Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MooScents Wax Melts

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

I've been so giddy about this order and it's finally here! A while back Moonalisa announced the opening of a second website  MooScents, which is exclusively where wax melts will be sold. Her tarts have been sold here and there over the years, but she hasn't been able to offer them on a regular basis until now. Luckily it seems like she's found a solution that works well for both her and her customers.

MooScents is actually run by her close friend Paul whom she has been training since early last year. She provides the wax recipes and mails him the pre-blended fragrances, and he handles the production, labeling and shipping side of the business. Her plan is to eventually include 'a variety of artisan home decor items' for the website, but for now the wax melts are what's available.

Everything is pre-made so turn around time is relatively fast - the website launched on 12/18 and this order was delivered on 1/7. Each clamshell was individually wrapped in a plastic baggie and packaged securely inside a flat-rate box with a freebie tart and business card. Now because these are two different websites and Moona and Paul live in different states, orders between Moonalisa.com and MooScents.com cannot be combined. At least I assume that's the case - she hasn't mentioned combined shipping but I imagine it would be complicated for them both.

Now I haven't melted any of these yet (because...hoarding!) but I have tried a few of her tarts before. They have always been strongly scented on cold sniff, and one cube in the Glade warmer has given a solid throw for ~15 hours. The only one here that smells a touch on the light side is Angelfood Cake & Coconut, but I'm hopeful that a little curing will help.

Free sample & business card

Angel Food Cake and Coconut

Light as air angel food cake with aromatic almond extract and toasted coconut.

Heavy on the boozy almond extract with a rich French vanilla base. It's very sweet, and the almond smells like the real thing without any cherry notes. This is a reformulated version and, compared to the older one, much sweeter with more vanilla and no toasted coconut that I can smell.

Apple Brown Betty

Hands down one of Moona's favorites of her own scents that she makes! Warm, inviting baked apple, lemon, cinnamon, and buttery crust. The classic combination makes a fantastic comforting tart.

Warm apple pie in a thick, flaky crust with a generous amount of cinnamon and crumble topping. The lemon brightens this blend but isn't noticeable on its own. It's an inviting kitchen scent, but it does give off apple cinnamon candle vibes.

Caramel Cafe Mocha

A deliciously rich Caramel Cafe Mocha scent of coffee and chocolate, intertwined with subtle notes of orange citrus, vanilla, nutmeg, and maple sugar!

There's a little bit of everything here. It's mostly caramel and milk chocolate with a little bit of coffee but made even sweeter with the addition of maple sugar.

Chocolate Covered Shortbread

I don't have a description for this since it was a freebie, but the name is pretty self explanatory. It's a rich dark chocolate (not bitter though) with warm, buttery pastries in the background. Very similar to Moona's Chocolate Butter Rum Beignet scent from her Halloween collection.

French Quarter Coffee with Jelly Filled Beignets

Cafe Du Monde is famous for it's coffee and beignets! This scent tries to recapture that essence and the deliciously famous deep fried, powdered sugar coated beignets with jelly.

Dark roasted coffee beans and a delicious donut rolled in sugar crystals. I don't smell the jelly though. The coffee is a bit too bitter for my tastes, but the bakery note helps tone it down a notch.

Lavender Shortbread

A buttery shortbread cookie blend with just a touch of lavender EO.

An equal blend of both notes. Fresh sprigs of soothing lavender (minus any camphorous notes) and buttery pastries. Ugh, this one is sooo good!

Sugared Spruce

Beautiful blue spruce, balsam and cedar on a base of vanilla caramel butter with sweet berry sugar crystals.

Winter red berries rolled in white sugar resting against a light base of chilly spruce. It's more of a sweet cranberry rather than tart. I absolutely adore this one although it smells almost exactly the same as her Sugared Forest scent from the Yule collection. If anything, Sugared Spruce may be a little sweeter than Sugared Forest.

Sweet Smoke and Woods

A blend of various smoldering woods such as sandalwood with sweet puffs of smoke from a mixture of dried leaves, amber and musk.

Dry, herbal and somewhat spooky. I'm getting crunchy leaves, smoke and fresh sage. It's nearly identical to her Halloween Hay Ride scent but a little more herbal.

Recap - success! Everything here is perfect and I cant wait to dive right in. Some of these are very dupey to other Moona scents that I've tried, which was unexpected as I was hoping to smell something new, but they're still incredible and worth the purchase. These sell for $5.49 each and you can find the website here.


  1. You have enabled me. Between the lavender, spruce and woods scents, I am in need of these. Off to go window shop!

  2. I have been on the hunt for the perfect angel food cake melt. How was it? Too light? Heavy on the cherry?