Saturday, April 15, 2017

Moonalisa Romantic Tudor & Mardi Gras

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I've been waiting on pins and needles for this latest Moonalisa order to show up, and here it is. This is from her Valentine's and Mardi Gras restock that happened back in January. Everything was broken up into two themes this time - Romantic Tudor/Valentine's are the florals and resins, Mardi Gras is all your fruits and gourmands. All of these scents are new to me except for one.

Those labels!

Perfumes and lip butters

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Amber Vanilla
Luscious, rich and boozy vanilla mixed with a sultry amber blend. 

This is all resin, no vanilla. A sharp amber that reminds me of Haus of Gloi's Haus Amber blend - very rich, a little sweet. Light enough for day but sultry enough for nighttime.

Amber Vanilla Rose

I had this in a sugar scrub years ago and it was a sad day when I used the last of it. It's a sugary sweet, powdery vanilla and spicy amber blend. The rose is pretty subtle and only hangs around for a few minutes. Mostly amber because the vanilla also fades quickly, but it hangs around longer than the rose.

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Truffle
Decadent chocolate ganache, soaked in warm aged southern bourbon, and rolled in toasted pecans. 

A new scent for this collection that sounded too good to pass up even though I don't gravitate towards chocolate scents much. A slightly bitter dark chocolate with a strong bourbon note that dries down to a rich caramel. Seductive and intoxicating.

Buttered Rum Creme Brulee
A rich, caramel crusted, custard dessert with a buttery rum boozy twist. 

A super buttery, rich custard. Not boozy though. Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about this one and it will take a long time to use. It's almost too rich that I can only use this a little at a time.

Chocolate Covered Cherries aka Cherry Cordial
Just like the chocolate covered cherry candy with liquor in it. 

Super boozy, rum-soaked black cherries with hints of decadent milk chocolate. The alcohol and cherry combo is starting to head in the direction of cough syrup but stops short. Still a nice scent and I'll reorder this next year.

Corsican Mendiant au Chocolat Blanc
White chocolate, walnuts, dates, and crystallized orange peel. 

Zesty, sweet orange with earthy dates and chopped nuts. I'm not getting the white chocolate though. It's more of a citrus blend but the nuts and dates are pretty prominent.

Duchess of Willowdale
Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors. Honey, amber, pipe tobacco but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates. 

A complex blend of mostly dark chocolate and deep amber but with an occasional whiff of honey to sweet everything. No tobacco so yay for that! Her amber tends to be sharp but this one is very smooth. I needed a chocolate scrub and decided on this one - this scent pops up frequently in her restocks and that tobacco note always gave me pause, so I figured a wash-off product would be the safest way to go. Well, I'm going to need this in a perfume once I finish the Bourbon Chocolate one.

Gilded Pear
Updated 2017 version. Apple strudel laced with brown sugar, pear oils, sandalwood and vanilla and a creamy sweet vanilla sugar lightly spiced with cardamom essential oil. 

Well this one instantly became one of my top Moona scents ever. That was unexpected! Sweet and spicy cardamom dusted on top of a caramelized blend of apples and pears. More pear but the apple gives it a crisp freshness.

King Cake
Reformulation 2017. The "king cake" takes its name from the biblical Kings. The season for King cake extends from the end of the twelve days of Christmas up until the end of Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday), the day before the start of Lent. Some organizations or groups of friends may have "King cake parties" every week through the carnival season. There are many different recipes for King cake. However, the most common ones include: milk, butter, yeast, water, brown and white sugar, eggs, salt, nutmeg, flour and cinnamon. Topped with a glaze of confectioners sugar, lemon juice and colored sugar crystals.

Rich, buttery cake and boozy almond extract with a hint of chopped nuts. Emphasis on rich and buttery! This one smelled familiar so I dug through the stash and found that it's similar to Moona's Torta del Cielo scent.

Lavender & Chocolate 
Delicious real cocoa absolute and real Lavandula Angustifolia (true English lavender) essential oil make this bar refreshing and decadent at the same time. 

A little bit of sweet chocolate that smells like a packet of hot cocoa mix but mostly a very sharp, medicinal lavender.

Lavender Shortbread 
Subtle lavender-spiked crispy buttery shortbread. 

Occasionally I get the lightest wiff of herbal lavender but it's buried under the chocolaty cocoa butter and honey used to make this balm. Usually the lip balms are strongly scented so maybe this needs to cure a while.

Peach ou Apricot Confiture 
Peach and apricot jam. 

This was a free sample that came with one of my orders. Syrupy golden peaches with light and airy apricot. It definitely smells like jam.

