Sunday, March 26, 2017

L3 Waxy Wonders Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I ordered these back in early January during a preorder sale. There were 100 different scent blends available, and at $1.50 a piece, it was too good to pass up.

Aslan - Cashmere, Twilight Woods and Sweater Weather. The juniper and berries in Sweater Weather really stand out here,  sweetened by a cozy vanilla musk. It sort of has a festive, holiday feel but I can't wait that long to melt it. This one might be a repurchase.

Bogart and Bacall - creamy coconut milk, musk and Golden Sands. A sweet blend of white tropical florals (jasmine mostly) and coconut with hints of vanilla musk. This is the only one I've melted so far and the throw is super strong with half a cup.

Cashmere Dragonfly in Amber - Cashmere, Lunar Eclipse and Blackberry Amber. White woods, amber, musk and sweet berries. This is a sensual blend, perfect for the bedroom.

Claire - fresh cut herbs, bergamot and vanilla. Mostly a zesty tomato leaf but there's something adding a little sweetness. I don't smell any vanilla at all, but I guess that's what it is from. This one is growing on me and I'd probably reorder.

Deep Throat - 1,000 Kisses and shave cream. Zesty orange and intoxicating orange blossom mixed with hints of sweet apricot and Barbasol shave cream to round it out.

Dirty Blonde - Blonde Moment, lemon, frosted lime cupcakes. Lots of fresh lemon with hints of champagne from the Blonde Moment scent. I do pick up some sour dairy notes that I've noticed in a few bakery lime blends, so we'll have to see how this does in the warmer.

Drink Me - strawberry raspberry guava, passionfruit nectarine, fizzy bubbly. Lemon lime soda mixed with Hawaiian Punch. I wish I had ordered more.

Lunar Eclipse Paradise Reef - a sweet blackberry floral blend with hints of musk. Smells like a B&BW store.

Murtagh - fresh cut grass, vanilla bean noel, sea salt and sea grass. Lots of grass sweetened with a creamy vanilla and just a touch of ocean breeze to freshen things up. Very pretty for springtime.

Peter the Magnificent - Peppermint White Velvet Bow (jasmine, white poppy, yuzu zest, white poinsettias and white velvet musk). This turned out much different than I had expected, but I love the end result. It's all peppermint and menthol with a soft white musk underneath that peeks out from time to time. Smells exactly like The Bathing Garden's popular Russian Ice Bath scent. I'll be reaching for this the next time my sinuses are stuffed up.

Salty Sea Air Salt Water Taffy - crisp ocean air and a super sweet vanilla. Like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the boardwalk.

Sandy Claws - Eggnog vanilla marshmallow smoothies. Rich cream, buttery vanilla and lots of freshly grated cinnamon. Smells just like the real thing. Every time I sniff this, I close my eyes and wish it was Christmas morning already.

Through Dangers Untold - Southern Sunshine Pineapple Strawberry. Oooh! A blend of peach, orange and the truest pineapple imaginable. This is so good.

I'm pretty happy with this small order and plan on getting a few of these the next time they are offered. Drink Me and Through Dangers Untold are at the top of the list while Sea Air Salt Water Taffy, Aslan, Claire and Peter could also make that list once I melt them.

If you follow the Facebook group you can see when the brand is doing the next restock. There are always products available to order any time with ready to ship sales and preorders happening regularly.

Website @ L3 Waxy Wonders


  1. I don't think I have ordered from L3 in three years or more. I do like all her Outlander based names, they sound cool. Enjoy your order!

  2. Those blends sound wonderful and unique! I've heard many good things about L3; another very for my very long "to try" list.