Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cocoa Pink June Flash Sale

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Cocoa Pink held a one day only flash sale late last month and it was time to stock up on some old favorites and a few new ones I've been itching to try. They offered a 15% discount on all items as an early Fourth of July sale, and the package showed up two weeks later.

First up is a goat milk lotion and some hair stuff. I went with my HG argan conditioner and the conditioning ShamPink shampoo, but I also wanted to try the clarifying Squeaky shampoo. I ordered that one for my daughter hoping that it will help remove the chlorine from her hair after a summer in the pool. We haven't had the chance to try it but I will report back later.

Lychee Rose Macaroons
French almond macaroons created using the best ingredients available - pink tea roses, fresh lychee fruit and whipped buttercream

A favorite that I had to stock up on. It's a sweet blend of rosewater and crunchy almond cookies that leans a little more floral than foody. It's pretty similar to Solstice Scents Cameo.

Lady of the Waters
Juicy guava, pineapple, creamy coconut, sandalwood and a soft, transparent musk

A juicy blend of sweet guava and a splash of pineapple juice. It's pretty similar to the recently discontinued Arcana Keel. I was bummed to miss out on it but now that I've found Lady of the Waters, this will be a perfect replacement for a fraction of the price. 

Vanilla Bean Nectarine
Tangy orange and nectarines balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut

It's like a blend of creamsicles and fresh peaches. Not too sweet and not too tangy, but very rich and summery. I've had this scent in wax and am excited to finally find it in bath & body stuff. 

Sandy Coconut
Creamy coconut milk, tropical red bananas and a whisper of Fiji sandalwood combine with a captivating blend of rich, sensual vanillas. 

This is a new favorite that I will reorder next year. It's a sunscreen type of scent with lots of coconut to smooth out the harsh chemical smell that often accompanies that note with extra creaminess from the hint of banana. Similar to Alchemic Muse Castaway but I like Sandy Coconut a little more.

I had to stock up on my favorite Ends with Benefits hair & body spray along with a new to me product called Glissade. The Ends with Benefits is an alcohol-free product that I love to scent my hair with and, depending on the fragrance, can last up to several days with just a few squirts. Glissade is a curl enhancing cream that I ordered for my daughter's unruly hair with great results. It gives her curly hair more definition and holds all day without weighing it down.

Lavender Honey Macaroons
French macaroons with wild lavender sprigs blended with pure black vanilla bean and gentle touches of golden tupelo honey

This is another favorite that I've been wanting to reorder for some time now. It's mostly a honey blend that softens the hint of mellow lavender. 

Beautiful Daydream
Pink grapefruit essential oil infused with juicy Kaffir lime accented with the unadulterated gentle fragrance of clean cotton laundry dried only by the summer wind and sun under cerulean blue skies

And another scent that I've been waiting to repurchase. It's fresh lime and what smells like the Yankee Candle Clean Cotton dupe. Sunny and crisp. 

Vaniglia del Madagascar Type
Rich and deep vanilla orchid and vanilla bourbon scent

A sophisticated, non-foody, vanilla with just a hint of booziness. A perfect amount of sweetness without being sugary like many vanillas are, and I plan on using this as a blender the next time they offer customs.  

Lastly I ordered a perfume oil dram in French Lime Blossom and also received free samples in perfume oils and one Coco Mango Body Butter. I'm happy to see the vials are larger this time than they have been in the past. You still get the same amount of perfume, but the smaller vials were filled to the very top and would spill every time the cap was removed. Plus they leaked if they weren't stored upright. So far there is no spilling or leaking with the new vials.

French Lime Blossom Type
Inspired by a stroll along the Champs Elysée, French Lime Blossom is a romantic, full bodied floral. The scent of sweet lime blossoms with a twist of bergamot and tarragon is evocative of the first day of spring

Cucumbers and a soft background of sweet white petals. Very fresh and green although I wasn't expecting it to smell so vegetal.

Hearts on Fire Gelato
Black vanilla bean fluffy Italian gelato infused with decadent shots of hazelnut coffee drizzled generously with sticky gobs of melted caramel, then scooped lovingly into a freshly made waffle cone

Milk chocolate and hazelnut with loads of marshmallow fluffy gently folded in. A delicious scent that is very similar to Moonalisa Black Mamba.

Mango leaves, star fruit and other sweet tropical fruits balanced with a wisp of verbena and lime blossoms. This is just the right balance of sweet, fresh and floral

Very, very sweet mango is what this starts out as, slowly becoming brighter and more fresh as the verbena emerges in the drydown. The opening was a bit too sweet for me but the verbena helped to balance that out eventually. I'll most likely reorder it sometime in the future.

Marshmallow Sunrise
Whipped marshmallow creme coated with vanilla wafer pieces drizzled with a delightful starburst tangerine, tequila lime syrup on a whisper thin base of soft, glowing amber

Juicy lime and mounds of marshmallow fluff initially. The lime eventually goes off on my skin and begins to take on this strange smell of pine and cleaning products (I noticed the same thing with their Lime Sugar scent), but luckily this phase is short-lived. The drydown is a golden amber with a cloud of marshmallow swirling around the edges. I'll give this one a few more tries before deciding whether this is a repurchase. The beginning and end are dreamy, but that middle phase makes me hesitate.

Black Vetyver Cafe Type
The deep, bitter aroma of the coffee bean is blended with earthy vetiver and incense

I don't get any coffee from this but instead it has a black linen feel. A little smoky, a little woody, but also clean and fresh. It's like a sexy goth scent.

Did you order from Cocoa Pink's flash sale? Do you have any scent recs?

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  1. CP is probably my most favorite bath & body brand! I've been wanting to try Lychee Rose Macaroons forever and the Lavender Honey Macaroons sounds wonderful too. I always eye the Hearts on Fire Gelato too and I've heard great things about the Sandy Coconut. I really wish I could place an order but too broke atm. Lovely order; thanks for sharing!