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Haus of Gloi - Greatest Hits

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Sorry that this review is coming so late. I wanted to post these a month ago when the collection was released (and things were still in stock), but the marshmallow perfumes only arrived a week ago. I ordered decants through Ajevie but made the mistake of combining them with an order from another brand that has been slow to ship to her, and that's where the delay happened. So without further ado, here's some repeats, some new stuff I previously missed out on and lots and LOTS of marshmallow! 

Banana J Foster Cake
Vanilla cake loaded up with ripe bananas soaked in whiskey

This is more of a true banana rather than Laffy Taffy sweet like the perfume I reviewed a ways back. It starts out strong on the whiskey but that quickly receeds, leaving behind smooshy bananas and thick white cake.

Black Tea with Milk & Honey
Black tea with creamy milk and a drizzle of honey

I wish I had a perfume sample to compare this to because it just doesn't smell anything like the name. Basically, it smells clean, soapy and very "white" instead of sweet and creamy like I had expected. 

Fig & Pear
Fig with juicy ripe pear

This is all pear, no fig. It's a warm and cozy baked pear with some hints of spices that reminds me of an autumn kitchen. I'll be reaching for this when summer is over. Sillage is strong and it wore for close to four hours. 

Marshmallow Rose
Homemade marshmallow and rosewater

I reviewed this last summer but let's include it here since it was a free sample. It's pretty much all rose which leans more sharp and green rather than soft and romantic. Eventually the marshmallow enters and lightens the blend, but the rose quickly takes over once again.

Peach Milk
Fresh ripe peaches doused in milk

The peach is sweet and juicy, more like peach ring candies than a fresh fruit, with a delicate, creamy milk note occasionally making an appearance. 

Pink Marshmallow Milk
Magical pink berries and frothy cold milk

Like strawberry flavored Nesquick with a soft creaminess. Think of a fruity version of their popular Milkmaid from the spring collection.

This new themed collection features marshmallow as the starring note, and it is absolutely dreamy. Light and fluffy just like you opened a bag and took a deep breath with a playful vanilla sweetness and no plasticky notes to be found. Normally marshmallow is a note that I have a hard time picking up in blends because it tends to be light and gets buried, but most of these had a strong mallow fragrance that hung around all the way into the drydown.

Marshmallow Blackberry
Fluffy marshmallow and sweet, ripe blackberries

A jar of sweet and juicy blackberry preserves that leans a little artificial. The marshmallow comes in eventually and sweetens things up, but I still get that plasticky note that lingers. Medium sillage and wears for around four hours.

Marshmallow Mint
Marshmallow mingled with smooth and refreshing garden mint

A blast of icy peppermint extract quickly settles in to a green mint leaf and fluffy marshmallow blend. I've been enjoying this in the evenings because it's so relaxing, but it just feels like it is missing something. Maybe some cake to tame the sweetness and add a nice creamy base. The throw was stronger than most of the others and lasted close to four hours.

Marshmallow Pina Colada
A generous dollop of marshmallow fluff with coconut shreds, crushed pineapple and a splash of rum

It's just like this ambrosia salad I've tried recently without the orange. Little marshmallows, shredded pineapple, coconut shreds and a thick base of whipped cream. There's a little rum mixed in but not too much. It's more marshmallow and fruit, and very sweet. It wears around four hours and has a strong throw.

Marshmallow Rice Treat
Sticky marshmallow combined with buttery puffed rice

Like their popular Ghost Puffs scent but a hundred times better. It smells exactly like the real thing and this is one of my favorites here. A jar of gooey marshmallow fluff is front and center, melted butter adds a mouthwatering richness, with a soft base of Rice Krispies. Medium throw and it lasts a surprisingly long time at six hours. 

Marshmallow Smore
A classic treat! A big puffy marshmallow sitting on a chocolate square sandwiched between golden graham crackers

The milk chocolate is smooth and deliciously realistic, but it disappears quickly, leaving behind graham crackers and a melted marshmallow sweetness. The sillage is lpow and this barely lasted two hours. It reminds me of their Smoking Smores scent that they did maybe three years ago and has yet to return. I really hope it does because man, that was a good one. 

Marshmallow Strawberry
Clouds of marshmallow fluff dotted with sun ripened strawberries

The strawberry is very thick like a jar of preserves with some fresh green hints, but it has a heavy artificial lean. The marshmallow makes a brief appearance later on but disappears just as quickly as it came. It becomes more tart and artifial the longer it wears, which was around four hours with medium throw. 

Marshmallow Violet
Our classic marshmallow covered in a blanket of violet petals

My favorite here. I thought it would be similar to their sugared violet scent in the Halloween Candy Bowl collection, but the two are very different. This one is very light and airy, fluffy and sweet, with a heavy marshmallow note and sometimes I pick up on a buttery vanilla cream mixed with the violets. Medium throw that lasts six hours. I wish I could order a bottle but it is sadly out of stock now. 

Marshmallow Woodsmoke
Fresh marshmallows enveloped by curls of campfire smoke

Toasted marshmallows (no burning plastic notes that I often get from this scent) besides a roaring campfire. The marshmallow is strong and stands out against the cozy smell of freshly chopped wood and tendrils of smoke drifting into the air. It's a lot sweeter that I thought it would be. Medium sillage with a four hour wear time.

And finally, two new-ish products...

Bathing Dust

Magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride (pink Himalayan salt), avena sativa kernel flour (oatmeal), modified tapioca starch, proprietary blend of fragrance oil and essential oil, oryza sativa (rice bran) oil. $14.00

This is a salt soak that was sold many years ago and has made a return a few restocks ago. Each jar is 10 ounces and good for 3-5 uses per the website. It is pretty strongly scented in the jar, but not so much in the tub or on my skin when I was done. I used two small scoops using an old cough medicine measuring cup and was left with softly moisturized skin with no greasy feeling afterwards. For a bathtub treat, I prefer the bubble bars and butter bombs so that is what I will stick with in the future.

Bubble Bars

Sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar), glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA), corn starch, castor oil, modified tapioca starch, proprietary blend of fragrance oil and essential oil. $4.25

This is a new products that was just released with this collection. Each bar weighs 2 ounces and comes shrink wrapped with a label underneath. They are hefty in size, so I cut them in half and crumbled one piece under running water and ended up with a tub full of bubbles, much more than the butter bombs which have more of a fizzing action. Both products are equally moisturizing and left my skin lightly scented, but I prefer the bars more just for the bubbles. I did have some reservations over the black dye on the one bar staining the tub, but that didn't happen. These are going to be restocked this coming weekend and I will definitely be picking up a few more.

The marshmallow collection has been my favorite theme so far and the bubble bars are a fun new edition to their website. Again, I apologize for not getting this review up sooner when more items were still in stock because a lot of these scents are now sold out. On the bright side, a lot of these scents can be recreated from their custom perfume option that is available year-round.

You can find the website here

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  1. Great post! I liked the bath salts but mostly in the woodsy scents. I did want to try out the new bubble bars. Glad to hear the black one didn't stain because I had some lady mentioning that it did to her bath. Maybe it was the type of tub she had.

    Loved reading your thoughts on all the Marshmallow scents. I only ended up blind buying the Woodsmoke one in a full bottle since that was the one that spoke to me the most. It is rather nice. <3

    Enjoy your HoG goodies! xoxo