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June Use It Ups

Hey guys! How is your summer going so far? This month went by pretty fast but it was also really uneventful. My daughter had a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago to try to get a diagnosis for her bone inflammation but we still have a ways to go and many more appointments. Her orthopedic doctor couldn't access the x-rays and MRI she had done a while back, so now we have to return with records in hand later this week. Then she has an appointment with a stomach specialist to find out why she isn't gaining weight, a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan, and back to her rheumatologist. The next ortho will give her a referral to a different ortho specialist so there's another appointment in the future, and she may end up needing another biopsy. Around and around we go. Maybe one day we can get some answers, but it probably won't be this month. 
I finished watching two series, The White Queen and The White Princess, both highly recommended if you like historical dramas. I have my eyes set on Game of Thrones next. Other than that I'm still enjoying the Breath of the Wild game for Nintendo. 

I have lots of reviews coming up from RoseGirls, Glitterati, Tonshi Mountain, the Cocoa Pink flash sale, I still need to get on that ginormous Wonderberry order, some Arcana perfumes that should be arriving next week. Right now I'm working through the Haus of Gloi Greatest Hits marshmallow scents that barely arrived this past week. And I'll have a bunch of Nocturne Alchemy samples from their grand reopening a few days ago. Lots of vanillas will be on the way and I'm excited to finally try more and do some comparisons in their catalog. 

Alchemic Muse

Peach Bellini
Fesh pureed white peaches and a smattering of fine white sugar topped with sparkling wine. 

A fresh and summery, bubbling citrus blend (similar to fizzy pop but not the same) mixed with peaches straight from the tree. It's part of the Valentine's Day collection but may be discontinued because I didn't see it on the newsletter this year.

Peach & Cream
A refreshing summer dessert that soothes your taste buds. Ripe, juicy peaches enveloped in fresh sweet cream.  

Sweet, fuzzy peaches on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I like this a little more as a soap than a perfume, but both are nice for the warm weather.

Candy Panda

Honey blossomed blackberry sage

Fresh, clean and very green. The sage is what really jumps out alongside the honey with a soft, sweet floral blackberry base. Unfortunately this honey is sharp rather than sweet. I really need to figure out why honey notes do this sometimes. Does anyone else experience this or is my nose wonky? Anyways, medium throw with a half cup.

Snow White (orange, citrus, apple, rose, bergamot and neroli) + blackberry sage

Sweet red apples and dark berries blended with lots of relaxing sage. This one is really pretty and I've been enjoying it in the evenings. Medium throw.

Over the Sheets
Pink Sands + clean cotton 

The sweet, flirty pink aroma of the popular Yankee dupe combined with linens just pulled from the dryer. The Pink Sands only stands out on cold sniff so this is a laundry blend in the warmer. Light throw.

Tea and Cakes
Warm rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake

Black tea and yellow cake sprinkled with almonds. Medium throw.

Cocoa Pink

Ghost in the Mirror
Three translucent vanillas pressed up against sugared tonka beans and crimson apples drizzled with a thick caramel sauce sprinkled delicately with Himalayan pink sea salt

This has been curing since last autumn and I still only smell sea salt against a thick base of mildly sweet vanilla. It starts out very sour but gradually the vanilla sweetens.

Lime Sugar
Juicy limes dipped in a little sugar. Not too sweet and not too sour. A wonderful lime scent. 

It starts out as a fresh and tart lime but later goes wonky on my skin and hair, smelling like a mix of limes, pine trees and cleaning products.

Orange Dream
Blood orange juice, pure orange essential oil, fragrant orange blossoms, chantilly whipped creme, sweetened with confectioners' sugar and white coconut cake

A sweet and thick blend of orange and vanilla with a delicate white floral background. A beautiful, creamy gourmand that I've reordered based on this sample.

Future Prim

Cold Pillow
A cool, cotton pillow filled with Cotswold lavender buds, scented geranium leaves and Indian vetiver grass. 

Sharp and very green with a citrus bite. More of a morning scent than a bedtime one.

