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Nene's Kitchen Melts

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been ages since I last ordered from Nene's Kitchen but long overdue. She has tons of scents all broken down into easy to find categories on the website (vanilla, fruits, drinks, etc), the prices are low and the turn around time fast. I happened to catch a 10% off code a few months ago and placed a small order. Shipping was about two weeks later with a sample included.

Most of what I ordered are wax shapes called Snap Ems ($1.10 each) that look like small Hershey bars that you can easily snap apart and toss in the warmer, which also makes blending easy. I've melted through a couple and have consistently gotten a strong throw with 2-3 pieces. The one clamshell is called a Baker Bar for $3.50, and the two cupcake shapes in the drink section were substituted for Snap Ems. I'll split all the scents up into the categories they fall under on the website for easy searching.

And this is the cute shopping bag with the wax inside, perfect for storage.


Papaya Clafoutis - tropical papaya, passion fruit and vanilla sugar baked into a rich pastry. This one is going on the reorder list. All fruit and no bakery, this is like a blend of peach and passionfruit bursting with sweet nectar.


Godiva Chocolatini- sweet Godiva chocolate liqueur with a rich cream and vodka note create this amazing scent. It smells just like a chocolate glazed donut. Sweet milk chocolate icing with soft hints of buttery bakery notes. And it makes me realize that I need to hunt down a bottle of chocolate liqueur.

Hurricane Cocktail - rum, fresh fruit and sweet syrup. A citrus-heavy blend featuring orange and lime up front against a smooth mango background.

Mai Tai Twist - fresh papaya, mango nectar with hints of tropical pineapples and star fruit. Sweet papaya leads this blend with a soft tang of something citrusy like orange and a base of smooth mango.

Peach Bellini - white peach nectar, juicy orange and crisp champagne. A bubbly mimosa served with a side of peaches picked straight from the tree. The peach is juicy and true with an orange tang and a soft tickle of bubbles from the champagne.

Raspberry Cordial - sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. Delicious. Tart raspberry candy against a chalky base like those Flintstone kids vitamins.

Sparkling Limoncello - a blend of fresh Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest inspired by Italy's limoncello drink. Extra tart lemon rinds that comes close to that chemical smell of cleaning products. It's not quite there, but nearly so.


Calacas (Lush type) - I can't find a description because it isn't listed on the website, but this was a free sample. An old favorite, it's an orange and lime blend smoothed out by a soft woodsy base of sandalwood.

Kashmir (Archipelago type) - a blend of orange blossom, sandalwood and kashmir vanilla. This one is much different than I expected and I love it. It's a soft, snuggly blend of delicate florals and sugary vanilla. It reminds me of a commercial brand of bar soap, Camay I think? The peachy pink one.

Sugar Blossom (Fresh type) - white jasmine, lily of the valley, vibrant citrus elements and whispers of caramel and vanilla. The name is a little misleading because there's no sweetness to be found here. I get a strong white lily with citrus and clean musk accents.

Vanille Abricot (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type) - a fresh, fruity fragrance consisting of jack fruit, apricot, tropical papaya sprinkled with sweet vanilla and sugar candy. Sweet apricot jam topping a sugary vanilla ice cream. It's a lighter scent but oh so dreamy, like floating on a fluffy cloud.

Vanille Banane (CSP type) - direct from the French West Indies, white rum, banana cream, sweet vanilla pod and hints of orange make for a super rich and surprising fragrance. Sweet banana and vanilla but I get something bitter and plasticky underneath.

Vanille Coco (CSP type) - sweet Tahitian vanilla mixed with fresh, creamy coconut milk. It's more complex than the description and smells like a summertime smoothie. There's a creamy orange and banana that stand out against a base of vanilla and sweet coconut shreds.

Vanille Peche (CSP type) - luscious peach juice, sweet toasted vanilla cream, brown sugar, coconut and Tahitian vanilla on a bed of light sweet musk and heliotrope. Fuzzy peach skin and bitter green leaves with white musk. I'm not really feeling this one.


Hibiscus & White Peach - fragrant hibiscus flowers and juicy, ripe peaches create this awesome combination. No peach that I can smell, just the beautiful aroma of hibiscus flowers. It will transport you straight to an island paradise. 

Hyacinth - one of my favorite florals, ever. So strong and beautiful. Reminds me of spring. I've been melting through this lately and it is indeed strong in the warmer. Sharp, green and clean.

Tulips - smells like you are walking through tulip fields in Amsterdam. A clean type of floral similar to hyacinth but softer. Very pretty.

Violet Fields - smells like a field of sweet blooming violets. Powdery sweetness perfectly balanced with an almost green freshness. It's spot on to the violet note that Haus of Gloi uses.


Blackberry Tangerine - ripe, sweet blackberries and delicious tangerines. Sunny tangerines meet the unmistakable aroma of dark, tangy summer blackberries. The citrus is pretty strong here, and the blackberry is probably the truest one I've found. This note tends to be sweet like syrup with floral tones, but this one is full of tang. 

Good Day Sunshine - an energizing blend of mandarin, kumquat, tangerine and grapefruit with a hint of strawberry. An orange and lemon blend similar to tangerine, but this one is more lemon with a sharp green note. They're pretty similar though. 

Mandarin Orange - delicious and unmistakable. Juicy, sweet and tangy at the same time, with a soft hint of green leafy freshness. 

Mango Sorbet - mango, raspberry and lemon curd are blended to sweet perfection. A fun, vibrant blend of creamy mango and a touch of ripe raspberry. The mango is a little tart but not at all bitter and unripe smelling like many mango scents I've tried. This one is really good. 

Tangerine Dreams - zesty citrus fruits including tangerine, mandarin, bergamot and orange. It smells like an orange and lemon blend. Compared to mandarin orange above, tangerine is more tart and bright. They're both great but I slightly prefer tangerine. 

There are so many great scents here that it's hard to narrow down a few favorites but I'll go with Papaya Clafoutis, Tulip, Violet Field, Mai Tai and Vanille Abricot. There are so many more scents that I had to pass on for now including an entire section of vanillas, but I'll be going back soon once these are all melted. 

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