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Cosmic Cleanse March Pre-Order

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

This was my second time ordering from Cosmic Cleanse during the last preorder back in March. I've had such great luck with the CBD infused products that Heidi offers that I went ahead and made a larger order. This time she also included several wax samplers and individual scent shots that I had to try. The turn around time was approximately two months so it's a long wait but well worth it. Shipping came out to $11 for a priority 2 day box.

 There was a small mix up with this order when I received a whipped soap instead of a sugar scrub, but I emailed Heidi and she promptly sent out a replacement along with a few more wax cups.

Dracula's Drank
Blood orange champagne fizz

A deep, bold orange with a generous amount of champagne and a tickle of fizz

Hoochie's Palace
Pink Sugar, lavender and peppermint

Peppermint and sweet, musky pink sugar are what jump out here, but a relaxing herbal lavender is what remains on my skin after washing off this sugar scrub.

Janine's Pink Cupcakes
Peppermint x Birthday Cake

I'm so surprised by this that it's my favorite from this batch of bath & body scents. A thick and gooey vanilla cake with mounds of vanilla frosting garnished with tons of crushed peppermint candies.

Poolside Enjoy-Mint
Cucumber, blueberry, mint mojito

Sometimes the blueberry is stronger and other times it's the cucumber that sticks out. It's sweet, green and calming all at once, and I'm pleasantly surprised by this one.

Snow Cone for a Unicorn
Cherry slushy, blue raspberry slushy and fizzy soda

Sweet and syrupy blue raspberry meet tart cherry candies with a trace of citrus fizz to brighten things up. All of my kids loved this one.

Block Party with Heidi

This is a wax sampler that features six scent shots with the popular Party with Heidi blend (described as a fruity and fizzy house blend). It's been a while since I smelled that one, but I remember it being a blend of fresh orange, lemon and lime with effervescent soda bubbles. This was $10.50 for the set, glitter optional.  

Cocktails with Heidi
PWH x Blonde Moment

Grape-leaning Blonde Moment with lots of fizzy sweet orange like grape popsicles and orange soda.

Ice Cream Date with Heidi
PWH x rainbow sherbert

This is all effervescence and fresh orange with the faintest hint of a creamy base.

Ice Skating with Heidi
PWH x Snow Fairy Lush Dupe

Pretty much the same as her Fizz Fairy scent, although I no longer have that to compare. It's mostly Snow Fairy which is like a blend of cotton candy and crunchy, sweet pears with some fizzy 7-Up soda to add a bubbly citrus freshness.

Laundry Day at Heidi's
PWH x fresh clean cotton

Fizzy sweet orange with a hint of starchy laundry for an extra clean blend

Star Gazing with Heidi
PWH x blood orange

This is a fizzy tangerine just like the Jarritos soda.

Vacation with Heidi
PWH x fresh pineapple

YESSS! The best one here. The pineapple really stands out as tangy and fresh with just the perfect amount of sweetness followed by a sweet orange effervescence. I'll be in trouble if she ever offers this in the Miracle Budders.

Single Scent Shots

And more wax because you can never have enough. These were $1.75 each with glitter optional for no additional charge.

After Party with Heidi
PWH x Volcano type

An extra citrusy Volcano blend. Fresh orange stands out against fizzy bubbles and a creamy vanilla base. 

Cherry Laffy Taffy fizz

Like a Shirley Temple <3 Sweet cherry syrup and zingy 7-Up soda with tons of bubbles and that one lone cherry at the bottom of the glass.

Edge of Seventeen
Salt water taffy x cotton candy

Mmm! This is exactly like pink saltwater taffy candies - a sticky sweet strawberry with rich vanilla. I was surprised to like this so much.

Cotton candy, cherry slushy & Volcano

A fruit punch type of scent. Red and sweet with a blend of berries, tropical fruits and citrus.

