Saturday, July 1, 2017

Candy Panda - June Opening

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

A quickie review of my wax and scrub order from last week, along with a new to me product. Shipping was lightening fast as always and this package was delivered within a few days.

Almond Coconut
Nutty, sweet almond extract + beachy coconut (inspired by Laura Mercier)

This one really blew me away and is much different than I thought it would be. It's a tropical tanning oil type of scent, all sultry hot coconut and no almond. It smells like a dead ringer for the old B&BW Exotic Coconut. After looking up reviews of the perfume, I'm confused when I see descriptions such as cake, foody, sweet and condensed milk because it smells nothing like that, and now I'm wondering if this is indeed Exotic Coconut. There have been a few occasions lately where they have mixed up their scents, and I suspect that may be the case again. Either way, I love this scrub but I do plan on testing the perfume the next time I'm at the store. If it smells as good as this scrub, I'll probably buy a bottle.

Apple Biscotti
Homemade apple biscotti

Baked golden apples and an ultra sweet flaky pastry background, sprinkled with a light trace of cinnamon sugar.

Ripe bananas, coconut and pineapple

Sweet pina colada, heavy on the pineapple, with a slight banana candy note. I compared it to the Pina Colada scrub I ordered a few restocks ago and the similarities are striking, although Bananas is ever so slightly sweeter. 

Cherry Fizzy Pop
Maraschino cherry + pop rocks candy

Lots of lemon lime bubbles from the fizzy pop with a sweet cherry syrup blended in. It's pretty good. 

Cherry Lemonade
Sweet fresh squeezed lemonade with cherries

Another favorite from this order, this is tart cherry and zingy lemonade, both scents standing out equally strong. Their cherry scents have been good so far and I look forward to trying more. 

Just Peachy
Creamy peaches, raspberry, coconut and vanilla

Sweet like peach ring gummy candies but with a fuzziness of fresh peach as well, blended with a trace of coconut milk. I've really grown to love the scrub I ordered last month so this is a repurchase. 

Raspberry Sangria
Freshly picked raspberries from the garden, muddled and stirred into a sweet, chilled sangria

Sweet, candied raspberry is what I mainly smell with a crisp, clean sangria buried far underneath. The fruit is a bit too artificial and I'm not really sure their raspberry is for me.

Two samples this time in the old style cups, both blueberry blends.

Alice in Wonderland
Tea & Cakes (warm rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake) + blueberry cake donut

Sweet blueberry and a thick cakey note that helps cover up that acrid black tea and almond note of Tea & Cakes. I've made no secret in the past that I positively loathe the Tea & Cakes scent from all vendors, but I think I can handle Alice. Maybe even like it. I might try blending it with Blueberry Cobbler though.

Blueberry Cobbler
Buttery bakery accord of wild blueberry and brown sugar

Sugared blueberries and a warm, extra buttery crumb topping with loads of brown sugar on top. I love how sweet it is and would totally order it in the future.

One more product I grabbed, this is a 4 oz room refresher spray for $7.50

FDA approved SD alcohol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, bensophenone-5, fragrance

The scent, Coconut Cotton (exotic coconut and fresh cotton), sounded too good to pass up. It's another tanning lotion type of blend - clean, crisp and coconutty with a delicate sweetness. Pretty good and I'll be on the lookout for other products in this scent. I tried using this several different ways. As an air freshener, a couple sprays is all you need for a strong scent that lasted almost half an hour. A couple hours is what I got by using it as a linen spray and the scent was much lighter, having to press my face into the sheets to smell it. It's not recrecommended to use on skin, but of course I had to try anyway. It's even lighter than when I used it as a linen spray, lasting only minutes and leaving behind a sticky residue. I'll probably get the most use out of this as a linen spray since I always have the wax warmer melting, but it works well as an air freshener, just not as long lasting as I had expected based on prior reviews. 

The next restock is scheduled for July 21st at noon Eastern time. 

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