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Cocoa Pink Scents #6

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Almost done with reviewing all of the scents I've acquired from Cocoa Pink over the years. A couple of these are older and now discontinued so I apologize for that in advance.

Black Silk Stockings

Silky black stockings to go with your favorite little black dress. Sugary sweet cotton candy and sugar cookies with a splash of sexy citrus and berries (DCed?)

Format - perfume oil

This one...OK, this was the only description I could find online, but I think it's wrong. I can't even find this one when I search through the scent lists from years back. What I'm smelling is candied rose petals and sweet vanilla with their spicy black amber in the drydown. No fruits or bakery notes. Damn it this is good, but it looks like it is no longer available.

Butterscotch Marshmallow Frosting

Thick waves of brown sugar and vanilla saturated butterscotch folded gently into a sugary marshmallow fluff frosting (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

It starts off with brown sugar minus the chemical smell that I usually notice in this fragrance oil and dries down to a delicious butterscotch drizzled onto vanilla bean ice cream. It's yummy, but the sillage is very low.

Candied Fruits

A dark, voluptuous candied fruit blend - deep scarlet wild pomegranate fruit and blood orange slices coated in blue raspberry syrup encapsulated in a rich spun sugar cotton candy coating (DCed)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Maraschino cherries that eventually turn into blue raspberry syrup. It's very sweet, and the cherry smells real rather than like cough syrup.

Christmas in Cabo

No snow in sight! Celebrate Christmas on the beach with a tropical rum-raisin cake coated in coconut shavings (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Exotic coconut with splashes of rum and...peppermint? I've sniffed this one over and over and keep smelling mint even though it's not in the description. This one manages to blend summer and winter together seamlessly. It's like a sister scent to their Cocomint fragrance although Christmas in Cabo is softer with a more mild sillage.

Cranberry Citrus Sorbet

Deep crimson cranberries, chilled citrus essence topped with sugared pralines and rounded out by sugary vanilla bean noel (DCed). 

Format - perfume oil

It smells like a zesty blend of cranberries and oranges (maybe some lime as well) with a sweet nuttiness underneath. The blend of fruits is mouthwatering, but I'm not too sure how to feel about the pralines. It sort of throws what would be a nice scent off balance.

Disco Lemonade 

This scent just makes you want to get up and dance... raspberry, strawberry and pink lemonade. It is drool worthy! (Spring/Summer)

Format - Ends with Benefits

Super tangy raspberry lemonade. Both notes are represented equally. Love this one.

Footprints in the Sand

Cool waves of coconut water, coconut meat, Persian lime zest, just a touch of refreshing peppermint leaves all accented by the soft essence of French lavender buds (Spring/Summer)

Format - EdP (alcohol based) perfume

Mostly fresh lime with a milky coconut base. There is a blast of peppermint in the opening that fades fast, and the lavender is extremely subtle.

Heavenly Basbousa

Turkish rosewater cake (Ravani), a much loved middle Eastern dessert, is brought to life in this delectable scent creation. Almond cake, creamy condensed milk, whipped cream, vanilla extract, strawberry syrup, whispers of sugared lemon and rosewater made with velvety crimson rose petals (Spring/Summer)

Format - Goatmilk & Honey Body Lotion

Fluffy white cake, candied rose petals and a few almond slivers. Equally foody and floral, it's very similar to their Indian Donut scent. The only difference I can detect is that Indian Donuts is spicy from the cardamom while Heavenly Basbousa is not. Both are equally good and I strongly recommend them!

Lavender Honey Macaroons

French macaroons with wild lavender sprigs blended with pure black vanilla bean and gentle touches of golden tupelo honey (Year-round)

Format - perfume oil

One of the best scents Cocoa Pink has to offer. The honey note stands out, and it's spot on to the real thing. Sticky and thick with a pleasant sweetness, it combines beautifully with the lavender. The vanilla comes out later and it's sweet rather than blackened, but mixes with the honey just as nicely as the lavender. This is a definite repurchase, and I'm eagerly awaiting spring so I can dive right into this one.

Mad Hatter Tea Cake

Rich almond tea cakes, custard tarts and a dash of Mad Hatter sugar (Year-round)

Format - Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner

Heavy on the sweet almond extract (minus any cherry notes) and blended with rich, buttery custard. It's a very sweet, decadent blend.

Orange Blossom

Jo Malone type. The scent of clementine leaves in the morning dew sparkles above a heart of orange blossom and water lily, transporting the wearer to a garden oasis (Year-round)

Format - Ends with Benefits

Fresh orange with delicate nuances of orange blossom and green leaves with no soapy notes that some orange blossom scents have. It's more fruity than floral, but it still smells great.

Paradise Found

Cool fresh coconut water, coconut meat, tropical palm leaf and large pink hibiscus blooms (Spring/Summer)

Format - ShamPink Conditioning Shampoo

A fresh, leafy green scent with the softest hint of azure waters. It's a clean type of fragrance, but I don't smell any coconut though.

Rice Flower & Shea

Softly scented rice flower blends beautifully with creamy shea butter (Black Friday only)

Format - perfume oil

Delicate sweet florals, clean musk and maybe a pinch of sandalwood. This is listed as a dupe for the discontinued B&BW scent, but I hesitate to call it that. There's a lot of musk in here and none of the rich French vanilla that made the original so dreamy. The search for the perfect dupe continues.

Scarlet Crush

Refreshing watermelon meets juicy red raspberries and plump strawberries coated in golden summer honey (Spring/Summer).

Format - perfume oil

Strawberry and a bit of watermelon, but I think there's some peach in here as well. It has a little fizziness to it along with what smells like a dry champagne.

Spiritueuse Double Vanilla

Made just for Cocoa Pink by our perfumer! Beware of imitations, we have the original! Based on Guerlain's famous vanilla. This duplication is high quality and made with notes of  pure vanilla, real benzoin extract, frankincense, spices, cedar, pink pepper, bergamot and ylang ylang (Year-round)

Format - perfume oil

It's mostly a cedar scent with some pink pepper in the opening. A deep, sort of boozy vanilla begins to emerge down the road a ways, but the cedar remains the prominent note.

You can find these scents over at Cocoa Pink.

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