Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rosegirls April Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Every time a Rosegirls order arrives, I think "whyyyy did I wait so long to try this brand?" It makes me sad to think of how much I've missed out on over the years, but then I sniff everything and all is right in the world. I'll just keep making up for lost time with these preorders then. This order was from the April 15th opening, and just arrived late last week. I haven't had the chance to melt anything yet, so these are all cold sniff reviews.

Banana Fluff Puffs
Banana cream pie, monster cookie and marshmallow smoothie

Mmm! Banana pudding and those Nilla wafer cookies. The banana is sweet, strong and artificial - just the way I like it lol - with creamy vanilla bakery undertones. Love love love. 

Blackberry Ginger Ale Fizzy Pops
Freshly picked blackberries, bubbly ginger ale and sweet fizzy pops

All ginger ale and Sprite. Very fizzy and citrusy, but I'm not getting the blackberry in here. 

Freshly baked bread, royal sugar cookie and dunk my donut

Warm sugar cookies and a glass of ice cold milk to dunk them in. Sweet, warm and cozy. 

Coconut Water and Pineapple Palm Grass
Fresh, clean and invigorating blend

Holy crap on a cracker, this is fabulous! The pineapple is tart and is the strongest note followed by a clean, green scent and then the coconut water. Not coconut cream or milk, but coconut water. I'm dying here because I've never found a coconut water scent and now I need more blends with it. Needless to say, this is  my favorite. 

Lavender Vanilla Summer Breeze
Lavender vanilla and laundry

A clean, starchy white scent. The laundry note is very strong and overpowers everything else in the blend, so I don't smell the lavender vanilla. Maybe those notes will come out more in the warmer. 

Sugar Milk Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Creamy pumpkin vanilla milkshake, pie crust and sugar milk

Smells more like a pumpkin pie than a milkshake. It's heavily spiced with fresh cinnamon and the pie crust note is what really stands out. Actually, these are the only two notes that I smell on cold sniff. 

Sweet Caroline
Blue Hawaiian, cherry berry punch and vanilla ice cream

The Blue Hawaiian jumps out here, smelling like a somewhat boozy blend of citrus, pineapple and cherry. Follow that up with the cherry berry punch that smells just like Hawaiian Punch and we have a winner.

Watermelon Summer Sunshine

These cute little squares came as a free sample. I don't have a description, but this is mostly honeydew melon with clean, green notes. Sweet and fresh.

Well, that's all for now. All of these are great scents and this is my favorite order to date, but that coconut/pineapple/palm grass is by far one of the best wax scents I've ever tried. Did you order from this opening and do you have any favorite Rosegirls blends?

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  1. Nice order!!! I am totally kicking my own butt for missing out on Banana Fluff Puffs. That and Donkey Kong Destruction are my very favorite banana scents and I don't have many of those. That Coconut Water scent sounds intriguing but I rarely get along with pineapple but somehow I think I would like this one. Maybe? Love your photo!!! Enjoy your melting! And how cool you got a sample. That hasn't happened with me at Rosegirls in a good long while.

    1. Ahhh Donkey Kong Destruction! The name cracks me up lol. Maybe we can do a swap someday and I'll send some Banana Fluff Puff and Pineapple Coconut your way. This was the first time getting a sample. I thought she forgot to add them to the last couple orders?