Sunday, June 4, 2017

May Use It Ups

Hi guys! Another month down and I have a bunch of quickie reviews for everything I used this month. This month was pretty slow as far as getting more posts up, so that will be my goal for the month of June. There are so many orders just sitting around and waiting to be reviewed so I hope I can get those done.

May was pretty uneventful. We finally got my daughter's MRI and X-rays completed so she can see her rheumatology specialist on Monday, but last week they called to say they want her to also see an orthopedic doctor as well. Now we have two appointments this week at the hospital and hopefully get some answers and treatments going.

My husband's birthday and anniversary of his passing were also this past month. I was really dreading those two days, but the anticipation was much worse than anything. His sister planted a palm tree in her yard (he loved plants but palms were his favorite) and mixed some of his ashes in the dirt around it. I'm not sure how to feel about that, having his cremains spread out here and there instead of all in one place, but that's my issue and I keep quiet about it. She needs to grieve in her own way and this is what helps her through it.

I just finished watching The Tudors for the millionth time on Netflix last week and have started watching The White Queen over on Amazon Prime. The monarchy is fascinating, especially around this time period, so I'm enjoying this new show. I still need to get the book that the show is based on. I ended up ordering the new Nintendo Switch and have been playing Breath of the Wild obsessively. It cost a pretty penny, but was totally worth it and has blown me away.

I have a bunch of orders sitting here and waiting to be reviewed. Two restocks of Vintage Chic, Cosmic Cleanse, Wonderberry <3, Alchemic Muse, Nene's Kitchen, and The Melting Duck off the top of my head. I have orders coming from Future Prim and The Bathing Garden, a Sniff My Tarts mystery box along with two Rosegirls samplers, Lasting Scent Candles and Moonalisa. Yes, I need to slow down lol. Oh! And I just updated the last Bathing Garden post with a few Wonderland scents and new summer scents that just came a few days ago.

Anyways, here's what I used up for the month of May

Alchemic Muse

Wild honeysuckle flowers with sugared citrus notes of lemon and bergamot peel play against a sheer base of orange blossoms, muguet and crisp green leaves. 

Primarily lemon and honeysuckle, although I do pick up orange blossom and hints of fresh greens from time to time. It's very similar to Haus of Gloi Honeysuckle Lemon Curd down below, but this one is a little sweeter and much more complex. They layer nicely for a fresh springtime scent.

Arcana / Villainess Soaps

Programmed This Way
The vivid, clangy aroma of a killer robot. Blood orange and apricot fused with shiny metal, motor oil, rubber and hot, grinding gears. 

This was a bar of soap that came as a freebie when I ordered from Villainess last autumn. The scent is by Arcana, the soap made by Villainess as a collaboration. It has a sharp metallic smell with the tangy orange as an accent. It's quite unique and crazy how the smell of metal can be captured in a perfume. The soap itself is very moisturizing and didn't leave my skin feeling tight afterwards.

Candy Panda

Blankets on the Beach
Ocean mist + warm blankets

Fresh ocean breeze and a sweet, powdery vanilla. Moderate throw with half a cup. I may reorder this one the next time it comes around.

Champagne Rose Parade and Mahogany Cotton were reviewed last month here.

Cocoa Pink

Mad Hatter Tea Cakes
Rich almond tea cakes, custard tarts and a dash of Mad Hatter sugar

Thick almond paste (no cherry or boozy almond extract notes) and fluffy white cake bites. It's hard to find a good almond scent but I like this one and would likely reorder at some point.

Creamy rich whipped marshmallow sugary whiteness. No almond or toasty notes

Sweet, fluffy marshmallows but I pick up on a floral hint. This is more like a marshmallow perfume rather than smelling like the real thing.

Marshmallow Candy Cane Noel 
Made with marshmallow sugar and vanilla bean noel, it has real spearmint and peppermint oils that give your scalp a teeny tingle when you use it

Pretty much all mint and not much vanilla or marshmallow. The spearmint stands out just a tiny bit more than the peppermint, and the base of the blend is hard to detect over the mints but it's vaguely sweet. It kinda reminds me of mouthwash.

Cosmic Cleanse

Fizz Fairy
Snow Fairy x fizzy

Bubbly lime and lemon topnotes with a sweet pear underneath. I hope this comes back soon!

Suicide Squad Goals
Serendipity, strawberry raspberry guava and Blonde Moment

Like grape jelly or berry flavored gummy bears. This was Heidi's gemstone soap and I hope she restocks these soon. It lathered like crazy and left my skin squeeky clean without feeling tight. I ordered it with the CBD mixed in, but I didn't notice any relief. I would imagine it needs more time to sink in.

