Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sniff My Tarts Mystery Bag

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I've been wanting to order from Sniff My Tarts for eons now but always miss their openings. I did catch a custom opening a few weeks ago but the wait will be awhile, so I jumped on a mystery bag order that had a shorter turn around time. This was $36.50 and arrived around two weeks later. 

Pink Sands Type (pink flip flop) smells just like the Yankee scent. It's a dainty springtime floral blend with a sugary "pink" feel. I always think this is more like pink sugar than the Aquoline Pink Sugar perfume. It's very strongly scented and I can smell it through the bag. 

Cinnamon Roll (brown pop tart) is sweet, golden bakery smothered in icing and a strong dose of cinnamon. A perfect home-sweet-home scent for the kitchen.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream (brown ice cream scoop...or boob, according to my daughter) makes me realize that it's been too long since I last had this yummy treat. Smooth vanilla ice cream is at the heart of this scent with soft hints of warm bakery and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Marshmallow Cake (white happy faces) smells vaguely of vanilla cake but the scent is so light that it's hard to pick out anything at all. This may work as a blender to add a touch of creamy sweetness, but I don't see this being strong enough as a stand alone scent.

Berry Bellini / Passion Fruit / Lemonade (yellow) is all tangy, astringent lemonade with some red berry notes far in the distance. The lemonade is really strong and hides the other two scents. 

Green Apple / Pie Crust / Buttery Caramel (green) is green apple Jolly Ranchers with a heavy base of flaky pastry crust. A little more pie crust than apple. 

Sugared Violets Type / Birthday Cake (purple & white) is one that I was excited to see because I ordered a few violet blends in the latest customs opening. The violet is sweet and powdery with a subtle green freshness and a bit of musk mixed throughout. I don't get the birthday cake though but that's a note that tends to be light to begin with. 

Starfruit & Mango / Plumeria / Strawberry / Cotton Candy (pink & purple) - the plumeria comes on strong followed by a sweet and punchy blend of strawberry and mango. This one is really good and I'll probably order it sometime. 

Ocean / Spearmint / Salty Sea Air (blue) smells just like a day at the beach with briney ocean water, murky seaweed washed ashore and a chill in the air from the spearmint. All 3 notes stand out equally. 

Pink Sugar Type / Fresh Picked Strawberries / Fresh Squeezed Orange / Vanilla Waffle Cone (pink & orange) is almost entirely Pink Sugar with a touch of orange zest trailing behind. This one is nice and I'd probably reorder it in the future. 

Serendipity / Peppermint Swizzle Sticks (white & pink) smells like peppermint candies, milky vanilla and a super sweet maraschino cherry. Serendipity can be hit or miss depending on what it is blended with because it is sooo sweet, but I like this one. 

I'm pretty happy with everything here and it's a nice introduction to the brand that leaves me super excited for that custom order coming soon. The website is currently empty while they catch up on orders, but you can follow their Facebook group for future availability of customs, ready to ship and mystery boxes.

Website @ Sniff My Tarts


  1. Nice mystery box! Mexican Fried ice cream! You are right. It has ben ages for me on that one too. The boob is too cute. I can't wait to see your SMT custom order. I love that they still offer customs. I really enjoy getting my blend on.

    1. I can't wait to see your order too. I did a few violet blends, a holiday one with spruce, cranberry and I think peppermint, an autumn one with coconut, pumpkin ice cream, latte and dark chocolate (that's the jumbo sized one) and a few others I can't recall. Some with the mandarin coconut scent too for summer. Do you remember what you ordered?

  2. Everything is adorable, especially the pop-tarts I've been seeing. I wanted to think about getting this box for one night and when I came back they were gone. My own fault.
    Bahaha, Ice cream.. or boob. Too cute.
    Very nice choice of scents!

    1. Yes, the pop tart is cute and my munchkin thought it was the real thing. She wanted to eat it lol.

      These were all random scents. The dream box was the one where you could give your likes and dislikes to customize it a little. This mystery box cost less than the dream box. Bummer you missed out. Hopefully they will offer it again soon once they get caught up.