Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wylde Ivy Autumn & Winter Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Hey guys! How's the new year treating you? We've been getting some much needed rain here in So Cal, which has been a nice way to start the year.

Today I have a couple things from Wylde Ivy's autumn/winter collection. Some of these were limited to the scent of the month category so they are no longer on the website, but I've heard the owner Ashlee is great at bringing stuff back upon request.

Being Cleo

Told and untold stories of antiquity. A woman of grace, beauty and power lazed daily in baths of milk and honey. The beautiful soft scent of wholesome sweetness lingering on the skin mixed with warm amber and plucked jasmine. Notes of oat milk, steeped vanilla, precious amber, jasmine petals, dry woods and white musk. 

This was much different than the sweet milk and honey scent I had in mind. It's a very dry, slightly musty woodsy scent with just a trace of clean musk. It feels like stepping inside an old attic with old boxes and chests covered in dust. Not as literal as Solstice Scents Attic but along those lines.

Candy Cane and a Kiss

Rich and sweet dark vanilla meets a frosty sugared mint. Leave a lasting impression under the mistletoe this year. Candy Cane and a Kiss gives you a fresh blast of frosted mint and then settles down into a comfortable and alluring vanilla musk. Sweet light vanilla musk, black bourbon vanilla beans, sugared candy mint. 

Sweet peppermint candies open this blend before quickly transforming into a delicate musk and vanilla. There's a unique contrast going on in the drydown - the vanilla reads as slightly dirty while the musk has a very clean feel to it. More clean than dirty though since the musk stands out more. It's a bit sensual but easily wearable for day and night.

Day of the Sugar Skull

Sinisterly sweet, warm, and sultry. Notes of Smoked vanilla pods splashed with bourbon, amber resin smothered with caramelized sugar, pomegranate soaked orchid petals, and spicy pink peppercorns all wrapped in a thin veil of delicate musk. Fans of Its My Party Bad Girl Edition will enjoy this darker, slightly less sweet scent.

It starts off as a sugary vanilla bean, but instantly morphs into a scent that smells like the Carmex medicated lip balm. It's the same thing I noticed when I tried Solstice Scents White Fox. Fuzzy and cold, but smells like medicine. Eventually it changed into a pretty vanilla musk reminiscent of Warm Vanilla Sugar, but sweeter.

Fall Mountain Festival

If you travel deep into the heart of the mountains on a beautiful autumn weekend you are sure to find at least one fall festival celebration. Kettle corn and woodsmoke mingle in the air along with the scent of dried oak leaves and hay bales sweetened with crushed Granny Smith apples, a touch of vanilla, and caramelized sugar. 

So many great notes here! Basically everything I could ask for in an autumn scent. It opens with fresh hay, bonfire smoke, and smoldering wood with a buttery warmth from the kettle corn lingering in the background. The hay and kettle corn fade quickly, leaving behind the wood smoke that feels as if you're sitting in front of the fireplace. I was hoping to get the apple and sugar notes but they never came through.

Vanilla Snowfall

Pure and utter indulgence, Vanilla Snowfall is a drift of all things white and sweet. French vanilla sprinkled with caramelized sugar on a buttery base of sugared amber and cedarwood with just a kiss of light musk. The delicate notes in this scent bloom with wear for a sophisticated and comforting sweet tempting scent.

This one has been reformulated for 2016, but I have an older version. It opens with a silky white vanilla, but then begins to turn a little sour. Maybe it's one of the same vanillas from Candy Cane and a Kiss? Or maybe it's the musk since a few of these musk blends don't play well with my skin. The drydown returns to a sugared vanilla with the musk lurking in the background.

Since there's three vanilla musk blends here, how about a quick comparison. Vanilla Snowfall is more foody and the sweetest of the three, with the musk playing a small role in the drydown. Day of the Sugar Skull is more of a French vanilla with a very noticeable musk. It's sweet but not as foody and sugary as Vanilla Snowfall. Apart from the peppermint opening in Candy Cane and a Kiss, this is the least foody of the three. The musk is more prominent than the vanilla, and it reads as more of a second skin scent.

Vintage Honey

Imagine honey as a color...the color of sepia toned photographs, antique linen and faded love letters. A sweet honey blended with dry grounding notes for a haunting and rare scent. Notes of musk laced clover honey, milky vanilla, cardamom, dried baby's breath, warm jasmine, ancient amber, dry woods, and creamy patchouli.

Another dry woody scent with a musty quality. I had to go back and forth sniffing this and Being Cleo to tell them apart. Honestly, they're very dupey. The only real difference is Being Cleo is more musty, but neither of these is sweet or gourmand.

Final thoughts - all nice scents, but none of these would be a repurchase. Ashlee's spring and summer collection is more my thing. Again, some of these are on the website and some are not, but they may return in the future.

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