mango Body Butter

Gobs of buttercream frosting drizzled with caramel. The rum is extremely subtle and no spice notes that I can detect. It's not quite what I'd call eggnog, but it's a dreamy fragrance that I will definitely reorder.

Lime Sugar

Juicy limes dipped in a little sugar. Not too sweet and not too sour. A wonderful lime scent (Spring/Summer).

Format - Ends with Benefits

Straight up limes with no bakery notes. It starts to pull towards that chemical furniture polish smell for a minute but quickly reels itself back in.

Orange Dream

An unforgettable blend of essential oil notes as well as heavenly bakery vanilla notes that will immediately transport you to warm, sunny days. Blood orange juice, pure orange essential oil, fragrant orange blossoms, chantilly whipped creme sweetened with confectioners sugar and white coconut cake (Spring/Summer).

Format - Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner

Like a cloud of orange buttercream frosting garnished with a few orange blossoms. There's a rich vanilla cream that tempers the tanginess from the citrus, and the floral note is soft but adds just enough of that special something to keep this from being your run of the mill creamsicle scent.

Phantom Kiss

A pinch of black sea salt accented with hints of mysterious clary sage, rice flower, crackling firewood embers touched by a single drop of oudh (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

This starts out with the powdery, sweet rice flower but quickly becomes woodsmoke and just a pinch of fresh sea salt. Once it settles onto my skin, it's a clean smelling (albeit occasionally veering sour) white musk.

Stanley Hotel

Enrobed with the ghostly notes of translucent white rose petals, pink tea roses, sparkling white sugar crystals, soft nuances of pale honey infused Earl grey tea with cream and sugar spiked with sensual black vanilla, sexy blood red musk grounded with just a pinch of white sandalwood (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Reminiscent of their Jean's Ghost scent. A pretty opening featuring a perfumey pink rose with a sweet powdery aroma, but I'm getting something sour in the background that becomes stronger over time. I think that's the Earl grey because that's one note that just doesn't seem to work with my skin chemistry.

Vanilla Rose

Bulgarian white rose petals caressed with pale cream infused with decadent vanilla and softly sprinkled with sugar crystals topping fluffy white squares of angel food cake (Year-round).

Format - Ends with Benefits

Delicate, perfumey rose sweetened with a sugared vanilla. The vanilla becomes sweeter and powdery over time. It's a light, feminine scent. However, for the longest time I was convinced this was mislabeled because it was sharp like pepper with no rose or vanilla to be found. It took well over a year (and probably closer to two years) before it began to smell like the description.

You can find all of the fall/winter and year-round scents on the website here. The spring and summer scents will be available in the next month or two.

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