Monday, February 13, 2017

L3 Waxy Wonders

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I finally got around to trying L3 Waxy Wonders during a restock a few weeks ago, so let's check it out!

This was an order from a ready to ship sale back in mid-January. There was a variety of wax shapes to choose from with tons of scents offered. I got a shipping notice around a week and a half later, but that delay was because I also ordered a custom scoopable that was available as a preorder item. I've already melted a few of these after letting them cure a bit and man, they are strong!

Clamshell, bundts & freebies

4 pack of "fluted" tarts

Scoopable wax & chunky heart

Alien Pink Sugar 

Sweet and sultry all at once. The Pink Sugar stands at the forefront of this blend (and it's one of the nicer dupes I've tried) with a heady, sweet jasmine to support it. I didn't know what to expect with this one, but it's one of my favorites and I'd totally wear this as a perfume.

Bahama Fizz Banana 

It smells like the most delicious fizzy tropical drink. Pineapple, orange, cherry and rum with tons of bubbly effervescence.

Belle of the Ball

Lemon cream cupcakes, sweet coconut and pineapple. 

Mouthwatering, juicy pineapple mixed with toasted coconut and white cake. The pineapple stands out in this blend, and it smells just like the real thing. Tart, sweet, and super juicy.

Bog of Eternal Stench 

Raspberries, peaches and magnolia blossoms. 

This smells like B&BW Sun Ripened Raspberry with a very strong, clean smelling floral note. It's a little more floral than fruity though, and it smells incredible!

Cinnamon Fir Tree Vanilla Bean Noel 

Sugared evergreens and a dash of fresh cinnamon. It smells like Christmas morning, and I'll definitely reorder this later in the year.

Fields of Heather and Thistle

Light blend of heather, lavender and thistle milk. 

The heather really stands out here above the other notes. It's an herbal type of scent that is similar to rosemary but also with a subtle floral sweetness. I'm unsure what thistle milk smells like, but I do notice a lactonic note in here that adds a little creaminess far in the background. I love this one, and it has a very calming quality that makes it great for a bedtime melt.

Gardenia Coconut Coast 

Clean like a laundry scent, creamy from the coconut, and a little sweet. Not really a floral scent though.

Gardenia Spincycle 

A starchy white laundry scent. There's a little sweetness in here from the gardenia, but it's hard to pick out because the laundry note is so strong.

Love You to Death

Brandied pear, sea salt caramel and brown sugar. 

I don't even know where to begin with this's sooo good! Gallons of brandy blended with a true brown sugar scent. Sometimes my nose picks up a chemical smell with these brown sugar notes, but this one smells just like the real thing. I'm not getting the pear, but the brandy is so strong that it might be covering it up. Intoxicating is a good way to describe this one.

Mars' Mercy

Rainforest sugar cane, fir trees and creamy vanilla.

Dewy grass with a woodsy undertone. It's lush and very green smelling with a slightly masculine edge. However, it wasn't all that strong in the warmer so I'll set it aside to cure some more.

Pineapple Coconut Extreme Prince Charming 

Lush type pomegranate and grapefruit with a touch of sweetness. 

A deep, dark citrus blend with some effervescence. I'm not getting the coconut, and the pineapple is definitely present but hard to pick out.

Through the Looking Glass 

Sugared violet petals, wild berries and sweet grass. 

Tart, plump blackberries and grass with a hint of violet. It's a perfumey, kinda musky blend that reminds me of something I'd smell at B&BW.

A couple freebies that were also included -

Seattle Rain

Sea spray, cactus, sea moss and driftwood that smells just like the Puget Sound on a foggy morning. 

Stormy waters and moss with a pinch of sea salt. A clean scent with a masculine feel to it. I have this one in the warmer now and it's throwing like a beast.

Passion Fruit and Guava

Sweet passion fruit and tangy guava.

A tart, "pink" blend of tropical fruits that almost smells like citrus. I think there are some green leafy notes and hibiscus as well.

Rainbow Dream

Rainbow sherbert and orange creamsicle are the blend that will take you into a land of rainbow dreams. 

Smells like rainbow sherbert and fizzy bubbles. I had expected this to be creamy based on the description, but it's more tangy and effervescent.

I'm pretty happy with this first time order. The throw is strong on just about everything I've tried so far except for Mars' Mercy, and I needed very little wax to achieve that strong throw. For the "fluted" tarts I cut them in half, and the bundts I cut into four small pieces. The scoopable was particularly strong when I used the equivalent of one cube of wax. I did notice that the scent burns off much faster than other brands I melt, and I had to change out the wax twice as fast as I normally would. I don't particularly mind though - the product is reasonably priced and I need to work through this stash anyway.

On the repurchase list are Alien Pink Sugar, Love You to Death, Fields of Heather & Thistle, Bahama Fizz Banana, Cinnamon Fir VBN, and Belle of the Ball.

Website @ L3 Waxy Wonders

You can follow the brand on Facebook for restock announcements and to make scent requests.

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  1. I've been meaning to get an order in with this vendor. I have had a few bits and pieces sent to me from friends but when I go to order I never know what to get. The burning off quicker wouldn't bother me either as I tend to change out my wax often especially on the weekends and melting during the day.