Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MooScents March Restock

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

A brand new order from Moona and Paul arrived a little over a week ago, so let's check it out. These were from the restock on March 12th and arrived by the end of the same week. There's a little bit of everything from her seasonal collections - spring, summer, autumn and the beloved Let Them Eat Cake theme.

This time I remembered to take a pic of the colorful packaging before diving right in -

Each clamshell is $5.49 and comes individually packaged in resealable plastic baggies.

Love these color labels that are unique to each scent.

Black Mamba

Named after one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Delve deeply into the dark and exciting aromas of Caribbean rum, rich hazelnut dusted marshmallow cream, black vanilla, simple syrup and dark, freshly brewed coffee.

Sweet marshmallows and hazelnut blended with a rich vanilla latte. Very smooth and surprisingly not bitter for a coffee scent.

Blueberry Black Tea

If you love Blueberry Hill, try this number with black tea.

Juicy blueberries and earthy, refreshing black tea. A little heavier on the tea though. I tend to reach for blueberry scents in the fall, but this one screams summer.

Candied Strawberries and Liquour Filled Dreams

An irresistible medley of sweet juicy strawberries dipped in warmed crystallized raw sugar then doused with a rich hazelnut and vanilla liquour.

Like a bowl of sugared strawberries right before you scoop them onto shortcake. Thick, syrupy glaze and tart berries plucked straight from the garden. She has the truest strawberry scent ever - perfectly tart and juicy without any synthetic sweetness.

Chocolate Cola

Delicious dark chocolate syrup mixed with effervescent cola. This bubbly, rich chocolate scent is as refreshing as much as it is decadently rich and creamy.

This ends up smelling like a glass of cola with a slice of chocolate mousse pie. The chocolate is sweet and fluffy, and there's a buttery bakery note like pie crust mixed in.

Indigo Wine

A fresh blend of various hues of blue hydrangea and hyacinth.

Clean, fresh and oh so green. It's a crisp, leafy scent with dirt and soft floral tones. Very sharp and overpowering at times in the perfume oil I just finished using but it's much softer in wax format.

Mango Lime Smoothie

A juicy cocktail of natural fruit oils with a splash of rum and coconut. 

Zesty lime and tart mango on a base of buttery coconut cream. The mango stands out here while the lime brightens it up a bit.

Raspberry Lemon Tisane

Various raspberry aromas mixed with tart lemon essential oil for a realistic tisane experience. 

Sugar-free raspberry lemonade. It's a mouth puckering, tart blend of equal amounts berry and lemon with hints of floral sweetness. I absolutely love this one.

Everything here was wonderful, as always, with my favorites being Raspberry Lemon Tisane and Black Mamba. Some of these are still available on the website with another restock planned shortly. No date has been announced, but you can get the announcements by following the MooScents Facebook page and by signing up for a newsletter through the website.

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