Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lasting Scent Candles Customer Faves

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

A small order from the January opening. All of the scents offered this time are beloved favorites requested by the customers. These arrived about two weeks ago, which took a little longer than Pam anticipated, but I'm happy to wait as long as it takes for her products.

The two ounce scent shots in the top row are $2.65 and the 1.5 ounce scent shots are $1.75. The two along the bottom are generous freebies.

I also grabbed my first wax loaf ($19.99) and two aroma mists ($6.75). The mists are used as room fresheners and linen sprays, and are incredibly long lasting. One or two sprays will last for hours.

Amber Lights
Golden amber softened with a sweet creamy vanilla. This is such a beautiful scent!

If a cashmere sweater had an aroma, it would be this. Soft and fluffy, perfectly balanced between sexy and innocent. Sweet, golden resin meets sugared vanilla. Both notes stand out equally.

Blueberry Coffee 
A luscious latte bursting with sweet, sugary blueberry creamer

Lots of blueberry with hints of vanilla latte. No bitterness that I get in most coffee blends, but I do pick up some plasticky notes from the berries.

Butter Brickle Shortbread 
Our BEST shortbread cookies filled with warm butterscotch morsels, toffee bits and drizzled with butterscotch glaze

Sweet shortbread cookies and huge chunks of toffee mixed throughout. More toffee than cookie. Pam has the best caramel, toffee, and butterscotch scents hands down.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts 
Cakey deep fried donuts dusted with cinnamon sugar

Buttery bakery and sugar crystals. Not much cinnamon on cold sniff but that may change in the warmer. This donut is smelling more burnt than fried though.

Coconut Marshmallow Latte 
delicious creamy latte topped with sticky marshmallow fluff and sprinkled with toasted coconut. 

A little heavier on the coconut and marshmallow. The coffee is sharp and bitter, but this is such a creamy blend that I think everything will smooth out in the warmer.

Cream Filled 
A fresh made deep fried donut filled with tangy lemon cream sprinkled with powdered sugar

Too sweet to smell like a donut so I'm going to call this a lemon cupcake with vanilla frosting. Sweet lemon, tons of rich vanilla and teensy hints of cake. It's sinfully good and I'll definitely order this again.

Creamy Lemon Chai Latte 
An insanely rich and creamy spiced chai latte with a pump of sweet lemon flavored syrup and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. 

Tart lemon curd and chai spices with just a touch of bakery. The spices help sweeten everything and add a unique twist, but the lemon is what really stands out.

Lavender Mallow Bread
The comforting and relaxing aroma of lavender, sweet fluffy marshmallows and warm bread.

Pam has great lavender blends and this is no exception. More of an herbal type but sweet enough to not pull medicinal with the addition of sweet shortbread cookies.

Manuka Lavender 
Extracts of freshly harvested lavender buds, droplets of honey and a touch of bergamot to give it a comforting and spa like aroma that is soft, yet sweetly compelling 

A very sharp, herbal lavender with a barely detectable touch of honey. There's something medicinal about this scent that reminds me of honey cough drops.

Orange Glazed Buns 
OH SO GOOD...straight out of the oven...warm caramelized sticky buns with orange butter cream drizzled on top.

Sweet orange and tons of vanilla frosting mixed with buttery pastries. It's more citrus than anything with the vanilla softening the sharp orange zest. Like a creamsicle but with an added bakery touch.

Our comforting lavender scent beautifully blended with crushed patchouli leaves with a hint of sandalwood, sweet neroli and woods with a touch of agave nectar and orange blossom. 

The 'chouli really jumps out here and that is about all I smell. Some herbal lavender and white woods mixed in, a hint of honey sweetness, but mainly a headshop type of scent.

Pineapple Panna Cotta 
A delicious creamy rich custard pudding topped with a sweet tropical blend of pineapple chunks and papaya & dragon fruit sprinkled with toasted coconut. 

Thick vanilla cream and mostly sweet, slightly tart authentic pineapple garnished with coconut flakes. Smells just like a Dole Whip. My favorite from this order.

Smells just like walking into your favorite bakery. Warm desserts, toffee brickle, sweet vanilla and our secret recipe. To die for yumminess and best seller. 

Gooey toffee goodness, perfect on its own but it would also make a great blender. It's pretty similar to Butter Brickle Shortbread, though. This one is more lightly scented and slightly less sweet. Just going off cold sniff impressions, I prefer this one but they're both great.

Southern Belle
A luscious wedding cake befitting any southern belle. Creamy vanilla, layers of our indulgent signature wedding cake, delicately adorned with an assortment of sugar-dusted, white flower petals.

A perfect spring scent. I'm getting sugared pink rose petals and vanilla. No cake notes though and this is mosly floral.

Spooky Apparitions 
Yummy pumpkin blended with two types of sugar and then dipped in gooey, sticky marshmallow 

The label says 'Screaming Apparitions' but I assume this is a typo since I can't find any scent by that name. Anyhoo, this was included as a freebie. Lightly spiced pumpkin pie with slightly burnt edges of crust and a plop of whipped cream on top.

There's so many good scents from this order, but Pineapple Panna Cotta is life. Seriously, you need it. Honorable mentions to Amber Lights, Snicklefritz, Southern Belle and Cream Filled. Pam is gearing up for part two of the customer favorites opening, so be sure to follow the Facebook page for announcements.

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  1. Normally pineapple and I do not get along but if you are jiving on that Pineapple Panna Cotta then I want to try it too. :-) I will look for it next time I see it offered. I am digging the aroma mists too. They are so great for the girls' bedrooms, my car and bathroom areas.

    1. It's so good! There were a few requests for it to return in the next opening so I hope you can try it out soon, and I hope she makes your violet wedding cake blend.

    2. I hope it does return! I think I need more tropical scents in my life to prepare for the quickly approaching summer. I really hope she makes the violet wedding cake too. I would die over that.