Orange Appeal
Satsuma, blueberry, 7-Up poundcake

Grapefruity satsuma with a touch of buttery cake far in the background

The Lorax
Satsuma, peach, pear, apple & yuzu

I keep sniffing this one because I can't really nail down this scent. It's strong on the yuzu and satsuma, like an orange and grapefruit blend, but then I smell each of the other notes at different times. Sometimes there is more peach, sometimes it's apple, and other times it's pear. It is incredibly complex and unique.

And now how about some product reviews? I went over the Miracle Budders in a previous post (quick recap - you need them! They sink in quickly, are easy to spread around and really help relieve minor aches and pains), so I'm going to focus on the scrubs and whipped soaps that I hadn't tried before. These are all infused with 800 mg of CBD oil, although I am unsure whether that is the amount per ounce of product or the amount in the entire jar. She also offers uninfused products at no additional charge.

Original Shea / Sugar Scrub

Sugar, shea butter, safflower oil, coconut oil, silica, polysorbate 80, vitamin E, BHT (preservative), phenoxyethanol, mica, fine iridescent glitter, fragrance oils. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.75; 6 oz original - $13.00

The first of two sugar scrubs that I have today, this is Heidi's emulsifying scrub that will leave lots of moisture on your skin without any foaming soap to clean. The first thing I noticed was that there is tons of oil in here (see that sheen in the pic?) but everything is mixed well and even after a month it hasn't separated. The sugar appears small and is hard to see in person, but it really packs a punch. It's a gentle exfoliation but it takes a while for the sugar to dissolve so I can take my time. After rinsing, the oils and butters sank into my skin and there was no grease to rub off onto clothing. I did notice some teensy tiny blue glitter in the jar but that rinsed away as well. The scent left behind is strong and hangs around for around 15 minutes.

Whipped Soap / Shampoo

Coconut oil, deionized water, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, tetrasodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, fragrance oils, mica, colorant. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.50; 6 oz original - $12.50

This is a heavy, dense soap that has a similar feel to cake frosting, so I'll call it more of a cream soap instead of whipped. I only need a small amount to create an ultra luxurious lather although there didn't seem to be many bubbles. Shaving is what I've been using this for - the razor glides easily, razor burn is minimal and  my skin was soft and moisturized afterwards. I did experiment using this as a shampoo and it left my strands soft and manageable without feeling overly stripped and squeeky although I needed to use a bit more to create enough lather. The scent is strong in the jar but doesn't linger long on hair and skin.

Whipped Soap / Sugar Scrub

Coconut oil, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, myristic acid, stearic acid, sodium glyco isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, diazolidinyl urea (and) iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, tetrasodium EDTA, fragrance oils/essential oils, mica, fine iridescent glitter, body safe glitter, colorant. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.25; 6 oz original - $12.00

This is the foaming sugar scrub and like the whipped soap shampoo above, the base is very thick. However, this one has more of a rubbery feel to it and it takes a bit more effort to get it to lather. There was a "skin" on top that I had to dig my nails into in order to break through, and it took some effort to scoop this out of the jar. Rubbing my hands together left a clump in my palms so I have to smoosh it between my fingers to break it up and get the lather going. It creates the same thick lather as the whipped soap but with more bubbles. The sugar is small and sparse so exfoliation is minimal, and the scent hangs around lightly for ten minutes of so. It's more drying than the whipped soap though and left my skin feeling more tight than I would prefer. This will probably be the only time I say this, but I much prefer the "oily" original scrub over this foaming scrub.

It's always a good day when a box full of Cosmic Cleanse goodies shows up. The CBD infused products are a nice way to help unwind after a long day and the scents she offers are fun and playful. I would like to see more scent categories offered such as bakery, earthy and florals since most of the scent blends are some variation of fizzy pop, citrus and candy, but I'll keep ordering whatever she makes. The website is currently in maintenance mode as she gears up for the next preorder on July 9. You can join the Facebook group for more announcements and a scent list.

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