Sunday, January 1, 2017

Future Prim Yule Stuffs

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Happy New Year! Are you all ready to put 2016 behind you? I know I am.

This was the first time trying Tiggy's Yule collection, and I've been looking forward to this for months now. All these comforting foodie scents sounded right up my alley, but I grabbed a little of everything since I've been surprised to find things I enjoyed when least expected.

Blackthorne & Sloe Gin

Hedgerow berries splashed with cassis syrup, droplets of amber dew, sprinkles of kitchen garden herbs and delicate trails of airborne spider webs. 

The cassis is the main note here along with a subtle green freshness from the herbs. It's a very perfumey blend though, reminding me of something I'd find in a department store, and I have a hard time telling the difference between this and Sugar Plum Tea.

Brandy Butter

Christmas pudding cloaked in vanilla cream with a dollop of brandy butter. 

Mmm! Rich, sweet and a delicious boozy smell. Is there a recipe for this somewhere? I don't know what it would go with, but this smells so good that I'll have to see what Google yields. Seriously, this needs to be made into bath and body next year because I want to slather myself in it.


The bee charmer! Rich thick-set honey, crispy sweet honeycomb, a mug of hot milk and a spoonful of brown sugar.

I had such high hopes for this one, but it just wasn't meant to be. It's that damn honey note that smells like medicine again, the same one I've smelled from Solstice Scents Sun-Warmed Honey and one from Sixteen92. Sharp and bitter like vinegar. I've gone to Google with this, and apparently rancid honey does smell like vinegar. Maybe this honey note isn't vegan? I don't know. There's this creamy brown sugar scent mixed in that I love, but the honey just kills it.


White winter birch bark, crackling forest fires in the North woods, a flagon of whiskey, a waft of rich men's cologne and a bowl of softly smouldering frankincense and myrrh resins. 

OK, this has to be frankincense I'm smelling. It's like a dry woody smell with a zesty lemon freshness to it. There's a little bit of cologne and smoke somewhere in here but mostly dry and fresh.

Marshmallow Eggnog

Creamy eggnog blended with vanilla buttercream, cinnamon and nutmeg and decorated with little bouncy marshmallows. 

Smells just like eggnog! Shocking, right? The perfect amount of eggy-ness to keep it from going too sweet and just the right amount of spices that don't overwhelm everything else. Sometimes these cream scents go curdled on my skin, but this one stayed rich and sweet.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Rich and delicious hot cocoa infused with a combination of Indian peppermint, Madagascan vanilla oil and decadent cocoa absolute.

The peppermint is extremely strong in here, and it's more like straight peppermint extract rather than a sweet candy cane. That's pretty much all this is. Maybe a little bit of vanilla but no chocolate that I can detect. The mint basically overwhelms everything else.

Smoked Mexican Chocolate

Slabs of darkest chocolate infused with vanilla bean pods, rum ripened raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg dust, finished with the faintest hint of hearth smoke.

There's a bitter chocolate in here along with smoke and smoldering wood, but I keep thinking beef jerky every time I smell this one. I can make out the chocolate and wood smoke if I really concentrate, but this ends up translating as smoked beef.


A warming blend of hot milk, honey & oatmeal with a sugary lick of pure white marzipan. Like a cuddle from Grandma with an additional "there there."

A sugary sweet, powdery almond that leans more towards cherry. It smells just like the Jergens lotion.

Sugar Plum Tea

A spiced fruit tea of plum & orange, fresh pine needles, a sprinkle of cinnamon finished with sugared amber. 

I've come to love these fruity pine blends for the winter so I had to give this one a try. The plum is the prominent note here and it's reading more perfumey than fruit straight from the tree. Pretty identical to the Haus of Gloi Sugar Plum butter bomb from a while back. It's not a sugared scent and it seems to have some floral undertones mixed in. The orange is subtle but helps brighten things up, and the touch of pine adds an icy freshness. It's definitely worth checking out if you want a wintery fruit scent.

The Wand Maker

It's finally back! Our Harry Potter inspired scent has found its way out of the archives and back onto the shelves. Dusty, leather-bound spell books, cedarwood counter tops dressed with lavender-infused beeswax candles & piles of black wand boxes...their occupiers awaiting their masters. 

A heavy dose of lavender blended with a very dry, dusty wood that smells like you just stepped into an old attic. Or ya know, Ollivander's shop. The lavender is pretty camphorous so I can see this working well when you have sinus congestion going on. 

So! That's everything from this order. This order was a bit of a toss up, honestly. A few of these worked out really well like the Brandy Butter wax melt and Marshmallow Eggnog, some were unremarkable like Snowdrift and Peppermint Hot Cocoa...and then there's Idgie and Smoked Mexican Chocolate. Ah well, at least this wraps up an entire year of Future Prim collections so now I know what works. The Yule collection is still available on the website and it's marked down on clearance, so there's still time to scoop up anything you missed out on.


  1. Some of these do sound nice. Wand Maker was one I have been wanting to try and now since it is GC I will hopefully get the chance to. I keep eyeing it in wax. I have found the wax to be hit or miss on throw but I like them enough to keep trying. They are perfect bedroom scents for me. Thank you for these fabulous reviews! You describe scent wonderfully. <3

    1. Thank you <3 Wand Maker is nice if you like lavender, but there's that dusty element that really makes it different. I keep meaning to melt it only to set it aside because I don't want to run out! That's a bummer to hear it's been hit and miss for you. These ones have given a solid throw but I also use them in smaller rooms