Saturday, February 25, 2017


Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Moonalisa had a small restock of wax melts recently so I snagged a few things that sounded good. I've reviewed most of these scents in the past, but there was a new one that was too good to pass up.

Shipping was lightening fast this time around. I ordered last Sunday when the new scents went up on the website and had everything in hand a couple days later on Thursday!

Bongo Poppy Cake

Delicious lemon poppy seed cake drowned in an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese icing dripping all over it! Does contain real essential and fragrance oils.

Spongy yellow cake smothered by a thick lemon glaze. Both sweet and tart, very rich and slightly buttery. I get a little more cake out of this than the lemon. It's decadent and sinfully good without all the calories.

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread

Smooth, creamy milk and dark chocolate ganache dipped buttery shortbread! 

Rich but not too bitter dark chocolate blended with buttery cookie sweetness. Both notes stand out equally. Moona does the best chocolate scents hands down!

Dicken's Fair

One of our favorite things to do in the winter is go to the Dickens' Fair! And what greets you first is the unbelievably enticing aroma of the fresh made cinnamon crunch almonds overwhelming your senses with warm, spicy cinnamon almond goodness! This scent is Moonalisa's rendition of that heavenly aroma. 

Oh my, this has created a craving! Fresh cinnamon and sweet almond that has a fruity, cherry touch. It's creamy too, like there's a sugared vanilla to blend everything together. I'm really kicking myself in the rear for only grabbing one of these.

Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream

Creamy deliciously fresh lemon curd, blended with rich coconut cream, and a touch of buttery graham cracker crust. 

I'd venture to say this is Moona's most popular scent. It's a delightful summery blend of tangy lemon, buttery coconut cream and flaky pie crust. Think of a coconut cream pie garnished with fresh lemon zest and you have this yummy blend!

Another happy order. I love that the turn around time is so fast; this way I can get my Moona fix while waiting for the bath & body preorders to ship. Clamshells are $5.49 a piece and are restocked regularly.

Website @ Mooscents. Follow her on Facebook and/or sign up for a newsletter for restock updates.


  1. I am typing up my MooScents post right now. And you totally made me go back and buy it (and Pumpkin Batter and Porridge and....). My current order is totally different from what you got. I think his scents must cycle through pretty quickly.

    1. Happy to enable! I can't wait to see what you got! The apple porridge has been tempting so I'm excited to read your review

  2. Ok... so I went and got those scents and was contacted to say that Dicken's Fair was OVERSOLD and I was refunded and will not get it. Totally pouted as that was the reason I quickly popped over to place a tiny order in the first place. I hate when things like that happen. Either pour more than you list or just make more pretty please. Ah well. Still have three little things coming. I sent them the link to your blog because I told them I ordered Dicken's all due to you. :-)

    1. Oh that's such a bummer! It was sold out for a few days but then showed back in stock. Let's hope she makes more!

      What did you order?

      Thank you <3

  3. Hello! So I will probably be making a purchase with this vendor soon all thanks to you and Julie.. ha-ha. How often does this vendor restock? I went on there today but they were out of the few scents I was interested in.

    1. Hi! It looks like they restock about once a month, but they're relatively new so it's difficult to say. This last restock was their second one, and their Facebook page mentioned an upcoming restock about two weeks ago. I imagine it will be sporadic while she works on filling orders from the Moonalisa site. Their Facebook page gives updates, and you can also sign up for newsletters through the website.

      And I'm totally excited to check out your blog <3