Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rosegirls March Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I've been paying close attention to Rosegirls after getting my last order. This one is from their March sale. I really wanted to order more scents that were offered, but the wax comes in large quantities and the budget only allows for so much. These are the blends that jumped out at me.

Muffins are $7.00 for a set of two and the square chunks are $10.50 a bag. Shipping is a flat rate of $10. Turn around time is approximately four weeks.

Escape to Neverland
Pineapple, raspberry, orange sherbert & vanilla ice cream 

Tart pineapple and creamy orange sherbert in the warmer. That pineapple is heading into chemical-smelling, cleaning product territory though. I noticed the same thing with her lemonade scents, so maybe I need to avoid her citrus blends for now on. Moderate throw and it burned off quick in the warmer. 

Rosegirls Garden, Raspberry Sauce & Vanilla Bean Noel

I just can't bring myself to melt this one yet so this is a cold sniff impression. It's insanely beautiful and I was a fool for only ordering one. This was a custom blend that Julie from The Redolent Mermaid created a few years ago, and I'm going to echo her review. A tart raspberry stands out against a thick rose syrup and a subtle sweetness from the vanilla. I'll add that I get a touch of musk as well. If RoseGirls ever ventured into bath & body products, I would snatch this up quick. I can only dream, right? In the meantime, I'll be hoarding this until I can get my hands on more. 

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows
Mango, lollipops & strawberry raspberry guava

I think it's the lollipop that stands out here because this smells like tropical candies. More of a tart blend and not as sweet as I had expected. An excellemt scent with a strong throw but it burned off halfway through the day. 

Vanilla Crunch Donut Fluff Puffs

Vanilla bean glaze on top of warm sugar-dusted donuts. I wasn't too sure of this one on cold sniff. The scent was faint and more like yeasty bread, but it blossomed in the warmer and I'm really enjoying it. One cube gave a strong throw that lasted all day. 

I knew the raspberry and rose blend would be my favorite here, but I wasn't expecting to fall so hard for Sunshine and Vanilla Crunch as well. I'm pretty impressed with what I've tried from Rosegirls so far, so I went big on the April preorder that should be arriving around the middle of next month. 

Website @ Rosegirls


  1. Patiently waiting for my small but mighty order next month! This was my first Pre-Order of RG to take part in, the rest have been RTS samplers so I am excited to have a few RG chunk bags to my name even if it is just a few!
    Very nice order. I am still kicking myself for not grabbing up some of the Rosegirls Garden, Raspberry Sauce & Vanilla Bean Noel as it sounds fantastic.

    1. What did you end up getting? Those samplers sound good and one day I'll get around to ordering some. Do you have any favorite scents you'd recommend?

      That RoseGirls Garden is a dream. I guess Jenny doesn't like pouring that one so I hope someone can pull some strings to bring it back soon

  2. Nice order! I was eyeing the Vanilla Crunch Donut one pretty hard but passed on it in favor of the Wackadoodle blend. But RG does do a mean bakery. So happy you like that RG Garden blend. It is hard to get people to try rose in wax sometimes. I cannot wait to see you upcoming order. I sat out but I know after I read your post on it I will be drooling.

    1. If it has rose, I'm all over it. It's such a pretty scent that it's hard to understand why so many people avoid it. This next order will be big lol. I grabbed all of the chunks (5 I think) including several multiples, and two chunk bags.