Friday, May 5, 2017

Haus Birthday Reverie

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Haus of Gloi is celebrating their 8th year in business with the release of a new limited edition collection. Their popular Haus Birthday scent returns once more in a variety of products such as perfume and pumpkin butter along with an all new cake-inspired line of perfume oils. I know I've been moaning over how their themed perfumes are only available in full size bottles, but thankfully they allowed the always wonderful Ajevie to provide sample sizes this time. And they had one more surprise in store for us - a candle in Haus Birthday! I snatched that up with a quickness. It sold out almost instantly, but they offered a preorder for their upcoming summer candles to better meet demand. 

Haus Birthday
Wild Cascadian huckleberries, butter cream frosting, clove spiced cake and wisps of incense all grounded into a base of our Haus Amber. 

I reviewed this one last year when it first debuted, so to recap - it's like a blueberry and lemon blend with a fizzy effervescence from the clove. I didn't get the amber or incence from the pumpkin butter, and that's fine by me. The 2016 and 2017 versions smell identical, so there are no batch differences to report. I'm happy to see this return and hopefully it will be back every year so I can stop hoarding it.

Now for the candle. Occasionally I got a soft whiff of the huckleberries, but what I mostly smelled was the incense. It was a clean smelling incense and not at all headshoppy.

The candle itself comes with a plastic lid that screws onto the glass jar, and there was a protective seal inside. The wick is centered so it burned down evenly with no tunneling. The pic kinda looks like it's tunneling but I assure you there was an even wax pool. It's strongly scented on cold sniff, but I was having a hard time smelling it while it was burning. I might need to cure this for a while longer and see how it does then, but for now I'll say that this candle may be better suited for a small room or bathroom. 

Birthday Cake Butter Bomb

A slice of vanilla cake smothered in vanilla frosting with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. I wish this had been offered as a perfume or pumpkin butter because I want to roll around in it. 

Almond Caramel Espresso Cake
Fluffy cake with espresso frosting, toasted almonds and a caramel drizzle.

Toasted almonds mixed with a caramel latte. The coffee note is nice and smooth, and surprisingly doesn't go bitter on my skin. Drydown smells like caramel drizzled cake. Sillage is extremely low even in the vial and total wear time was less than two hours. 

Banana J. Foster Cake
Vanilla cake loaded up with ripe bananas soaked in whiskey.

An opening of sweet banana candy that quickly settles into a heart of rich yellow cake with brown sugar-glazed banana topping. The whiskey is faint and mostly detected during the first half an hour. Low to moderate sillage that almost lasted two hours. 

Bourbon Peach Cake
Golden cake covered in bourbon soaked peaches and brown sugar.

Sweet, juicy peaches mixed with an extremely bitter bourbon. Both notes stand out equally, but only the peach remains throughout the entire wear time of around four hours. Moderate sillage. 

Champagne Cake
Light and airy white cake with bubbly champagne mixed in. 

Lemon lime fizzy soda opens this scent with a fluffy white cake and mounds of vanilla frosting gradually pushing its way forward. Low to moderate sillage that lasted close to 90 minutes. 

Lavender Pear Anise Cake
Dense cake filled with chopped pears topped with a scattering of lavender buds and crushed anise seeds.

So this was the wild card but I trust Haus of Gloi completely with these unique combos. At the moment I'm debating a full bottle purchase. It opens with their signature herbal but also sweet lavender with the anise barely peeking out. I have to really focus to smell it because it blends with the lavender seamlessly. Within minutes the lavender is gone and it's all anise for about an hour. There's a fruity sweetness that pops up occasionally before this dries down into a decadent yellow pear and white cake blend. Sillage is moderate and this lasted nearly three hours. 

Linen and Lace
Soft, white, clean linen with a touch of vanilla.

An airy, starchy white blend that smells just like clean linen. I wore this a couple times and didn't notice the vanilla. Medium strong sillage and this one lasted around six hours on my wrist. 

Everything here is great, the only one I wasn't really feeling was the Bourbon Peach perfume. I still have high hopes for the Haus Birthday candle so I'm going to set that aside to cure for a month before testing it out again. I grabbed a Zazz candle during their recent preorder, so maybe that one will work out better with a stronger throw.

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  1. I had the exact same experience with the candle as you. It smelled amazing on cold but I could only really detect it on my nightstand, but my nose picked up the berries the most in mine. I set mine aside too since it is soy, hoping for a cure to strengthen it. Looking forward to reading about your Zazz candle. I held off on those two scents. but I swear, if Moon Dog or some woodsy, amber or patchouli scent emerges, all bets off. Did you pick up any Moona candles? I did spring for the Ostara one. I love that scent.

    1. I'm hoping Zazz will be stronger than this one was. It should be here in the next few days, so I will let you know.

      I didn't order a Moona candle...yet! I may have gone a little crazy at her restock so I need to wait until the bank account is replenished to go back for more, but I'm looking at a Bees Knees one. I love a good honey scent. I'll have to give Ostara a try based on your review, maybe a soap if it's available. <3