Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Candy Panda March Restock

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This was the small order I made during the ready to ship sale last week on March 3. It arrived just a few days later in a flat-rate box, packaged nicely with two sample scents included.

This time the wax melts were packaged in baggies that help keep the lids in place.

Also a new flip top lid for the sugar scrubs...

There was a small snafu with this order though. I had ordered a 5 pack of the Love Like Ghosts wax melts, but it turns out that the wrong scent was made. What I have is apparently a different scent called Goodnight Moon, which is a lavender and Vick's blend. The brand owner asked customers to contact her for a resolution, and I was promptly refunded the cost of the melts ($6.75) with an apology. I would've preferred a replacement that I would be happy to pay for, but I can also understand that may not be practical for the owner. The situation was handled quickly and appropriately and I'm good with that. I'll just have to keep an eye out for when Love Like Ghosts reappears. So even though the wax in the picture has a LLG label, the scent I'm reviewing is actually Goodnight Moon.

Crazy for Coconut
Mahogany coconut, creamy coconut and Hawaiian Tropics

I reviewed this one last month when I ordered the sugar scrub, but this one is a wax melt and it smells a little different. This version is heavier on the coconut cream and Hawaiian Tropic, smelling more like tanning lotion with just a hint of mahogany for a rich depth. The sugar scrub is the opposite, being more woodsy than tropical. I love them both so I'm happy to have two different "versions."

Blonde Moment (iced champagne + rich raspberry and cranberry) and fresh picked strawberry. 

A free sample that was included. This smells just like grapes with a teensy hint of bubbles. I was surprised that it smells completely  different from the description, but I love grape scents so I'm enjoying this one.

Fluffy White Clouds
Fresh cotton, vanilla and powder.

This one smells like baby powder. Sweet, delicate, kinda clean.

Goodnight Moon
Lavender + Sinus Relief (Vick's vapor scent)

All I'm really smelling is Vick's. I can occasionally pick up hints of herbal lavender but the camphorous notes drown it out.

Lord of Chaos
Patchouli, vanilla and black pepper (inspired by Lush Lord of Misrule)

The second free sample that was included. I'm really starting to like this Lord of Misrule scent. A creamy patchouli accented by black pepper.

Mahogany Cotton
Clean cotton, coconut, oakmoss, vanilla and mahogany.

Another baby powder type of scent. It has a subtle depth from the mahogany that helps temper the sweetness, but between this one and Fluffy White Clouds, I really can't tell them apart.

I'm loving the Crazy for Coconut and Mahogany Coconut blends from this order. Its the mahogany...I'm going through a phase right now lol. Both website will be opening soo , this weekend for preorders and 3/31 for the next ready to ship sale.


  1. Hate to hear that there was a mix up but the Good Night moon sounds amazing! Anything Vicks scented I am all in! Glad to hear you had some favorites in your order though. Are you ordering from the Pre-order with Yuli? I'm thinking about placing an order once I see what the samplers are.

    1. Hi! You'd def like Goodnight Moon then, even in the warmer it's all Vick's.

      I dunno about the preorder yet. So far I haven't seen anything that jumps out so I may skip this one. Have you seen anything you like?I will have a post up soon with the pop sampler in case you were looking at that one