Future Primitive Soap

Brandy Butter
Christmas pudding cloaked in vanilla cream with a dollop of brandy butter

Buttery, rich French vanilla custard with a hint of booze. A very pretty scent with medium throw.

Nodding heads of golden daffodils. Their trumpets open wide, and their petals kissed by sunshine. 

Bright and sunny, kinda sweet, with hints of clean green notes. Honeysuckle is the closest thing I can compare this to. I'm unsure whether I would order this again if it comes back around, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Hawaiian Flower
Tropical pineapple & orange juice, Hawaiian pikake flower and lush rainforest

Sweet, heady and intoxicating tropical florals with a drop of sweet pineapple to round it out. These bath truffles are massive and I end up cutting them into four pieces for a fragrant, skin-softening bath treat.

Red Crosses on Wooden Doors
A completely enchanting blend of forest floor, ethereal clean autumn skies, green ferns, blonde woods and essence of field mushroom

An unusual blend of clean woods with a damp, mushy smell from the mushroom. I don't know what they smell like because I avoid those slimy buggers, but it smells exactly like what I would imagine. It's an interesting scent but I'm not sure I would reorder just yet. 

A warming blend of hot milk, honey & oatmeal with a sugary lick of pure white marzipan. 

A thick, very sweet almond paste with heavy cherry notes. Like the Jergen's Cherry Almond scent.

Strawberries and Champagne
Fresh strawberries, orchard greens, effervescent citrus and sweet melon

Bubbling lemon lime and tart strawberries. Very yummy and refreshing. I cut this up into four pieces and one chunk left the entire bathroom scented.

Haus of Gloi

Ghost Puffs
Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick

As a whipped soap, the scent is very faint and just smells plasticky straight out of the jar. Occasionally in the shower I get marshmallow-glazed popcorn with an emphasis on the marshmallow. It's a light scent in general and just doesn't translate well in this format. As a perfume and pumpkin butter, I remember it being more of a sweet vanilla and marshmallow blend with a hint of wooden popsicle sticks.

Honeysuckle Lemon Curd x2
Rich and lemony with a touch of fresh honeysuckle

Tart lemon cream with golden, kinda sweet, honeysuckle blooms. It's still zingy and fresh once the lemon fades.

Mr Toki's Christmas Yule Logs x2
Deliciously scented of hot cocoa and melted marshmallows

Smells just like a steaming cup of cocoa. This is a specialty butterbomb that was last released a few years ago for the holidays, and they are shaped like cat poops lol. It's kinda gross, but the kids loved it.

I also used up a few butter bombs in Vanilla Rose, Marzipan, Orange Blossom and Milk, which are reviewed last month.

L3 Waxy Wonders

Cashmere, Twilight Woods and Sweater Weather

Winter fresh juniper with accents of soft oak and a sweet vanilla musk. Strong throw.

Bahama Fizz Banana

Sweet pineapple and fizzy lemon lime soda garnished with a maraschino cherry. Medium throw. This one is really good and reminds me of the Blue Hawaiian fragrance.

Fresh cut grass, vanilla bean noel, sea salt and sea grass

Sweet vanilla cream and fresh cut grass with the tiniest hint of crisp sea spray. Moderate throw with a half cup.

Rainbow Dreams
Rainbow sherbert and orange dreamsicle

Creamy sherbert mixed with a bright, zesty orange. I was surprised by how fresh this one is, and I love it. Moderately strong in the warmer.

Salty Sea Air Salt Water Taffy

A fresh and clean smell of sea spray and turquoise waters with a sweet vanilla creaminess underneath. Moderate throw.

Lasting Scent Candles

Blue Honeysuckle
A blue mix of juicy berries with divine honeysuckle flowers.

Mostly sweet blueberries resting on a soft bed of golden florals and a thick, syrupy nectar. Very pretty with a medium throw.

Blueberry Coffee
A luscious latte bursting with sweet, sugary blueberry creamer

Sweet blueberries with a smooth vanilla latte. Surprisingly, the coffee was not bitter at all and I ended up liking this more than I did on cold sniff. Strong throw with a half cup.

Peach Passion
Grandma's famous and delicious sun tea with chunks of sweet juicy peaches and passion fruit with extra sugar

Thick, sugary peach syrup and refreshing iced tea. LSC does great tea blends, and this is one I'd definitely reorder. Strong throw.

Pink Cloud
A fantastic blend of our popular and best selling Pink Sugar fragrance blended with pink fluffy marshmallow and sprinkled with sugar. 

