Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tonshi Mountain Wax

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

This is my first time trying Tonshi Mountain and lemme tell you, I had a hard time narrowing my wishlist down to what you see here. The owner Angela is located in New York and sells both wax melts and candles along with sage bundles, incense, jewelry, gems and accessories like warmers and incense burners. I've seen so many great reviews for her brand and she's a pretty cool chick in the wax groups so I'm more than happy to support her endeavors.

I went with all wax melts and mostly have the small one ounce sizes that were $1.20 each. A few clamshells in some old favorite B&BW dupes also came along for the ride at $3.50 each. The scent descriptions and pour dates are listed on the label which is always appreciated. Shipping was $12ish in a flat rate box but this was because I also grabbed an old style Glade warmer that is becoming hard to find. She shipped this order a few hours later so the turn around time is pretty quick, and she also included a code for a discount on my next order. 

Apple and Maple Bourbon (caramelized apple, maple syrup and bourbon) is all caramel red apple with just a trace of booze. It's more of a perfumey red apple.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (warm spice, sweet vanilla & cinnamon) is like a rich and buttery bowl of French vanilla ice cream sprinkled with fresh cinnamon.

Cool Citrus Basil (basil, lime and wild mint) is the first of several B&BW dupes that I ordered. It's zingy and sunny with lime as the starring note and lots of fresh greenery in the background. Somehow it manages to be kinda sweet and not at all bitter like I expected. Repurchase fo' sure!

Cucumber Melon is the same scent that fills every high school locker room. A little heavier on the cucumber but with sweet melons to give a playful sweetness. Nostalgic!

Freesia is clean and soft, a little green. Similar to the B&BW scent but more fresh and not as heady.

Japanese Cherry Blossom (cherry blossom, freesia, sandalwood, oak, amber and musk) is another dupe I believe. At least it smells like it. Clean smelling cherry blossoms mixed with a soft white musk.

Jasmine is sweet and milky tropical floral that smells like the real thing. It's a softer jasmine and not as obnoxiously strong as this scent can sometimes be.

Kudzu Blossom (grapevine, strawberry, jasmine and musk) is one I've never heard of before so I had to try it out. It smells a lot like the Strawberries & Champagne Victoria Secret dupe down below but with added grape juice. It's unique and pretty. 

Lily and Hibiscus (jasmine, greens, lily and musk) is more hibiscus than lily, but it's really a fruity blend rather than a floral. Honeydew is what stands out but there are other fruits in there like pineapple. Very tropical and sweet.

Magnolia Blossom (magnolia, sandalwood and amber) is listed as a B&BW dupe and is the main reason I ordered. I remember wearing the ever loving crap out of this scent ten years ago, and that's about the last time I saw it in stores. It has a sort of lemony cleanness but with the velvety soft smell of white floral. It's a classy scent for sure.

Sage & Citrus is a popular Yankee dupe and smells just like the original. Lots of sage, no citrus that I can smell, but somehow sweet and soft.

Strawberries and Champagne (strawberry, champagne, musk and sandalwood) is a dupe of the popular Victoria Secret scent just as I had hoped. I've ordered a couple blends by this same name from vendors hoping for this old classic and have finally found it. It's more of a champagne scent with faint strawberry and fresh green notes. 

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper (notes of bergamot, orange, tangerine, black pepper, chili powder and musk) is a clean smelling, kinda sweet, blend of orange and tangerine. A little heavier on the tangerine though. Every once in a while I think I get the chili pepper but it really doesn't play much of a role here, at least not on cold sniff. 

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow (pumpkin spice, vanilla cream, marshmallow and pumpkin) features a sweet, rich vanilla blended with the cozy smell of pumpkin puree and the barest sprinkle of spices. 

White Tea & Ginger (sandalwood, florals and ginger) is an old favorite from B&BW that smells just like the original. I used to slather the lotion on back in the days of late night college studies just to stay awake. Fun times /s. It's a real eye opener with loads of fresh ginger and a base of crisp white tea but also manages to be relaxing as a nighttime melt. 

Amber Sandalwood is a free sample that was included. It's a lovely amber scent - just a little spicy with a snuggly warmth. I plan on using it as a bedtime melt.

The three clamshell scents are my favorite and I knew they would be, but other favorites are Lily Hibiscus, Amber Sandalwood and Cool Citrus Basil. She has so many scents that I want to try so I will be ordering again soon. The website is down right now while she prepares to restock, but you can follow her Facebook group for announcements. A+ vendor that I highly recommend. 

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