Sunday, April 30, 2017

Future Primitive Spring Goodies

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I've been waiting anxiously for this collection to return. I ordered a few scents last year that made me fall hard for this brand, and I've been wanting to get my grubby little hands on more.

As excited as I was though, I'll admit there was a smidgen of disappointment when the newsletter was mailed out. One of my favorite scents ever, Atropica, was only offered in a mini jar of lotion this year, and my hopes of stocking up on a few more full-size jars were crushed. Plus I had hoped for it to be offered in a perfume oil this time around, but that was a no go. I'll cross my fingers and hope for next year.

I ordered on 3/24 and had this package about two weeks later.  Two free wax samples were included in Wand Maker and Black Currant Damson Frangipane, which I forgot to include in the pics.

Sun-drenched lime and mandarin, Hawaiian florals, basil leaf washed with torrential rains, oakmoss and white wood. 

One of my top three indie scents ever. Actually I can't think of three so lets say top two. A fresh citrus and linen blend featuring lime in the opening with a heart of crisp, starched linens in the drydown. I'm shamelessly obsessed with this one.

Nodding heads of golden daffodils. Their trumpets open wide, and their petals kissed by sunshine. 

A bright and sunny scent with hints of sweetness and sharp green notes. It almost smells like there's a drop of honey mixed throughout. Very fresh.

Ethereal Seas
A cool British seaside breeze laced with flora. Spicy basil leaf, freshly grated lime zest, buttery wood notes and cranesbill leaves. 

It smells like a garden of fresh herbs. *Very* spicy and green with a drop of lime juice to freshen it up.

Green Tea & Lemon
A soothing yet refreshing blend of bergamot and mandarin with a twist of lemon, green tea, cool spring water, cyclamen and wood violet. 

An opening of fresh lemon juice and rinds that settles into earthy, mellow green tea. This isn't one I would've ordered on its own, but it came in the body whip sampler and I'm very happy about that. I'll order it again next year.

Old Seaside Town
That old time aroma of the salty sea. Kelp and fresh seaweed, warm ocean, sea breeze, and fresh green plant leaves. 

More of a murky green, masculine type of fragrance. I'm getting soapy notes as well, which I've been noticed in aquatic scents lately.

Raspberry Banana
A fruity explosion! The base of the soap is infused with the scent of fresh raspberries whilst the top is scented with a true banana aroma. 

Oh this is good! I wish it had been offered in more products but it only came as a bar of soap. The top layer is a sweet banana candy with a bottom layer of the most realistic raspberry scent I've found.

Rocksalt & Seashell
Cornish sea salt, seaweed, green algae, cool rock pools, coastal breeze and crushed seashells. 

The perfect ocean scent without any murky green notes. Just the crisp, salty sea spray and a cool breeze on your skin. It's outside of my comfort zone but I've been eyeing it since last year and I love it.

Rose Lemon Tea
Vibrant rose soaked with lemon dew, tart cassis syrup, bergamot zest and amber, finished with a dusting of vanilla. 

A returning favorite from last year. Vanilla sugar-dusted pink rose petals with red berries and a drop of lemon for added freshness.

A warm southern breeze, rainy summer days, fresh picked herbs, subtle tomato leaf, bergamot and moss covered tree stumps. 

Towanda is all tomato leaf, but initially there is a sweet citrus like orange mixed in. It doesn't register as bergamot though, and although it only lasts for a few seconds, that citrus sweetness helps add a little something extra to an otherwise linear scent.

Wild Fig 
Fresh, earthy green fig, blonde woods, nuts and earth, currants, amber, and a hint of coconut. 

A smooth and earthy, sort of dusty and dry blend of fig and nuts with a soft green element added in. It's a tranquil scent that I've been playing around with before bedtime.

A well thought out collection with a little something for everyone. Atropica and Rose Lemon Tea are still my favorites from last year, but let's add Rocksalt & Seashell and Raspberry Banana soap to this years lineup. There are still a bunch of scents left on the website so snatch them up soon before they disappear for the year.

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