This starts out thicker than marshmallow and more like vanilla cake with white frosting and a dab of pink sugar, but later becomes fluffier and airy like marshmallow goo. This will be reordered in large quantities the next time it comes around. Medium throw.

Pink Sugar Vanilla
Our Pink Sugar fragrance blended with sugary vanilla beans and sweet buttercream.

Equal parts Pink Sugar and rich buttercream frosting. A pretty scent but the throw was low even when I was standing next to the warmer.

Plum Sugar Tea Party
Sugar plums, sweet and tart holiday berries blended with sweet tea.

This one is very similar to Blackberry Ren Tea that I reviewed last month. Crisp iced tea and deep, dark plums. The only difference I can tell between the two is that Plum Sugar Tea Party has a pinch of spice added to it. Strong throw.

Strawberry Cordial
A mix of strawberries smothered in creamy white chocolate fudge. 

Tart strawberries with a hint of green leaves mixed with a soft cream. It becomes much sweeter after a few hours when the strawberry has burned off. Strong throw.

Strawberry Rock Candy
Our sticky white sugar crystals flavored with juicy, summer strawberry syrup

The strawberry leans more tart than sweet with a subtle green freshness, but there's a plasticky note mixed in that comes from the rock candy portion of this scent. I have a bunch of these rock candy blends from LSC and it's the same thing every time - that note just doesn't agree with me. Medium throw with a half cup.


Carnival Cakes
Dig into this sinfully delicious carnival concoction of sweet, gooey glazed funnel cakes made of browned butter, caramelized sugar, dripping with maple syrup and vanilla icing, topped off with cinnamon and nutmeg spiked vanilla sugar crystals. 

I remember describing this one as cinnamon and a salty dough when I last reviewed it, but now it's had time to cure and it's a tad sweeter than what it was before. The cinnamon is still strong, but now I'm getting more maple syrup mixed in with the bakery note.

White chocolate, strawberry and rose

A thick strawberry syrup swirled with dreamy white chocolate and hints of red rose petals. Mostly strawberry on my skin.

Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream
Creamy, deliciously fresh lemon curd blended with rich coconut cream and a touch of buttery graham cracker crust. 

Tangy lemon curd and sweet graham cracker crust with hints of buttery coconut cream to smooth it out. Moderately strong throw with one cube.

Nene's Kitchen Melts

Sugar Blossom (Fresh type)
White jasmine, lily of the valley, vibrant citrus elements and whispers of caramel and vanilla.

Heavy on the lily with a lemon rind freshness and clean white musk. Strong throw.

Vanille Banane (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type)
Direct from the French West Indies, white rum, banana cream, sweet vanilla pod and hints of orange make for a super rich and surprising fragrance.

Sweet banana pudding and sugared vanilla beans are what really stand out, but there's something sour and sort of plasticky mixed throughout. I'm half tempted to look into this perfume with the hope that the plasticky note doesn't carry over into that format. Strong throw.

Vanille Peche (CSP type)
Luscious peach juice, sweet toasted vanilla cream, brown sugar, coconut and Tahitian vanilla on a bed of light sweet musk and heliotrope.

A slightly green smelling, fuzzy peach skin (think Solstice Scents Chantilly Cream) with traces of vanilla and clean musk. Not as sweet as I was expecting. Strong throw.

Solstice Scents

Vanilla, white musk, white amber and lemon myrtle EO

Tart, fresh lemon with delicate floral nuances makes up the heart of this fragrance and rests on a soft bed of vanilla and clean musk. With lemon being a topnote that disappears within minutes, this one surprisingly hung around all day long. This is one of the more simple scents from Solstice, but it's a winner.

Sugar & Spice

Berry Coconut Bundt Cake
Berry bundt cake, coconut cream pie and birthday cake

A very tart raspberry with hints of cream. In my S&S review a while back, I memntioned that all of these berry coconut blends had a sour note that was likely from the "cream" portion of the scent. It's less noticeable here because the raspberry is so strong, but it's still there. Very strong throw with a half cup.

Mystery Scent #1

This is definitely a Philosophy Amazing Grace dupe that smells of zesty bergamot and clean skin musk. It's a double layer scent, but Amazing Grace is all I'm able to pick out. Very strong throw.

Mystery Scent #2

Plumeria and something pink. Sticky sweet bubblegum, perhaps. Whatever that second note is, it compliments the plumeria nicely. Strong throw.

Snickerdoodle Latte
Rich roasted Colombian coffee is blended with spices and hints of toasted nut in this beverage sensation. A base of vanilla butter cream adds tempting sweetness to the blend. 