Custard Cream
A sweet sugar cream sandwiched between two crunchy sweet biscuits

Golden Oreo cookies with buttercream filling. Delicious and leaves a nice sweet scent on my skin.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Creamy oatmeal, warm milk and a drizzle of local honey

Extra sweet honey and almonds in a base of warm milk. It's very sweet but somehow comforting to relax with in the evening tub.

Old Seaside Town
That old time aroma of the salty sea. Kelp and fresh seaweed, warm ocea, sea breeze and fresh green plant leaves

Damp and mossy, green and masculine-leaning, but it has a strong soapy note going on.

Hawaiian Flower bath truffles were reviewed last month

Haus Gloi

Pink Champagne Butter Bomb
Bubbly champagne with strawberries and pink grapefruit

More of a fizzy citrus than strawberry sweetness. Very similar to Zazz and not at all like the Victoria's Secret dupe.

Clean, crisp ocean air

One of the prettiest ocean scents I've encountered. Salty, fresh water with hints of seaweed, and an almost sweet clean linen background.

Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up with crushed ginger root

Fizzy citrus and cranberry juice with fresh ginger to brighten it up. It's a linear scent and doesn't morph beyond that, but it's perfect for when you need a pick me up.

Carnation & Milk and Vanilla Rose were also used up this month but I've reviewed them recently.

L3 Waxy Wonders

Fresh cut herbs, bergamot and vanilla

Zingy, fresh tomato leaf straight from a summer garden with hints of sweet vanilla that begin to emerge after a few hours. Strong throw.

Lasting Scent Candles

Cloud Ten
Our dreamy berries and cream blend with sugary pink strawberries in the forefront

It smells like you just opened a packet of strawberries & cream instant oatmeal. Sweet summer berries folded into a base of thick, fresh cream. The throw was on the light side but it's pretty yummy.

Fairy Candy
Succulent, juicy blackberries and sweet cotton candy. 

Sugary sweet blackberry syrup with her rock candy blend. In last month's use it up post, I mentioned that the rock candy has a plasticky, artificial berry smell to it. Light throw with a half cup.

Our LSC original white sugar crystal rock candy flavored with a lively blend of strawberries and other summer fruitiness. 

An electric blend of tart strawberries and sweet mango with lots of rock candy. Strong throw that lasted nearly all day. I thought this would be similar to their Strawberry Rock Candy scent that I melted last month so I did a quick comparison. SRC is more tart with a subtle green freshness while Felicity smells sweeter and slightly more summery. They're very similar though.

High Tea at Sunset
While in London, one must enjoy high tea with some freshly brewed hot tea along with a tower filled with crumpets, petit fours and mamdarin orange marmalade. 

Astringent black tea and thick yellow cake lightly glazed with a sweet orange jam. Pam has great tea blends but this is one that just didn't agree with me (it's the Tea and Cakes fragrance). Very light throw.

Island Spun Sugar
Sweet tropical fruits, including mangos, bananas, papayas and more, blended with fluffy, airy cotton candy.

There's that plasticky, artificial berry from the rock candy followed by a vague tropical fruit blend. Medium throw.

Lemon Fizz
Sparkling, effervescent lemon blended with our tart pomelo grapefruit

The grapefruit is fresh and summery, really standing out in this blend, with the lemon coming in just behind it. But I also kept picking up a sweet and creamy vanilla in the background that I didn't notice on cold sniff. Medium throw.

Lemon Pop
A spin off from a Ring Pop fragrance we did a few years ago, this is pure sugary lemon candy fun

Lemon curd and hints of sweet vanilla blend with fizzy pop. Both sweet and tangy, rich and light. Strong throw.

Lilac & Lace
A delicate essence of summer blue lilac bushes with a hint of fresh cotton lace. This is a perfect bathroom or baby's room fragrance. 

I ordered this hoping that the cotton note would come out more, but this is all lilac in the warmer. Not one that I would reorder but I did enjoy it more than I thought. Strong throw with a half cup.

