Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cosmic Cleanse Retro Restock

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's another brand that I've been hearing great things about and finally got the opportunity to try. This time it's Cosmic Cleanse Scentsations, a wax and bath & body brand owned by Heidi and based out of Southern California. She carries a range of items such as body butters, bath soaks, sugar scrubs, whipped soaps, bar soaps, lip balms, and so much more. The few products I've tried so far are good quality, but they're even more special since you have the option to have them infused with CBD oil for no additional cost.

I talked about CBD a bit in a previous post but in case you missed it, here's the scoop. CBD is a chemical that naturally occurs in marijuana and is responsible for the therapeutic benefits. Pain relief is the main one but it is also shown to help with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, gastric conditions and seizures. I started ordering these products for my daughter's inflammatory bone disease (you can read about it here) and she had such good results with CBD that I wanted to try it again. Most of these items are for her, but I also wanted to try some myself for general achiness.

The brand mostly operates through preorders although there are occasional ready to ship sales. I ordered on 1/15 and the box arrived on 2/24. Given the popularity of Cosmic Cleanse and the number of orders Heidi received, this turn around time is impressive. Even though this was a preorder, items can and *will* sell out. There was an opening that was supposed to run through this past weekend but she had to close down early in order to keep the turn around time manageable. It's not a Hunger Games style restock per se, but you do need to get in there early before her preset inventory is depleted.

First the scents and then the products themselves, all of which are infused.

California Love
Cali Kiss (Lush Calacas dupe) x Fizzy Soda Pop

Fresh limes and oranges plucked straight from the bush with effervescent bubbles to brighten things up even more. Heavier on the citrusy fizzy pop than the Lush dupe.

Fizz Fairy
Snow Fairy (Lush dupe) x Fizzy

Both scents combine to smell like a refreshing, sparkling pear. I've tried the Snow Fairy scent before and never noticed pear, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Kweens See Kweens
Strawberry, raspberry, guava and cotton candy

Somebody in the group described this as strawberry Sour Punch straw candies, and I totally see that. I'll just change that to say that it smells like sour straws once the sour has been licked off.

Party with Heidi
Fruity/fizzy cosmic house blend x fizzy soda

This was a free soap sample that was included (and I forgot to take a pic). It's an orange and lemon fizzy blend with punchy red berry notes. Really good!

Suicide Squad Goals
Serendipity, strawberry, raspberry, guava and Blonde Moment 

Berry punch with grapes (real grapes, not the Kool Aid or candy kind)

We All Float Down Here
Fresh ocean, shaving cream and sea salt

A mossy green scent with a clean ocean breeze and shaving cream to smooth it out. It has a masculine feel and reminds me of Haus of Gloi Selkie.

Miracle Budder

Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, fragrance/essential oils, vitamin E. 2 oz mini jar for $3.75 and 6 oz jar for $12.00

This looks thick in the jar but it has a surprisingly light-weight feel. It glides easily over my skin and I can take my time spreading it around before it soaks in with no greasy, heavy feel left behind. I used less than a dime sized amount to cover one leg, so this stuff should last a while. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, but not all that moisturized. It will work fine by itself in the coming warmer months, but I'll probably have to layer it with something heavier once the weather cools down again and my skin begins to dry out. The scent lingers for close to an hour which is longer than most lotions and butters in my stash.

I ordered the infused version for both me and my daughter which contains approximately 500 - 600 mg of CBD oil. She's been using this stuff daily for the past month for the pain and inflammation in her arm and leg. A small dab of this product is all she needs, and within minutes the pain has subsided significantly. Her pain is pretty severe at times, often leaving her in tears and many restless nights, but she feels better within minutes and is able to sleep better now. Using a heating pad over the areas she applied the Miracle Budder to seems to work even better.

I ordered a mini jar for myself to try out on those pesky monthly cramps and soreness in my lower legs from crappy circulation. For my legs, I use a small amount and massage for a minute. The pain is completely gone in about 10 minutes and lasts for several hours. The menstrual cramps were still there after rubbing the Budder on my hips and lower back, but it was more of a crampy ache rather than a stabbing pain. It's not total relief, but the pain was diminished. I've also had a couple knotted muscles in the past month that I tried the Budder on, but I didn't notice a significant improvement. So far, I'd say that it works better on mild soreness rather than more painful muscle aches. That's just personal experience though. My daughter's pain is pretty bad at times and she loves the relief that she gets.

