Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Candy Panda March Restock #2

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

There were two Candy Panda openings for the month of March, this one was from their 3/31 restock. I was really excited for this opening because it was full of wonderful floral scents that I've been craving now that spring is here. Everything sold out quickly as usual, but I was able to get this small order in without any trouble.

Each wax scent comes in 5 packs for $6.75 and the whipped sugar scrubs are $12 each. Shipping is $10.75, multiple orders are always combined and additional shipping charges are refunded quickly.

Acai Berries & Satin
Acai berries, lemon, strawberry and rose (inspired by Herbal Essences)

Just like the shampoo. Apparently Herbal Essences reformulated the scent sometime in the 70's or 80's. I didn't discover the shampoo until the 90's, but that's what this is. Red berries and white florals, perfect for spring!

Blanket on the Beach
Ocean mist + warm blankets 

Crisp, salty ocean breeze combined with a sweet, powdery linen that come together to smell just like dryer sheets. This was a free sample.

Vibrant bluebell and lily of the valley blossoms (inspired by Jo Malone)

I'm not sure what bluebell smells like nor have I tried this perfume, but it's an almost watery lily scent. Soft and alluring but light and fresh. Very "blue."

Die Young
Cedar Leaf & Lavender (French lavender, rose and sandalwood) + clean cotton 

A free sample that smells mostly of lavender with hints of herbs and mint. Fresh and clean, but also tranquil and spa-like.

Hydrangea, lilies and carnations.

A strongly-scented, spicy green blend of hydrangea with delicate lily underneath. Very sharp, slightly soapy.

Spring It On 
Fresh tulips and spring florals.

I've never noticed a smell from tulips before. Do they smell? Anyways, this is a really pretty, complex scent and is supposed to be a Yankee Candle dupe. Clean and fresh, somewhat sweet, bright and sunny like there is a citrus topnote. I need to track this candle down!

Sweet Honeysuckle
Spring aroma of golden honeysuckle nectar.

Smells more like gardenia than honeysuckle. No complaints though. Gardenia is a scent that is very difficult to replicate, and this smells just like those delicate, intoxicating white petals I used to bury my nose in when I would visit my grandma's house.

Delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes (inspired by Capri Blue)

A punchy, sweet orange blended with pineapple and maybe passion fruit. It smells like a delicious summer cocktail, and I'll be reaching for this one a lot.

My favorite order so far. I'd reorder everything here aside from the free sample scents, but my favorite one is Spring It On.

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  1. Love CP! I really want to get my hands on all the new products they're doing like body spritzers, nail polishes, butters/lotions etc, but it's sooo hard. I love the scrubs and wax I have; I hope to order again soon. Thanks for sharing your order!

  2. Volcano and Sweet Honeysuckle... yes ma'am. What a fabulous order!! I had a couple of lavender scents in my cart during the last restock but I didn't submit for some reason. I think I was trying a misguided attempt to behave. LOL!