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Wonderberry April Preorder Pt 2

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Finishing off this giant Wonderberry order with part two. This post is mostly wax but also includes a few bath & body items along with lip balms. My next bath & body order from the June restock will be arriving in a few days so that will be a separate post next time. 

These are the sets that I ordered this time around. You have an option of 3 packs that come in scent shots or 6 packs of assorted shapes that come in a plastic baggie. 3 packs are $3.50, 6 packs are $4.75.

Lavender Milkshake 
Sweet lavender blended into a cold, creamy vanilla milkshake 

Their beautiful lavender that is a little more herbal to my nose but not medicinal with a soft creaminess underneath. Normally their wax is pretty strong on cold sniff but I'm having a hard time smelling this one. I'll throw it in the warmer soon and hope it does better. 

Lilac Sugar 
Lilac petals, sweet sugar crystals and vanilla cream

It smells just like a soft spring breeze carrying the heady aroma of blooming lilac. No vanilla that I can smell right now, but it is pretty creamy. 

A summery blend of mango papaya, sea salt and agave

This one is really unique. Sweet and fruity while also being clean and green. I assume it's the agave I smell more of. 

Peach Ring Slushy 
Peach and fruity, bubbly tropical soda

It's more of a lemon lime fizzy soda blend with that thick peach gummy candy sweetness mixed throughout. 

Vanilla Glazed Soft Pretzel 
A fluffy, fresh homemade pretzel dipped in a rich vanilla bean glaze

Just like the pretzels at the mall that come with the glaze to dip it in. Buttery, salty and warm dough with a thick vanilla note. Ah I can't wait to melt this! 

Volcano Soda 
Volcano type {sugared citrus and tropical fruits} blended with fizzy soda

More lemon lime 7-Up soda than Volcano, but it does have that thick vanilla base of the latter.  

Volcano Taffy 
Volcano type {sugared citrus and tropical fruits} blended with sweet saltwater taffy

That fresh orange and vanilla cream base of Volcano with just a pinch of salt. It's more of an orange scent and smells virtually the same as the Volcano scent by itself. 

Watermelon Bomb Pop 
Bomb Pop {blue raspberry slush, cherry, fizzy soda} blended with juicy watermelon slices

Tart cherry candy with an upbeat citrus fizz and occasionally I get the watermelon sweetness, but it is pretty subtle. 

Frozen watermelon lime margarita with a honeydew melon ball garnish

My favorite from this set, it is heavy with sweet watermelon juice and accented by the zing of fresh limes.

Next up are the $1 tarts that come in one ounce scent cups. Most of them have a description on the website, but a few do not.

American Cream
Honey, vanilla, jasmine and sweet milk fuse with base notes of warm, light musk. Lush type

A creamy vanilla base with a warm, golden musk. It's like a clean skin scent and very cozy. But I'm really confused because the Lush website describes this as strawberries and cream. I get the cream part but there is nothing fruity about it.

An invigorating and uplifting lemongrass scent with a kick! Lush type

A zesty lemon that is starting to smell like furniture polish with a soft grassy base.

Blossom & Breeze
Orange blossoms, lilies and sea waves

Very fresh and clean, more of a floral scented laundry detergent blend.

Cannabis Flower
A unique scent with notes of cannabis, shimmering fern, violets and gardenia. A "wow" smell that won't give you the munchies

Yeah it has a skunky undertone that smells like pot, but it's more of a sweet green blend with lemon topnotes. Unique and pretty.

Golden Opium
Citron, patchouli, jasmine, cinnamon spice and carnation on base notes of golden amber musk, clove, myrrh and evergreen. Intoxicating!

Complex and captivating! Citron and clove stand out the most, making this a bright and spicy blend, but there's a sultry amber base with just the tiniest chill from the evergreen. It smells like sexy man and I can't wait to toss this in the warmer.

Mango Sorbet

Sweet and deliciously juicy mango. None of those bitter green notes that I often notice with this note.

Mediterranean Fig

Sweet and clean with a deep, earthy base of lush greenery.

Pineapple Orchid

Tangy and juicy, mouthwatering pineapple with some fresh green notes just underneath. This one is really bright and sunny, and I'm looking forward to melting it soon.

