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Cocoa Pink Part 5

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Here's a few more Cocoa Pink reviews from the stash. I want to apologize in advance that a few of these are discontinued. I didn't realize this until I looked for the descriptions after testing them. The majority of these scents are still available though.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

A cozy holiday evening at home by the fire: the scent of oven-fresh blackberry caramel streusel mingles with the subtle aroma of smoke from the fireplace and your favorite vanilla perfume (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Fresh blackberry jam and gooey caramel with the tiniest hint of bakery. The berries lean sweet and a bit perfumey rather than tart. It's a thick, sticky-sweet blend that dries down to a smoky vanilla.

Black Berry Bliss

CP Black, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and cranberries (Year-round)

Format - perfume oil

Tangy cranberries and deep, sexy amber. I love how sultry and dark this is.


A new favorite wintertime coffee shop treat: Warmed coconut milk with two pumps of vanilla syrup, stirred and garnished with a candy cane (Fall/Winter)

Format - Ends with Benefits

Heavy on the peppermint with a tropical coconut minus any pie crust/buttery notes. For a coconut scent, I'm surprised by how well this works for this time of year. I've been using this alongside Solstice Scents Snowmint Mallow and they layer beautifully.


Tart yet sweet - the perfectly balanced cranberry (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Delectable wintery cranberries that are more tart than sweet but never bitter. Yum!


Sweet, milky ghosts sway side to side intoxicated from the scent of bourbon vanilla as Genevieve is ready with a bundle of burning, smoky sage. Sweet milk, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, burning sage & smoke (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Sandalwood and sage smoothed out by creamy milk and the tiniest hint of smoke wafting around the edges. It has a clean musk feel in the drydown.

Indian Donuts 

Cakey sugary donuts with pistachios, cardamom, a splash of rose water and a dusting of powdered sugar (Spring/Summer)

Format - Ends with Argan Benefits

Delicate roses and fresh cardamom, similar to Solstice Scents Cardamom Rose Sugar but without the syrupy sweetness. The roses fade quickly and leave behind the cardamom and cake. This one is really good!


Creamy rich whipped marshmallow sugary whiteness. No almond or toasty notes. This is a perfect scent for all vanilla lovers. Excellent for layering. Bestseller (Year-round)

Format - Argan Therapy Creme

Fluffy marshmallow and vanilla sugar. It's exactly what the description says, but it does feel more like a marshmallow-scented perfume rather than a bag of marshmallows.

Marshmallow Candy Cane Noel

Made with marshmallow sugar and vanilla bean noel, it has real spearmint and peppermint oils that give your scalp a teeny tingle when you use it (Fall/Winter)

Format - ShamPink

Fluffy marshmallow sugar and peppermint, but once again the marshmallow has a perfumey vibe. It does give a tingle to my scalp without giving a burning sensation.

Papaya Guava Jelly

Tropical papaya, juicy pink guava, banana, golden pineapple and splashes of coconut cream combine to complete this mouthwatering Hawaiian treat (DCed)

Format - perfume oil

A 'pink' tropical blend of papaya and guava with a soft touch of pineapple. It smells just like a smoothie. Mouthwatering is an apt description. I don't know why this was discontinued but I do hope it comes back.

Peppermint Snow Angels

A twist of peppermint, creamy white chocolate, buttercream frosting, spiritueuse double vanilla, and a splash of CP Black (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Candy canes, milk chocolate and a touch of cedar and amber thrown into the mix. I haven't tested their Spiritueuse Double Vanille dupe yet, but it's supposed to be a deep, sultry vanilla. I'm not getting that in this scent though. My skin chemistry must be doing weird things because this begins to smell like peppermint and a dog's flea collar after an hour =(


Sparkling mounds of fluffy almond icing snow dusted with soft white sugars (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Thick, pasty almond marzipan. It leans into cherry territory. This is a dupe for Lush Snowcake although I haven't tried the original to compare how close they are.

Spring Fever 

Hummingbird tulip, newly sprouted grass, white moondance rose petals, purple hyacinth, bergamot, juicy red apple and white oak (Spring/Summer)

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Hyacinth is pretty much all I smell here from beginning to end. Maybe a little grass but it blends well with the floral. It's a sharp and green scent with strong sillage, very fresh, and smells just like spring.

Tahitian Moon Cake 

Vanilla cake batter injected with candied citrus, moist white cake smothered in whipped buttercream icing touched with nuances of Polynesian Monoi oil (Year-round)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Sweet oranges and moist yellow cake that becomes sweeter and fluffier the longer it wears. It smells a lot like the tea and cakes fragrance oil that a lot of vendors carry even though there's no tea note listed in the description.

Twisted Peach Daiquiri

Ripe Georgia peaches, red bananas and strawberries blend with premium honeyed golden rum and chipped ice for this delicious summer cocktail (DCed)

Format - perfume oil

Syrupy peaches and fizzy bubbles with sweet banana candy nuances. More like a peach bellini than a daiquiri. Unfortunately this is another good one that is no longer on the list.

Violet Pound Cake

Fresh baked pound cake squares sprinkled with wild candied violet petals then softly dusted with confectioners' sugar (Year-round)

Format - Argan Therapy Creme

Sweet violets and a savory, rich vanilla cake. Both notes are equally balanced, and this is one of the better white cake scents I've tried.

You can find the fall/winter and year-round scents over at the Cocoa Pink website. The spring and summer scents will be available soon.

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