Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Purple Fox Wax

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Another new brand that I've been hearing about lately. This time it's The Purple Fox based out of Oceanside, California. The owner, Pontip, offers monthly restocks and an occasional preorder. I missed out on the preorder earlier this year, but once I saw the orders start to roll out, I knew I needed to catch the next opening. The unique scent blends and quirky shapes are right up my alley.

Things sell out quickly so you do have to move fast in these restocks. I checked out in about 90 seconds of the opening and lost an item in my cart. It's a Hunger Games style restock, so opening a tab on your browser for each item will help.

Shipping was $10.75 and I had a CNS within a few days. The restock was on March 26 and the package arrived on the 31st. I want to say she refunded additional shipping charges but I can't find that email now. I'm pretty sure she did though.

First up are the two clammies. These are $3.95 each.

Blackberry lemonade

A glass of ice cold, kinda fizzy, lemonade with a pump of sweet blackberry syrup. It's a good blackberry too and not one of those perfumey floral types. I melted a cube of this one and it gave off a moderately strong throw that lasted around half a day. 

Pineapple, sweet lemongrass and hints of coconut water.

A bright and sunny blend of pineapple and lemon with hints of sweet grass lingering underneath. It smells strong on cold sniff and although I haven't melted this one yet, I'm sure I'll reorder it down the road.

These are the geo bars that caught my attention. They weigh between 3.2 - 3.7 ounces and are about the size of a king-size Hershey bar. They're on the thin side so it will be easy to snap a piece off. $5.50 is the price for each.

Duty Has No Friends

Salted pineapples and mangoes

Mmm! More of a tart pineapple with hints of juicy mango and plenty of salt on top. This and Poolside are my faves. I'm not about mango but salted pineapple is something I'll have to try this summer. Speaking of pineapple, have you tried it on the grill? It's super good and really brings out the juices. I keep seeing this recipe pop up in my feed for brown sugar glazed pineapple that you grill. Summer needs to get here soon!

Oceanside Pier

The Bakery (cinnamon sugared pastries, sweet bread, fresh baked cookies) and mango sorbet

Ripe mango and sugar-dusted donuts with the tiniest touch of cinnamon. A little heavier on the bakery notes. 

Triple Berry Cheesecake

Aren't these geometric shapes fun? This was a free sample that came along for the ride. It smells like a blend of sweet raspberries and blackberries (hard to say because there isn't a description on the site) on a thick, creamy base. The cheesecake stands out more on cold sniff but this is mostly berries in the warmer. Moderate throw that lasted half a day.

A fun order that I'm really pleased with. Her tropical fruit scents are the ones I'll be keeping an eye out for in future restocks. The next opening is scheduled for May 5, and you can follow the Facebook and Instagram pages for previews of upcoming scents.

Website @ The Purple Fox 

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