Thursday, March 9, 2017

Haus of Gloi Tonics, Elixirs & Tea

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's the small order I placed from the Reverie release almost two weeks ago. These are light, fresh scents with a springtime vibe to help transition out of the cold weather. The tonics are returning scents that were available last year, but the two elixirs are brand new. There was also another 'perfume only' collection featuring black tea blends. No sample sizes were available (grrr) so I had to do a blind buy for a full size bottle.

Black Tea & Black Currant Scones

Black tea with buttery black currant scones.

In the bottle this is all buttery bakery, but the black currants blossom on my skin. Deliciously tart with a delicate floral touch that helps prevent the fruit from going too bitter. The buttery scones come through later on, but they don't hang around long. As for the tea, I could occasionally pick up on a dry, leafy smell in the distance, but this is predominantly a fruity blend on my skin. Moderate sillage that lasted around 4 hours.

Lavender Elixir

A soothing blend of lavender, sandalwood, white tea, and neroli blossom.

As soon as I sniffed this in the vial, I raced over to the website with the intent of ordering more. I hesitated on pulling the trigger, waiting a few days for the perfume to rest so I could test it out, and that was the right decision. The opening is a lovely lavender, the perfect balance between sweet and herbal without any camphorous notes, but only for a minute. It quickly morphed into this odd soapy smell, like the starch you spray on your clothes before you iron them. That wasn't present on cold sniff, and I have no idea what is causing it. That's pretty much all I smelled until further into the drydown when it disappeared, leaving behind a soft sandalwood (I'm very picky with that note in general, and this one is pleasant). I'll come back to this perfume later on and hope that it will improve over time. Sillage is moderate to strong, and total wear time was around 5 hours.

Tonic #3

A clean and green blend of parsley, peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir leaf, bergamot, and dry gingergrass.

Parsley and lemon with a trace of zingy peppermint in the first few minutes. Once the mint fades, it's just parsley and lemon for the remainder of wear. Moderate sillage and this one lasted just under 3 hours on my wrist.

Tonic #5

Sweet grass and aquatic notes, lavender, lemon tea tree, tea tree, rosemary, petitgrain (for those wary of tea tree, we are using a premium Australian variety that has a very beautiful clean spa like aroma) 

It smells like a lemon tree. Strong on the citrus but with additional green notes from the leaves. The sweet grass is grounding this scent, but it tends to get overshadowed by the sharp bite of citrus. The drydown is all rosemary. It's summery and clean, but also sharp and a tad astringent. Sillage is very strong and this lasted on my skin for close to eight hours.

Violet Elixir

Sweet violets, fresh grass, petitgrain and bergamot. 

It opens with sugared violets and the tiniest kick of spicy bergamot (why does bergamot always smell peppery to my nose?) before settling down into a crisp white tea. I tested this one a few times, read the description over and over, and keep coming back to white tea. In any case, it's a pretty blend that I'll be reaching for once the weather warms up. Low sillage with a wear time of 4 hours.

Overall this was a mixed bag of scents. The tonics still get a pass from me, even after having them for a year. Lavender Elixir was so promising in the vial but my skin just wasn't having any of it. Violet Elixir turned out nicer than I expected, even if it was very different from the description. Black Tea & Black Currant Scones was the one I ended up loving, and I would love to see it offered in more products like pumpkin butters or body emulsions (lotions).

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  1. I pounced on the bath powders for the HuG Reverie and got the lavender one as my sample. I was excited about it, but after reading this I will just let it sit a wee bit longer before I review it. You are so fast and on top of it!! My order is still sitting on the table waiting for me to photograph and sniff everything. I think I will get to it this weekend hopefully. Glad you liked your FB purchase! That is always a plus.

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