Pink Sands

A popular Yankee dupe that smells of sweet honeydew melons and a smooth floral (lily?) I have a dupe of this scent from a different vendor and they smell very different, but this Wonderberry version is closer to the original.

Pistachio Macaron
Crushed pistachio, cocoa powder, maraschino cherry, vanilla extract and a hint of amaretto blended with a sweet, warm, buttery cookie

A much softer pistachio than the pudding cake kind. This one is nuttier and less almondy with a soft cookie base.

Sex Bomb
Soft notes of jasmine, lily and lavender on a base of musk and woods. Lush type

Smooth lily, a hint of lavender and lots of musk.

Sweet and luscious vanilla with warm notes of tonka bean and jasmine. Lush type

I've been on a white floral kick lately and this is a new favorite. There's a sweet jasmine in here, but I get more of what must be tonka bean. It's sort of dusty but softened by a thick, non-foody vanilla base.

Zebra Cake
A rich and moist white buttercream cake with hints of sweetened coconut and a chocolate drizzle

Lots of milk chocolate and a nutty coconut on a thick slice of vanilla cake. A chocolate scent that I can get behind!

Next are the bath and body items that are sold on a different website from the wax. These were also offered as a preorder but it was done about a week prior to the wax preorder. Because these are two different websites run by two different ladies, the bath & body items ship separately from the wax orders.

 I reviewed the body butter and sugar scrub before so this time I will focus on the whipped soap that is new to me.

June Bug
Sweet, juicy watermelon blended with refreshing spearmint

Watermelon bubble gum with the smallest touch of mint leaf in the jar but all mint  on my skin. The watermelon hangs around for seconds before it's gone.

Lavender Soda
Sweet lavender and bright lemon lime soda

A lovely balance between the relaxing lavender and eye-opening lemon lime notes from the fizzy pop. I love that the lavender is strong enough to stand out instead of being buried under the citrus fizz.

North Shore
Creamy and smooth, this true coconut scent is blended with sweet mango sorbet

Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. It has an extra creamy coconut base but I don't smell mango at all. It's giving me that perfumey fruity-floral-musk BBW vibe. I'm going to have to give this a hard pass.

Ocean Water
A fresh blend of carnations, lily of the valley, hyacinth, oakmoss and white musk

More like moss or leaves with dew droplets rather than ocean. It's green and clean smelling from the hyacinth but smooth from the lily and carnation.

Pink Mallow
Pink Sugar and fluffy marshmallows

All Pink Sugar, not any marshmallow that I can smell. Kinda sweet and very musky.

Whipped Soap

2 oz net wt $5, 8oz net wt $16
Water, sweet almond oil, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium EDTA, fragrance, colorant. May be topped with cosmetic glitter and/or candy sprinkles.

Vendor notes - contains a nut oil. Not recommended for those with nut allergies. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

It's pretty stiff and mushy rather than light and fluffy, so I think of this formula as a cream soap instead of whipped. It takes a bit of pressure to scoop out and it's easier to scrape out with my finger nail. Looking over the ingredients, I'm going to guess that this is made from a base with a few extra ingredients added. It lathers up nicely into a milky white cream that I used for shaving with good results. It removed the residue on my skin from a very greasy body butter I've been using lately without stripping me of excess moisture. The scent is strong in the jar but soft once washed away and lingers briefly. 

Let's round this post off with a couple lip balms. These are sold alongside the wax preorders and not the bath & body. I ordered the brown sugar flavor but was happily surprised to see a bubble gum lip balm included as a free sample. 

Natural Lip Balm

Coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, tocopherol (vitamin E), stevia leaf extract, flavor, mica

There are tons of flavors offered at every restock, but I only went for one this time because lip balms take forever to use up. I'm kinda regretting that decision because these have a great formula and flavor. They glide easily over my lips with one or two swipes and are nice and slippery rather than sticky. At first I thought they would be too slippery which tends to dry my lips but that didn't happen here. Soft and moisturized is what I got. The bubble gum ended up being my favorite and smells just like the real thing. Brown sugar is nice but more like caramel popcorn - sweet but with a buttery, warm base. 

So that's all for now. I'll have the bath & body stuff up sometime next week from this last opening. The next preorder hasn't been announced yet but there will be a RTS sale this coming Wednesday morning with tons of leftovers. 

Websites @ Wonderberry Wax and Wonderberry Bath 

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