Friday, June 30, 2017

Vintage Chic Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

This was the first time trying Vintage Chic Scents, and I was excited to see what all the hype was about. I've been wanting to order for years but I knew things would sell out almost instantly, and a restock window instead of a set restock time was the only deterrent. Luckily there is now a pre-set time that the restock goes up, so I gave it a shot. These are actually three different orders from the March, May and June restocks. I waited to post this review because I had heard that Kirby's wax needs to cure for 6+ months before getting a strong throw but I've since grown impatient. After melting a few scents to test the waters, I'm happy to report that I've gotten a strong throw from the couple scents I've melted so far.

Now the restocks are pretty crazy and things do sell out in minutes so you have to be quick. You can make a wish list ahead of time on the website and add everything to your shopping cart from one page. Plus you can sign up for an account that saves your shipping info to speed up the check out process. I made sure to sign in before the website went into maintenance mode and logged into PayPal shortly before the opening because every second counts here. I did lose a couple things from one restock, but such is life. She has so many scent blends to choose from that you're pretty much guaranteed to find a few things you'll enjoy.

These are ready to ship restocks so the wait time is minimal. I've gotten shipping notices within a day or two, sometimes the same day, and the package arrives a few days later. Shipping is a flat rate of $10 and she includes a free scent shot with each order. 

March restock

May restock

June restock

I've broken it up into shape categories.

Flower Four Packs

These weigh between 4.2 - 4.4 ounces and are $5.30 each. I've been cutting each flower in half and have gotten good throw.

Loveless Cafe
(coconut cream / vanilla crunch shortbread)

Hot damn this is incredible! Like the Danish butter cookies in a blue tin, this is a crunchy, buttery cookie with a little bit of coconutty deliciousness.

Old Sport
(coconut / blue agave / fresh cut grass)

An outdoorsy cologne blend of sweet grass and fresh air. I don't know what blue agave smells like, but there is an ozone type of freshness in here that I assume is that note. I kinda tossed it in the cart at the last minute and am pleasantly surprised! 

Beach Bombshell
(bright citrus / coconut lotion / sea salt)

Fresh orange and lemon blend with a milky coconut and sunscreen. However, I'm getting something chemical and cannot stop associating that smell with insect repellant.

Sunny Side of the Street
(lemon / coconut / butter cake)

Lemon rinds sprinkled on top of a buttery poundcake with lemon glaze. The coconut is there if I really look for it, but lemon and cake are what stick out. It's another great blend, but I'll go with Loveless Cafe as the top bakery pick today.

Fair Verona
(white chocolate / raspberry / mocha)

Strong on the raspberry followed by a smooth, steaming latte. The coffee is great and I really want to like this, but the raspberry is a little too artificial for my taste. I'm holding out hope I'll like this more in the warmer.

Princess Juliet
(orange sherbert / satsuma / tangerine / whipped cream / lemon curd / marshmallow)

A creamy lemon and rich vanilla-marshmallow with tangerine tang. I thought this would be too similar to Juliet is the Sun, but they're different enough to justify having both.

The Wishing Tree
(lavender / vanilla / sweet snow)

A clean, "white" blend that smells just like dryer sheets but softer and not as headache-inducing as a lot of laundry scents tend to be.

Deluxe Blossom Bags

These are 16 ounces for $19.70 that come in a resealable white bag. I've included pics of the shapes inside. 

Star System
(rose lemon soda champagne)

An ice cold bottle of hard lemonade and sugar dusted rose petals. Mostly tart lemon with lots of bubbly effervescence but the sweet rose softens the blend. I love these rose - lemon scents, and this one is really special thanks to the fizz.

Juliet is the Sun
(orange sherbert / satsuma / tangerine / whipped cream)

Grapefruity satsuma meets light and zingy tangerine. The name couldn't be more perfect because it is sunny, indeed.

Blossom Squares

3 squares weighing between 10.5 - 12 ounces for $13.85 that come in a small white bag. These are much larger than I expected. Chopping these into quarter pieces seems like a lot to add to the warmer at once, but I'll start there since that seems the easiest way to go.

Happy Days
(clean cotton / apple mango tango type)

The crisp, starchy "white" smell of Yankee Candle Clean Cotton with fruity accents of pear and green apple. The cotton is very strong and is overpowering the fruity notes, making this more of a laundry blend. I can't wait to melt it!

Westport Wow House
(peach / mango / pineapple / whipped cream)

Sweet mango and peach gummy ring candies with a juicy pineapple that adds a nice amount of zing to balance the sweetness. There needs to be a drink interpretation of this scent ASAP!

Plain Jane Loaf Singles

14-14.8 ounces for $17.75. It comes in a clear plastic bag with a large white bag included if you prefer that for storage.

Big Bird
(crushed pineapple / banana / coconut cream pie)

My eyes roll back every time I open the bag. It's punch-you-in-the-face-strong juicy pineapple and sweet banana candy with a coconut that leans more tanning oil than bakery. This is one of the best things I've smelled for a while now and if you love pineapple, you NEED it!

Ginger Ale Dahlia Quartet

12 ounces for $14.80. This is a themed sampler featuring four ginger ale blends that come individually packaged in plastic baggies. They're pretty big and cutting them into four pieces is the perfect size for the warmer. 

Al Capone
(strawberry mango ginger ale)

The sweetest and least fizzy of the group, this is a fresh strawberry with just enough mango to add a summery vibe, finished off with a teensy sparkle of ginger ale.

Chicago Outfit
(blackberry mango ginger ale)

Another more-fruit-less-ginger-ale blend, this is all mango with a little more fizz than Al. I don't smell the blackberry though but I imagine that is what is making this blend so sweet. 

Cindy Lou Who
(cranberry ginger ale)

Very tart with the most fizziness, it's equal parts cranberry and ginger ale. I stick with cranberry scents for the winter months but this screams summer.

Prancer's Punch
(huckleberry mango ginger ale)

Pretty similar to Chicago, this is all sweet mango and ginger ale. The only difference I can tell is that Prancer is more fizzy and stronger scented.


Freak Show
Cucumber watermelon mint

A summery spa blend with mint, cucumber and watermelon in that order. Fresh garden mint is strong enough to help my sinuses, the cucumber is soft but calming, and the soft hint of watermelon adds just a touch of fruity sweetness.

Somebody to Love
Blueberry cobbler crunch

The most delicious aroma of sweet blueberries and hot buttery crust just waiting for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to be served on the side.

Vivian Mae
Fresh blueberry macarons

Two blueberry bakery blends that couldn't be more different. It's the same sweet blueberry as above, but instead of a bakery note, I'm getting something almost clean smelling like laundry. It smells good for what it is but I'm having a hard time making a connection to macarons.

Everything here is great and it's hard to pick a few favorites but I'll go with Big Bird, Loveless Cafe, Westport and Happy Days. I'm really kicking myself in the ass for not hopping on the VCS train years ago but I'm riding it now and eagerly awaiting the next restock on July 17th.

Website is here

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  1. Nice haul! I never wait to cure. I figure if it is good, it will be good. I loaded up on my Central Park Snowglobe so I am good with VCS for a little while. Until Edelweiss comes back. Enjoy your goodies!