Saturday, January 28, 2017

Moonalisa Yule 2016

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Hi there! I received these Moona goodies earlier this month from the restock that took place around late November, but some of these lotions were very lightly scented and needed to cure a little while. Some of them still do, but it's been enough time that I'm able to smell them better.

Tart samples

Christmas Coconut

Sweet orange and vanilla bean infused coconut with tangerine EO. 

An opening of zesty orange citrus notes that are smoothed out by a creamy coconut. The citrus fades quickly, leaving the coconut behind for the majority of the wear time. Her coconut note is a rich buttery one with bakery undertones rather than leaning towards tropical, like tanning oil or coconut milk.

Cinnamon Forest

Piping hot mulled cinnamon drink with vanilla beans and cedarwood.

Fresh grated cinnamon and rich sugared vanilla beans. I'm having a hard time picking up the cedar, but this scent is very light in the lotion and will need to cure a while. I tossed this in the shopping cart at the last minute and it ended up being one of my favorites here.

Eggsnockered 2016 version

Eggnog deliciousness with rummy, buttery goodness spiked throughout. 

Mmm! Lots of spices and booze in this one. This is the 'rummiest' eggnog scent I've found so far, and it certainly is delicious!

Grapefruit Haven

Pure and simple mix of sugars and powdered salts blended with a tart and juicy pure blend of various grapefruit essential oils. One of Moona's favorites! 

Straight up grapefruit lightly sweetened with a delicate touch of sugar. It's exactly as the description states, but I was expecting a little more oomph! to this one. However, it is *very* lightly scented in the lotion format and it probably needs to cure a little while longer.

Kris Kringle

Deep in the Northern Black Forest, Kris Kringle leaves a trail of enchanting aromas as he gathers our Yuletide delights! Blend of various woodland accords, Yuletide spices, vetiver and Douglas fir essential oil. 

Lush coniferous trees and fresh cinnamon. The spices really stand out here and give such a nice contrast to the chilly pine. It smells just like Christmas day.


Rich soil, earthy bark, dried grasses, stones and pinecones. 

Ooh this is intoxicating! I'm getting spruce trees and freshly churned damp soil. I ordered this in the bath soaks since I wasn't sure about it and there's less commitment with a bath product, but this will definitely be a repurchase the next time it comes around.

Silveyville Tree Farm

The family destination in our neck of the woods every year! We absolutely love everything about this family owned farm! The sleigh ride with Santa, the homemade gift store, the hot apple cider, the hot popped corn and the smoldering fire pit we all nestle around singing carols, and of course the smell of all the beautiful evergreens surrounding us! 

Fresh fir opens this scent, but it quickly transforms into a warm foody blend of buttery popcorn with a touch of smoke dancing throughout. I haven't had great luck with popcorn scents, but this one is pleasant.

Solstice Night Stroll

Fir balsam, sandalwood, various incense resins, crystallized berries with a fresh blend of grapefruit and mandarin winter.

A blast of grapefruit and wintery fir in the beginning of this scent that gradually give way to a heart of soft incense and amber. It's a fresh, somewhat masculine-leaning drydown that reminds me of Haus of Gloi's Haus Amber. This was my wild card and I really like it.

Woodland Gingerman

This was a free wax sample and I don't have a description for it. It's the yummiest, most delicious warm gingerbread with an abundance of spices, but there's something else that brightens this blend. Like a squirt of fresh lemon but I don't think that's it. Whatever it is, it's a good one.

ETA - clove! Thats what it is. Clove and gingerbread.

Yuzu Mimosa

Another wax sample. Oh damn, this is incredible! An eye-opening citrus blend like that of grapefruit and orange with subtle notes of nose tickling bubbles. It's not available on the website right now with the newest collection, but I really hope it's offered soon in all formats! This is one that I'll be hanging on to until it comes back.

A couple of these are still available on the Mooscents website in wax melts the last I checked, but the regular Moonalisa website no longer has these scents listed. She does have two new collections available right now, Mardi Gras (gourmands) and Romantic Tudor (florals and resins).

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