A fantastical blend of juicy melons, hand spun cotton candy and our house-blended signature rock candy. 

I'm having a hard time telling this apart from Island Spun Sugar up above. It's rock candy and a vague tropical fruit blend. Medium throw.


Banana Foster
Creamy rich banana and butter made with an all natural banana flavor oil

It smells just like banana pudding. Sweet and thick. The lip balm itself is oily and a little drying, but it tastes great.

Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter
A juicy red and purple berry blend made with effervescence and a teeny touch of a secret floral, just a tad to give it enough freshness but barely detectable

Tart red fruits like red currants or pomegranate blended with sparkling fresh lime and a faint hint of floral in the background. I noticed that it is very similar to her Ramos Rhubarb and Rose blend that Moona did about a year ago, but Snozzberry is a little heavier on the red fruit note.

Nene's Kitchen Melts

Calacas (Lush type)

Smooth orange with lime accents reasting on a base of something soft and woodsy like sandalwood. Very strong throw and a personal all-time favorite.

One of my favorite florals ever. So strong and beautiful. Reminds me of spring

Very green like the early days of spring with a soft floral sweetness to keep it from being too sharp. Very strong throw with just one cube and a definite repurchase.

Raspberry Cordial
Sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. Delicious. 

It smells like a blend of sweet tart candies and children's multivitamins. A tangy, candy-like raspberry but chalky like vitamins. Medium throw.

Sparkling Limoncello
A blend of fresh Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest inspired by Italy's Limoncello drink

Zippy, fresh lemon rinds and perhaps a touch of bergamot as well. Almost leaning towards cleaning product territory. Pretty strong throw that lasted all day.

Possets Perfume

Christina de Pizan
Shot through with neroli and finished off with citrus and a bright white musk

A punch you in the nose orange and floral blend, very sharp and eye-opening. It's aged a few months now and much different than I remember. For one, the sillage is much stronger (a little too strong at times), and two, it has a more masculine lean almost like a citrus-heavy cologne.

Sniff My Tarts

Green Apple / Pie Crust / Buttery Caramel

The green apple is tangy and similar to Jolly Rancher candies on cold sniff, but in the warmer this is all pie crust and smooth caramel. It has a strong throw.

Solstice Scents

Chantilly Cream
Fluffy whipped cream, peach nectar, vanilla and yellow mandarin

It's taken a long time but I'm finally starting to come around to this perfume. It's soft and fuzzy like peach skin with a mild sweetness from the juicy nectar that gradually becomes a vanilla ice cream blend. For the longest time it smelled musty and stale like an old attic, but two years of curing has paid off.

Sugar & Spice

Amazing Grace
Philosophy type. Italian bergamot and sparkling lemon are sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood. 

Zingy, fresh bergamot with gentle accents of florals and musk. I like this scent but couldn't get it to throw. I tried a quarter cup in two different warmers and finally a half cup. Nada. It's very unusual because Shanna's wax always throws like a beast. I'll try it again with the next order and see what happens then.

Mystery Scent 

It smells like a dreamy lemon meringue pie or lemon curd smeared on warm, buttery scones. A little more bakery than lemon. Oooh I love this one, I just wish I knew what scents it was made of.

Orange Caramel Crumble
Rich, yummy caramel blended with a rich, moist orange pound cake with even more caramel crumbles

The orange is strong here, smelling more like a glass of OJ than fresh fruit, with a sweet and creamy vanilla cake just underneath. Strong throw.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert
Top secret blend that smells just like the dessert

So I didn't really care for this one on cold sniff because there's a heavy cream note that leans sour, but this really blooms in the warmer. It's a creamy, sweet strawberry blend with what smells like graham cracker crust. It's too sweet to make me think pretzel, but graham cracker works out beautifully. Strong throw with half a cup and I plan on reordering this sometime.

Super Tarts

Ginger ale, satsuma and dark boysenberry

Fresh and fruity with a dark twist. Bright from the satsuma that blends nicely with the fizzy ginger ale, and the depth from the berries adds such a unique contrast. Very strong throw and totally on the repurchase list.