Fresh cinnamon and almost bitter coffee. It becomes a tad sweeter with bakery accents after it has been melting a while. Strong throw.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine
Citrusy nectarine blended with sweet vanilla bean

A peach and orange blend rounded out with a smooth vanilla cream. Like a tropical smoothie. Strong throw with a half cup. This is one I've reordered a few times.

Super Tarts

Grape soda, mac apple and cotton candy

The grape is what stands out the most with the apple adding a sweet crispness. Moderate throw.

Loki's Tricks
Lemon ice box pie, Trix and frosted rose jam

Tart lemon and fresh cut roses that smell like they came straight from the garden instead of smelling like a sweet Rose Jam dupe. Moderate throw.

Watermelon lemonade

Like lemon and watermelon Jolly Rancher candies. Very tart and the lemon stands out just a bit more than the melon. Strong throw.

The Bathing Garden

Guava Berry Gelato
Guava, raspberry and strawberry iced up into a creamy gelato. 

A sweet raspberry and strawberry cream with a splash of sweet guava to give it a tropical twist. The throw on this was pretty light, although that could be because this clamshell is several years old.

Knave of Hearts
Fresh picked strawberry, cotton candy, brown sugar and coconut flakes

I love this one. Sweet strawberries and brown sugar glaze with a hint of smooth coconut milk underneath.

Looking Glass
A fruity floral with cassis, peaches, sugar and musk

Lots of clean musk with a vague fruity floral blend mixed throughout. Not really peachy. Medium throw. It just occurred to me that this is a dupe for Lush Sex Bomb.

Neroli Orange Blossom
A beautiful true Mediterranean orange blossom. 

I reviewed the wax in the last use it up post, but this time it's a lotion format. Her lotions are lightly scented and have a strong 'base' smell, so it's a little watered down here. It smells more like creamy white petals without that sharp green citrus bite that the wax has.

Strawberry Hearts
Strawberry cotton candy layered under marshmallow and a drizzle of milk chocolate

Tart strawberries with a dribble of sweet milk chocolate. The chocolate is faint and disappears quickly in the warmer, so this ends up being mostly strawberry. Low to moderate throw.

Sugared Snow Dust
Cotton candy, caramel taffy, vanilla cream soda, cocoa butter, strawberries and light notes of citrus and musk

I wasn't sure about this on cold sniff, but I really like it once the warmer is fired up. It's a sweet caramel and vanilla blend with hints of musk. Caramel scents can really miss the mark sometimes, but this one is sweet, gooey and perfect. Medium throw.

Wild Pink Strawberry Cane
Pink sugar, coconut ice cream, sweet vanilla cake and strawberry popsicles

Extra tart strawberry with an occasional whiff of coconut. It does smell a little plasticky though. Strong throw.

Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet and Tunnel of Love were reviewed in the March and April posts, if you'd like to check them out.

The Purple Fox

Blackberry lemonade

Equal parts fresh, sparkling lemonade and garnished with sweet blackberries. Strong throw.

Vintage Chic Scents

Vivian Mae
Fresh blueberry macarons

Sweet blueberries with a little tartness. Strong throw with a half cup.

Alchemic Muse

Arcana Wildcraft / Villainess Soaps

Candy Panda

Cocoa Pink

Cosmic Cleanse Scentsations

Future Primitive Soaps

Haus of Gloi

L3 Waxy Wonders

Lasting Scent Candles

Moonalisa / Mooscents

Nene's Kitchen Melts

Solstice Scents

Sugar & Spice

Super Tarts

The Bathing Garden

The Purple Fox

Vintage Chic Scents


  1. Hoping you and your daughters can get some answers and solutions for her.

    I feel the same about LSC's Rock Candy blends. They sounds great, and look great, but just don't agree with me. I picked up a sampler in it once and then was done.

    You used up some amazing scents and products this past month. I tend to melt more in the summer since I am home most of the day so I should be ramping up my usage here soon too.

    1. Thank you Julie, we hope for answers soon. The ortho appt didn't go over well. They don't have access to her X-rays and MRI in the computer like her other specialist at the same dang hospital does and they want the records to be hand delivered, not mailed, so we now have another appt. After that, they can refer her to either a pediatric ortho or an ortho cancer doc so that's an additional appt down the road. Then they were talking about doing a biopsy on her leg so that is another possibility. On top of that, referrals to both a stomach doctor to find out why she isn't absorbing nutrients (15 years old and weighs 83 pounds) and another referral for a nutritionist. It just never seems to end =(

      Yes, those rock candy blends. I have a whole sampler and quite a few more to use up just to make room in the stash.

      I can't wait to see your melting basket posts for summer!