Friday, March 17, 2017

Candy Panda Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Another Candy Panda haul, this time for the preorder back in mid December. There were a few sampler sets available along with individual scents offered in 5 packs. Everything was made in unlimited quantities so ordering was much less stressful than their monthly restocks.

Jarritos Mexican Pop Sampler

12 scents + 1 mystery scent for $18

Lima-Limon yuzu soda. It smells like Sprite with an additional kick of fresh lime. Extra citrusy.

Strawberry Soda - fresh strawberry fizzy. All lemon-lime and fizzy bubbles, no trace of strawberry.

Cherry Pies & Cola - cherry cola. Just like the real thing. Black cherries sweetened with Coca Cola bubbles. No bakery notes despite the name.

All Tomorrow's Parties - bubblegum fizzy. Smells more like chalky Pepto Bismol instead of bubblegum. Not much effervescence in this one.

Blue Suede Shoes - Blue Hawaiian + Blonde Moment + fizzy. The Blue Hawaiian is what really jumps here, smelling like a blend of rum, pineapple, and cherry with a teensy bit of effervescence. Tropical and yummy.

Kick Jump Twist - watermelon fizzy. Punchy watermelon rather than a sour candy one. Some citrus and bubble notes but more watermelon in this blend.

Mandarina - mandarin fizzy. This one is my favorite of the bunch, and I hope it's brought back in a 5 pack and b&b. Mostly mandarin, which is deeper and more bold than regular orange. Sort of like a tangerine. Some fizzy notes but mostly mandarin.

Love on the Brain - juicy pineapple fizzy. Extra tart pineapple juice with lemon-lime soda. Their pineapple scent is the truest one I've found.

Toronja - grapefruit tangelo mango fizzy. Effervescent grapefruit. Smells just like this.

Cheers Darlin' - cucumber lemonade fizzy. A clean spa scent. Mostly cucumber and effervescence, but I'm getting a touch of mint as well.

Stones Around the Sun - stonefruit apricot honey fizzy. Lemon lime and bubbles are prominent with a little bit of sweet apricot nectar underneath.

Green & Gold - guava fizzy. Some sweet guava but mostly fizzy citrus.

Old Money - Monkey Farts (banana, strawberry and bubble gum) + coconut fizzy. Fizzy pina colada with hints of ripe banana.

Some of these are really good, like Mandarina and Cherry Pies & Cola. It's a good collection of summery scents, but a few of them ended up smelling similar because the "fizzy" fragrance oil. It tends to be quite strong and overpower other scents in the blend, which is what happened with Lima Limon, Green & Gold, and Strawberry Fizzy. I'd reorder a few of these as individual scents, but I'll have to melt through these before considering a reorder of the entire collection.

Faceted Lady Sampler

8 scents + 1 mystery scent for $12.00

Amethyst - honey blossomed blackberry sage. That camphorous, cough drop smelling honey with slight hints of perfumey blackberry. Mostly smells like cough drops though.

Citrine - juicy oranges, peaches, grapefruit and mangosteen. Mostly bitter mangosteen (it smells sort of green, like an underripe fruit) with orange juice. Very tart and somewhat tropical.

Rose Quartz - raspberry ro's jelly. Smells nearly identical to the Rose Jam dupe, only a pinch sweeter. There's not much raspberry in here so it's mostly lemon and rose.

Amber - warm amber linen. A clean laundry scent with rich, golden undertones. It has a masculine feel to it.

Aquamarine - ocean aloe and white lilac. A watery mint blend, both spa-like and tranquil.

Moonstone - moon moss ozone. Damp, mossy and kind of fresh from the hints of ozone. It's a complex, masculine type of blend that would be great in b&b.

Kyanite - clean green lime verbena. Zesty lime with lemongrass. Very summery and uplifting.

Sunstone - sugarcane apple blossom. Tart green apple with clean floral nuances. I stick with apple scents in the fall and winter, but this one is perfect for spring.

Labradorite - olive tree house blend with sweet nectarines, mint and fresh ocean breeze. Salty sea spray and wisps of mint.

More complex blends than the Jarritos sampler. There's a little bit of everything to cover all the bases - fruits, florals, resins, spa, and aquatic. My favorites are Sunstone and Moonstone, and I'd probably reorder this collection down the road.

5 packs

These were additional scents included in the preorder that were not part of the samplers. $6.75 each.

Day of the Dead - a sweet zest of fruit pastilles and fresh lime slices (inspired by Lush Calacas). One of my favorite scents ever so I had to stock up. Apparently there are two fragrance oil dupes of this scent, so it smells very different depending on which vendor carries it. One version is a creamy orange with woodsy undertones and the other is zesty lime gummy bears. This Candy Panda version is the latter.

Goody Garlands - spruce berry, Winter Candy Apple, cranberry salsa. Heavy on the chilly spruce and tart cranberries but with some sugary sweetness from the candy apple. I can't wait for the holidays to come so I can melt this.

Over the Sheets - Pink Sands + Clean Cotton. Starched white linens with a hint of pink floral sweetness.

Yog Nog - sweet toffee, toasted caramel + coffee and clove (inspired by Lush). Bitter coffee, clove cigarettes, brown sugar and sour buttermilk. Theres a bit too much going on here and the notes don't really compliment one another.

Free Samples

Marshmalloween - toasted marshmallow. More like a smoky vanilla bean. It's not quite sweet enough to remind me of marshmallow, and it leans into plasticky territory.

Postcards from Italy - orange sparkling limoncello with a plop of berries. Fizzy lemonade and grapefruit with fresh tomato leaf. This one is nice and I'd totally reorder it.

A new preorder will be available starting tonight on the website. The Jarritos sampler will be back along with a few others, although they are still working out the details. You can follow their Facebook group for updates.


  1. The Faceted sampler speaks to me. It says I need to buy it one day. I love gemstones anyway so merging the two tickles my fancy. Sunstone and Moonstone do really sound beautiful. I think they are doing a pre-order today or tomorrow. I need to go look. I have not had Candy Panda wax in forever. At least a year or two.

    1. That sampler is nice. I only got it for two scents but ended up liking almost all of them. The preorder is all weekend long, I think. Did you end up placinmg an order?

    2. I did but only a small one. I got the Man Bun sampler and a pack of Mint Condition or something like that. I have never placed an order with Yuli before so I am looking forward to it. I hear she only does the pre-orders once every few months. Did you order?

    3. Yes, her preorders seem to happen every three months. Her mints are supposed to be really good. I sat this one out. There were only a couple 5 packs I wanted but I'll try another time. That fried Oreo scent was hard to pass up though