I did notice that there's no preservative in the ingredients, which is what prevents the growth of mold and germs. I've grown wary of this over the years after having to throw away products that have grown specks of mold even with a preservative in them. Generally I set new orders aside to use up older products first, or I use a lotion halfway and set the rest aside for future use. The lack of a preservative is not a deal breaker by any means and I'll continue to order the Budders, but I think I'll stick with the unscented version for now on. This way I can use them daily and layer another lotion on top for fragrance.

Gemstone Soap

Glycerin, lye, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, canola oil, olive oil, dolce extract, evening primrose extract, aloe extract, mica mineral pigments, colorants, fragrance or essential oils, vitamin E. $9.00

It's prettier IRL but my camera doesn't have the best zoom. The chunks inside are different colors and the whole bar is swirled with shimmer and fine glitter. This soap produces tons of lather and rinses away clean with the scent lingering for a few minutes. My skin feels clean without that tight, stripped feeling but there's enough moisture left behind that I don't need to use lotion. The one I ordered is infused with CBD, but I didn't notice any pain relief afterwards. I don't think it stays on the skin long enough to absorb. This is a retro product so it's only available a couple times a year.

Lip Bomb

Soybean oil, candelilla wax, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera oil, coconut oil, cranberry seed oil, lip safe colorant, sweetened flavor oil. 0.25 tube or jar for $4

The two flavors I ordered are Peach and Tropical Fruits. Both are tart and punchy, reminding me of the packets of Crystal Lite powder before it's added to water. The lip balm formula is perfect, not too oily nor tacky that my hair sticks to my lips. Both tubes are infused, although I didn't notice any effects from the CBD. Maybe it adds additional moisture to the formula? I'm not sure. Like the gemstone soap, this is only available at the retro restocks offered a few times a year.

So! I'm happy with everything here and jumped into the preorder this past weekend to try more products. I ordered a couple large jars of the unscented Budder with the hope that I'll get more pain relief if I use it less sparingly. The effects weren't as significant as I had hoped, but it worked wonderfully for my girl and that's what really matters. As long as she is happy, I'll keep ordering.

The website is is maintenance mode right now while Heidi processes the orders from this weekend, but you can follow the Cosmic Cleanse Unicorns group on Facebook for restock announcements.


  1. Excited to read this review! I finally hopped on the CC bandwagon this last pre-order and scooped up a little of everything. I love hearing that you think We All Float Down Here reminds you of Selkie. That is a lovely summer scent. I opted for some unscented butters too. I find I love to wear perfumes that never seem to jive well with vendor lotion so I end up wearing the lotion at night before bed (after bathing) but never in the morning while getting ready for my day. That soap looks really cool, very unusual. You can definitely tell Heidi likes her fruity fizzy scents. I was all over the lavender, pink peppermint blend though. <3 Did you see the essential oil massage oils this time? I got a peppermint one for bedtime soothing.

    Thank you for pointing out the lack of preservatives. I will make sure I use these up before some other sealed ones I have on hand. <3

    1. Have you tried CBD stuff before? It's definitely made me a believer in the healing power of natural ingredients. What did you end up ordering? I think I got the lavender pink peppermint one, or maybe that was the peppermint bday cake. I just grabbed a bunch of minis so I could try out more scents and products that way. I thought about the oils and ashes but my spending limit was reached lol. Maybe next time

      As long as you keep them in a cool place and keep water out of the jar, you should be fine. It's the water that creates the mold growth. Some of my body butters get condensation in the jar (Wylde Ivy in particular) so I have to check them periodically and wipe them down. That little amount of water is all it takes.

    2. Thank you for the info! I will watch for that. I ended up getting some mini butters in unscented, a big one in the peppermint cupcake and one in the lavender pink peppermint. I picked up one scrub in each type, one thing of the peppermint oil and one thing of unicorn ashes and one sampler in the wax... the Playlist one Liz created. It seemed the most varied as far as scents go. I spent more than I budgeted but I wasn't expecting to want to try one of everything LOL! And I have not had any CC before so it was a gamble.