The Omen (ocean breeze, vanilla bean noel, red delicious apple) blended with rosemary mint

Fresh rosemary softened by a sweet garden mint and small traces of red apple. The apple is pretty subtle so it mostly smells like the Rosemary Mint fragrance that many vendors enjoy. Medium throw.

Mindy Project
Blueberries, mango chunks and crisp white sangria

This one is so refreshing for summer. Clean, sort of fizzy white wine with a tropical twist from the sweet mango. Strong throw.

Magically Delicious and warm sugar cookies dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar

Thick, golden and sweet, and smells just like maple syrup. It has a lighter throw than most of her scents, but it's really good.

The Bathing Garden

Alice in Lavenderland
French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow fluff. 

Chilly, astringent lavender buds sweetened by a fluffy cloud of marshmallow. Strong throw and very pretty. 

Eat Me 
Rich and creamy with notes of caramel, custard, cocoa butter, honey, dark chocolate and sweet cream. 

Rich, silky smooth milk chocolate with a dribble of caramel sweetness. Moderate throw.

Happy Un-Birthday
Smells of a rich white birthday cake with mounds of sugary cotton candy icing

Thick vanilla cake and buttercream frosting topped with caramelized nuts. The throw was a bit light, but much stronger than I remember it being in the past.

Keep Your Temper
Fresh lemongrass and lemon curd topped with a layer of marshmallow. 

It starts out strong with a sweet grassy note with delicate wafts of marshmallow, but later on its a sweet and fluffy lemon blend. Fresh and clean but relaxing as well. Strong throw that lasted all day.

Lavender Vanilla Custard
Strong lavender is blended with vanilla bean custard and hints of marshmallow and caramel. 

Herbal, icy lavender buds decorating a thick French vanilla custard base. Super strong throw.

Rainbow Candy Cream Soda
Rainbow candy blended with sparkling, sweet cream soda

It smells like a blend of strawberry and cherry candies with a glass of bubbling cream soda to wash it down. A little tart from the cherry. 

Raspberry Hearts
Strawberry slices, ripe raspberries and white cake bites

One of the best raspberry scents ever, it's tart and jammy minus any synthetic sweetness. Medium throw.

Sea of Tears
Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mists and aquatic floral. This is a sweet and creamy floral scent. 

Clean lily meets soft ocean breezes and sea salt. Not really sweet, but creamy and fresh. Medium throw.

Pink Sugar, peppermint and vanilla

Sweet pink musk with a blast of peppermint meringue. I don't know how Pink Sugar makes such a comforting nighttime blend but it does somehow. Strong throw.

Summer in a Jar
Amazingly juicy citrus fruits blend with just a touch of green floral. This tart will wake you up and make you think of that perfect summer day. 

Juicy pineapple with hints of tart red berries and tropical florals. It's great as a stand alone scent but this time I blended it with Shannon's Drink Me Blue, which is a Blue Hawaiian fragrance. If you have both of these on hand, try them in the warmer for a delicious summer cocktail.

The Patisserie
Mixed summer berries and hints of syrupy mimosa, all baked into Parisian pastries

Flaky, buttery pastries with sweet blackberry filling sprinkled with almond slivers. Very pretty and I have nothing like it. The only downside is that it has a very light throw.

The Ringmaster's Paramour
Sugar crystals, rock candy, ripe berries and a hint of effervescent bubbles

Now this is how you do a fizzy scent. It's fresh citrus like 7-Up soda, but it's more of an accent to allow the sweet berries (raspberry?) to shine. I have so many fizzy blends and that note is always strong, covering up everything else it is blended with. This one is a refreshing change. It's light in the warmer and doesn't last long but still one of my favorites.

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  1. Great month of empties. I am about to melt my Raspberry Hearts and looking forward to it. Happy to hear the Un-Birthday Cake had at least some throw to it. I was wondering how that one would be. Maybe I will melt it soon.