Pecan Pralines 
Traditional Mardi Gras treat of sugary buttered pecans. 

Smells just like the caramelized pecans that smothered this cheesecake I had a while back. I need to find another slice now. I got this same scent as a tinted lip balm sample a few months ago and there wasn't much fragrance to it, but this version is much stronger. Now I'm wishing I had ordered two.

Peches Melba
French spelling for peaches. Juicy ripe peaches with a teeny squeeze of lemon and fresh raspberry topped vanilla bean ice cream. 

Golden peach syrup with sweet raspberry in the background. A hint of lemon freshness initially but that fades within minutes. Mostly peach.

Romance is in the air with this balance of scent between floral, citrus, spice and resin. Orange blossom cream with an English toffee swirl and a touch of frankincense and ginger. Scrub is a soothing blend of shea, coconut, and sweet orange butters whipped up with pure cane sugar, powdered frankincense and scent.  

This is a perfume, not a sugar scrub. It opens with a blast of ginger but quickly settles in to a rich custard cream topped with delicate orange blossoms. It's more of a floral scent at this point with the smoldering frankincense gradually pushing its way forward further into the dry down. Very different from the other orange blossom scents that I have, and the frankincense adds an interesting twist (interesting in a good way!)

Queen's Gloves
Brand new batch 2017, same recipe. This scent was inspired by a recipe for an aromatic powder made to scent the leather gloves of Queen Elizabeth I. This powder was a gift from her secret lover, the Earle of Essex. Date of original recipe is about 1588. It was said she was seen often walking around sniffing the gloves while carrying them in her hands with a smile on her face. I took the aromatic powder recipe and converted it into a compendium of modern herbs and oils to recreate the original recipe into a perfume. It has been aged for two years. This artisan perfume is made from 100% natural components. Notes include: Egyptian rose absolute, orris root, benzoin, essence of citron, clove, lavender, rosewood, muscade (nutmeg) and amyris.

I've been eyeballing this scent for years now and am glad to see it offered once more. I'm obsessed with Tudor history and have been wanting this perfume as a way to capture just a small glimpse into Elizabeth's life. It starts out sweet and somewhat lemony like a citronella candle with a brief hint of lavender, but later dries down into a spicy, woodsy scent. Google tells me that must be the amyris. It's unlike any perfume I've tried so far, and although I don't know when I'll reach for this again, I do appreciate the novelty of it.

Rose Petal Jam
Beautifully infused rose petal sweet jam. 

Hints of true rose (not Lush's Rose Jam) but it's very, very faint. What I primarily smell is the chocolatey cocoa butter that was used to make this balm. It needs to cure a bit.

Salome's Secret
A crushing blend of various amber resins mixed with a rich & boozy vanilla absolute for a smoldering promise. Really rich, slightly floral, amber resin with a heavy boozy vanilla absolute base.  

I couldn't decide on this or Amber Vanilla so when in doubt, get both. Salome is a softer amber with a heavier vanilla. Not a boozy vanilla but a buttery, slightly sweet one that helps round out the sharpness of the amber. I prefer this one over Amber Vanilla.

Sweet orange, neroli (orange blossom) & petigrain. Warming, soothing and refreshing to the spirit. This is a very special blend using every part of the orange tree: the leaves, fruit, rind and twig, helping you to feel whole again. This blend is great for postnatal fatigue. It represents spiritual and mental wholeness and well being.

This starts out as a sharp, almost spicy green scent that dries down into a sweet orange with floral nuances. Very lightly scented as a lotion and the scent fades quickly.

So that's everything for now. Moona hasn't announced the next opening but that should be coming in the next week or two on her website. She posts announcements through the Facebook page or you can sign up for a newsletter on the website.


  1. What a fabulous order!!!! My eyes keep roving over everything. Salome's Secret is my favorite Moo so far. I love it. How is the EDP? Is this a new venture for them? I skipped this Tudor restock (though like you I am a huge fan of the history- did you read Wolf Hall?) but I did grab an Ostara Bag. Still smelling and touching and playing with everything though. You picked some amazing scents. Enjoy your goodies.

    1. Hey Julie! She's been offering EDPs since Halloween I think. The one here morphs into the drydown pretty fast, but I could still smell the amber even after I washed it off. Which bag did you get? It was so tempting to grab one but I sat it out.

      I've been wanting to read Wolf Hall for years now so thank you for reminding me! I need to get on it. Have you read the books by Philipa Gregory (sp?). She's written a few books from that time period and some have been adapted into shows. The White Queen is one from a few years ago and now there's a new one called The White Princess on the Starz channel. I just learned of them and want to check it out