Thursday, May 18, 2017

Soak in the Sound

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I have another new vendor to review today. Soak in the Sound is a brand that I've seen mentioned in a few Facebook groups for CBD-infused bath and body products so I was eager to check things out. The owner, Tina, offers infused lotions, body butters, whipped soaps and loofah soaps, salt soaks, body mists and perfumes, lip balms, and a few other products. She has a website that I will link down below with a small selection of products, but most of her products are offered through the Facebook group. That is where you'll find a full list of products and scents that you can customize and message her to order. 

The turn around time was extremely quick and ordering from her was a smooth process. I ordered on a Thursday and had everything in hand a few days later on Monday. She was quick to answer any questions and set up a custom listing on her website when I was ready to order. She also included small samples of a lip balm and salve in a cute metal tin. 

Creamy Body Lotion

I ordered a 4 ounce bottle with a flip top lid which cost $20, but she also has an 8 ounce size available for $30. It's infused with 500 mg of CBD oil, which is comparable to other brands I've reviewed in the past. The lotion is a medium thickness and spreads easily with no greasy feeling left behind, although it sinks in quickly so I had to move fast before it dried. The fragrance lingered for well over an hour. There is a handwritten label with the scent name but no ingredients. I checked the website but the lotions are not currently listed so I will update this post with the ingredients if I find that info out.

The scent I ordered is Coconut Citrus Sorbet, which is primarily a creamy, thick coconut milk with light orange and maybe mango accents. On my skin it is all coconut. A true coconut scent, not too buttery like coconut cream pie and no tanning oil notes. A pretty scent that I would happily reorder.

Whipped Body Butter
Shea butter, mango butter, meadowfoam seed oil, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder. May contain essential oils

This comes in a 4 ounce jar for $20 and infused with 500 mg of CBD oil. I wish I knew what to call this type of body butter so I'm going to call it a "solid" butter. It's the kind that melts once it touches your skin, like how coconut oil immediately transforms from a solid to a liquid once you touch it. I generally avoid these types of butters because they tend to feel greasy on my skin and rub off on my clothes, but this one is nice. It has a fluffy, lightweight consistency and melts instantly, leaving behind a slight sheen and minimal oily residue. I used a pea-sized amount on my legs and the achey cramps disappeared within a few minutes. It's strongly scented and the fragrance lasts for several hours. I do prefer the body lotion though because it sinks in completely.

I ordered the scent Rice Flower & Shea, which is a B&BW dupe and one of my all-time favorite scents ever. However, there was a small mixup because this is smells of neroli / orange blossom. I mentioned it to Tina and she apologized, offering to send out a replacement. She's waiting for more supplies to come in, so I will update this post once the replacement arrives. In any case, the neroli is a pretty one and I will certainly reorder it.

Cure All Beeswax Salve
PNW beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils

This is one of the free samples she included. It came in a small metal tin with a sliding lid, and is scented with peppermint, spearmint, lavender and orange essential oil. It smells similar to Vick's with a pinch of soothing lavender. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but it's intended to use on cuts and burns to promote wound healing. These are available in 2 ounce metal tins for $14.00

Lip Balm
Coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, flavor oil

This is the other free sample that was included. It came in a small black jar but is normally sold in a twist-up tube that is currently on sale for $2. The flavor is a blueberry pine blend called Snoop's Dream that smells like tart blueberries in the jar but more minty on my lips with a slight cooling sensation. The balm itself is a firm consistency that spreads easily over my lips with a few swipes with a perfect "slip" - not too oily and not too tacky. It wore for several hours before I needed to reapply.

So! I'm pretty happy with everything here and am eager to reorder once I use up the lotion and butter. I'll most likely opt for the lotion because I prefer how quickly it sinks in without worrying that it will rub off on my clothes. In fact, I asked her if I could switch out the replacement butter for a lotion instead. I'll update this post once it arrives.

Website is here


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  2. So far, I have not been happy with Soak in the Sound. There is no email address to contact them. I have clicked on their Contact button and sent 2 separate messages to them. Once you hit submit, it says they we be in contact within 24 hours. I haven't heard a thing. They advertise that for $12, you get 20x vape pens. Funny, I received 1. I would do some investigation before ordering from this site.