Thursday, March 16, 2017

Possets Valentine's Retour

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I picked up a few decants from Ajevie last month, and these were a part of that order. Possets is a perfume brand that has been around for many years now, but I'm just now placing a first time order. They offer a broad range of seasonal and general catalog fragrances that come highly recommended by customers, so I figured it's time to check them out.

These were all offered during their latest Valentine's retour, which is a limited return of every V-Day scent they've ever made. Normally they would do one retour a year that includes every limited edition/seasonal collection, but this year they're doing things differently. The original owner and creator of the brand, Fabienne, sadly passed away last year so the company is under new ownership by a married couple named Jenny and Tom. To keep things more manageable for them, they are doing smaller retours this year. Valentine's is the first and will be followed by spring, summer, fall and winter. Each of these collections is quite overwhelming so this is a more affordable option for customers as well.

Perfumes are available in full size bottles ranging from the standard 5 ml up to 30 ml. Sample vials are also available as a 6 pack, but you can order individual scents through Ajevie.

Bridal Veil

Froth of orange blossom, neroli, and the scent of silk woven into the most sheer of chiffon. 

It starts out with a piercing green note over a creamy white floral base. I've done a little reading on the difference between neroli and orange blossom since they come from the same plant. Apparently the neroli is the sharp green note and the orange blossom is the creamy white one (from this thread here). It has a clean and sensual feel all at once, almost like a sexy second skin. The floral notes fade quickly, transforming into a sweet, fluffy vanilla musk in the drydown. Sillage starts out low and this hugs close to the skin, but the vanilla musk drydown amps a bit. This lasted around 5 hours on my skin.

Christine de Pizan

Shot through with neroli and finished off with citrus and a bright white musk (unlike any other I have in my possession). This is a bright and inspiring scent, youthful and spring like, but with a good deal of power. 

The same sharp green neroli from Bridal Veil minus the creamy orange blossom. They ended up being very similar though. The only difference I noticed was in the drydown - the musk is cleaner and not as sweet & fluffy as the one in Bridal Veil. Light sillage, total wear time was 6 hours.

Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw

Heather of the moors and the lavender of English nobility, a drop of wildness in a perfect oude reminiscent of Gypsy heritage and Catherine and Heathcliff come alive again. 

I ordered this because I loved the heather in Mary Queen of Scots, but Heathcliff and Catherine didn't work out as well. This one ended up smelling like a first aid kit full of band aids and antiseptic spray. Very medicinal and sharp from the lavender, but also plasticky from the oude. Strong sillage and I wore this for 5 hours before washing it off.


Roses, the old fashioned and wildly flagrant pink and red/white striped kind, combined with a jolt of what I call "ivory" musk (it's like a white musk but much nicer with more character), galbanum to keep a bitterness in the mix like love gone awry, and add a clean edge to it all as if tears had washed away the traces of touch. 

Fresh cut roses with leafy green freshness and a clean white musk. It's a linear scent so it doesn't morph much on my skin, but the sharp green note does disappear over time. The drydown is all roses and musk. The sillage is pretty strong, and this one lasted around 12 hours on my wrist.

Mary Queen of Scots

Heather and buttery shortbread and the very air of the Scottish moors. It manages to be at once outdoorsy, floral, and never cloying. Somewhat foody, somewhat floral, yet there is a definite backdrop of sophistication and class that you only find in the best of places. 

One of my favorite historical characters, and it just so happens that this is my favorite scent here (this BBC documentary is a good watch). This blend is mostly heather floating on a buttery bakery background. The floral is herbal and fresh, like a cross between lavender and rosemary, but with a tiny touch of sweetness. The shortbread starts out buttery and somewhat yeasty, drying down into more of a sugar cookie scent. Strong sillage with about 7 hours of wear time.

Michelangelo and Tommasso del Calaliere

The most sweet of sugar, honey, brown sugar, and a touch of fig fresh from the tree at full ripeness. Foody and divine.

Not at all like B&BW Brown Sugar Fig in case you were wondering (I was, that's why I ordered it). It smells very different between vial and skin. The scent in the vial is all brown sugar (a true brown sugar without those chemical tones this fragrance oil sometimes has). On my skin it's earthy fig with a honey glaze and flaky pie crust. Not as sweet as I was expecting from my initial impression, but more of a snuggly, comforting gourmand. The sillage is extremely light and I was struggling to smell this after just 3 hours.

These are high quality fragrances that already have me exploring the website for more. Each of these feel well thought out and the notes compliment one another nicely. I already ordered a bottle of Mary, and I can see Michaelangelo and Bridal Veil being reordered next year.

These scents are no longer available on the website because they were brought back for a limited time, but you can check out Ajevie for leftover decants and the Possets website for their huge catalog of year-round offerings.

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