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Haus of Gloi Summer

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Hey guys! Today I have a small order from the summer collection that Haus of Gloi released a few weeks ago. I reviewed most, if not all, of their returning scents last year so I'm just gonna do a short recap of what I picked up this time around. I also grabbed a few butterbombs, a candle and five of the lavender perfumes that Ajevie decanted.

Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk and raspberry coulis - an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamom and deceptive pink peppercorns

This is primarily lemon from start to finish. There's a quick blast of pepper in the opening that accents the tang of the lemon, followed by a thick raspberry jam that begins to swirl around the edges. At the heart is a thick slice of yellow cake that adds a creaminess into the mix. But again, the lemon is what stands out the whole time. Sillage is moderately strong with a five hour wear time. Oh, and this was the free perfume sample that I forgot to include in the pics.

A welcome respite: muskmelon, coconut water infused with bergamot flower, kaffir lime, polished ho wood and sticky benzoin

Similar to the old B&BW Cucumber Melon scent. It's primarily sweet cantaloupe with a fresh zing of lime to brighten it up. Summery but somehow soothing.

The Brier Path
Sun drenched trail leading to a day dream of ripe berries and woods rose, rich forest loam, ozone, dark amber and cream

It's so hard to pick a number one favorite from Haus of Gloi, but this one is probably it. It's so unique and complex, and the perfect scent to transition between summer and fall. It's sweet raspberries and roses mixed with lush forest greenery and damp soil. I always picture the Thomas Kincaid portraits of the rustic cottages nestled in a thick forest canopy with a small stream nearby and the ground covered with blooming wildflowers every time I smell this.

When something feels a bit lackluster, dull and boring, it obviously is lacking zazz. To fix this we recommend something definitely zazzy and not overly complicated - tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up with crushed ginger root

This is the candle that I preordered late last month. It smells just like the perfume and pumpkin butter formats, which is a fizzy citrus and tart cranberry blend with a touch of ginger to liven it up even more.

I previously tried their Haus Birthday candle but decided to set it aside to cure for a while longer since the throw was a bit light. After a week of waiting and staring at Zazz, I couldn't resist the temptation of this summery scent and fired it up. I'm happy to report that the throw is stronger this time, albeit slightly. It burned for maybe an hour (long enough to get an even wax pool), and my room was filled with a cheery effervescent citrus. The scent was wafting around rather than smack you in the face strong, but it's an improvement from the last candle. However, I did notice a certain undertone that I picked up on with the Haus Birthday candle. It's hard to describe, but it's like a clean, plasticky smell. I chalked it up to the incense note last time, but Zazz doesn't have incense in it. I'm starting to wonder if it's the wax itself that I smell. I'm no candlemaker but I'm wondering if more fragrance could be added to cover that up? Just thinking out loud here. Anyways, I'll try another candle down the road and see if I notice anything different then.

Lavender Perfumes

The latest version of themed perfumes features their signature lavender that tiptoes the line between herbal and sweet. If you saw my review a few months back for their reverie Lavender Elixir scent, I mentioned that something in that blend went strangely soapy and starchy on my skin. After testing all of these samples, I have sadly come to the conclusion that the lavender is the culprit. Almost all of these perfumes gave that soapy drydown to varying degrees, and it's strange because this is the only time that lavender has done this on me. It smells so good initially, but in the future, I'll have to stick with perfume samples before blind buying any full size lavender blends that they create.

Lavender Honey
Thick, rich honey infused with lavender

I can always depend on the Haus to do a great honey blend. I'm a honey hoor but sometimes that note ends up smelling bitter and sharp, reminiscent of vinegar. But never with Haus of Gloi. It's a sticky sweet, golden syrup that is front and center with a snuggly sweet lavender underneath. Their lavender does fade quickly on my skin, leaving behind that dreamy honey that becomes sweeter and sort of powdery as time goes on. The lavender does leave that lingering soapiness, but the sweetness helps mask it. Moderate sillage and a wear time of six hours. I may spring for a bottle of this once I test it a few more times. 

Lavender Ice Cream
Homemade vanilla ice cream infused with lavender

It starts out with the lavender on a soft bed of rich vanilla cream that gradually inches forward to take center stage. The lavender disappears within 10 minutes, leaving behind the scent of melted ice cream. As it wears down, the vanilla begins to morph into more of a sweet cream and clean linen blend. It's similar to their Milkmaid scent minus the sweet pea note, if you've smelled that one before. Moderate sillage and this one wore for over six hours. 

Lavender Lemonade
Bright and delightful! Lavender and fresh tart lemonade

This one is equal parts lavender and bright, sunny lemonade. A true lemonade scent without any cleaning product notes. It starts out promising, but unfortunately that is short lived. The lemon disappears quickly, and without any other notes remaining, that soapy smell that I get from the lavender is all that is left behind for the remainder of wear. The sillage is moderate and this lasted around three hours. 

Lavender Mojito
Muddled mint and lavender syrup with rum and a squirt of lime

It starts out with lavender and a sharp blast of peppermint candy, but that mojito note underneath just isn't agreeing with my nose and I'm ready to wash it off. After a few minutes, the mint has faded and the lavender takes a backseat to a delicious smelling beverage featuring a soft, sweet lime that helps mask the soapy floral. Sillage is moderately strong and the wear time was just under two hours.

Lavender Shortbread
Buttery shortbread cookies with lavender flowers mixed into the dough

I was most excited for this one and it lived up to its promise. The lavender comes out sweeter in the opening, and once it fades after a few minutes, I'm left with the perfect buttery sugar cookie smell. Seriously, it's practically edible and no soapy notes this time. I already have a similar perfume blend but if I didn't, I'd grab a bottle. Sillage is on the lighter side with a wear time of four hours.

Butter Bombs

Cantaloupe and Lily
Fresh cantaloupe with a scattering of lily petals

Sweet melons and a clean smelling white floral. Very crisp but with a mild softness from the cantaloupe.

Ginger Honeysuckle
Heady honeysuckle warmed with ginger

Not a whole lot of ginger in here so this is all fresh honeysuckle with slight citrus topnotes.

Clean, crisp ocean air

Absolutely refreshing. This transports you straight to the beach with salty sea mist and cool breezes. They nailed this scent.

That's all I have for now. There's plenty of the summer items still in stock over on the website if you're interested. I saw a comment in the group about a second summer collection, so I'll most likely be picking up a few things there. Fingers crossed for a coconut theme of perfumes!

Website @ Haus of Gloi

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