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Wonderberry April Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Part one of the huge order I made from the April preorder. I received it back in early June but there are so many scents to review that it took a while to get through. Wonderberry has quickly become one of my top two favorite vendors because of the fun scents and strong throw.

This post will focus on the couple samplers I ordered and part two will be the 3 packs and $1 tarts along with some bath and body stuff.

Super Mario Sampler

I mean, who could pass this theme up? This was $7.50 for the set.

Mushroom Kingdom (blackberry, creamsicle and coconut cream pie) is juicy mandarin and rich coconut cream, darkened by ripe blackberries. Love this one!

Gumba Parade (strawberry soda, sparkling orange limoncello and saltwater taffy) is mostly an orange and lemon blend, sunny and bright, with a drop of strawberry soda that's adds a slight sweetness.

Luigi's Mansion (pistachio pudding cake, kettle corn and cannoli) has that sharp blast of almond extract from the pistachio pudding cake, but it's much softer thanks to the creaminess from the cannoli and buttery warmth of the kettle corn.

Mario's Mustache (Macintosh apple, cinnamon glazed donuts and vanilla bean whipped cream) has me craving fall with the smell of juicy apples and warm donuts with the teensiest sprinkle of cinnamon. It's cozy and warm like an autumn kitchen (or how I imagine an autumn kitchen should be as a Southern California native who never experiences seasons other than summer).

Peach's Castle (apricot jam, tea & cakes, French vanilla and cotton candy) is mostly a peachy apricot and the almond tea cake buried underneath.

Yoshi Eggs (mango papaya, crunchy pears and vanilla marshmallow milkshake) is the popular scent from this collection and I can see why. Sometimes it is more of a juicy green pear and other times it is sweet mango. These notes really work well together because it's a yummy blend.

Fizzy Soda Sampler

Another sampler that was too good to pass up. This one was $15 for all twelve scents.

Blackberry Italian Cream Soda (fizzy soda, juicy blackberries and sweetened heavy cream) is lemon lime soda and sweet blackberry syrup with just a trace of cream soda to soften the sharp citrus.

Blue Bubbles (fizzy soda, blue cotton candy and blue raspberry) is cotton candy and lots of citrus, but I don't know about this one. It's not as sweet as I expected and the candy note is plasticky.

Candied Melon Fizz (fizzy soda and watermelon Jolly Rancher) is like an extra tart version of fizzy pop. I don't really get the watermelon and instead it smells like there is some extra lime.

Cherry Limeade (fizzy soda, sweet cherries and lime) smells like cherry Air Heads and lime soda. Or like this..

Emerald Fizz (fizzy soda, cucumber and green apple)...Oh! I love it when the favorite ends up being one I underestimated. This is a delicious sour green apple Jolly Rancher, not really fizzy, with that mellow green background from the cucumber. These notes ended up playing well together and this is one I would love to reorder.

Fruit Loop Fizz (fizzy soda and fruit loops cereal) is more fizzy pop with a soft, creamy lemon base from the cereal.

Party Punch (fizzy soda, maraschino cherries and ginger ale) smells like a Shirley Temple with sweet cherry syrup and ginger ale. Not much fizzy pop.

Peach Sparkle (fizzy soda, peach nectar and lemonade) is mostly a sharp, fizzy lemon and a touch of peach ring gummies.

Sleeping Potion (fizzy soda, lavender, orange and marshmallow) is mostly herbal lavender softened by a sweet creamsicle and just a hint of fizz.

Sugared Fruit Fizz (fizzy soda, pink sugar, and strawberry raspberry guava) has lots of Pink Sugar with a soft fizzy lift and hints of strawberry sweetness far in the distance.

Sunshine Soda (fizzy soda, pineapple slices and lemon sugar) is sweet pineapple juice and zingy lemonade. Not too much fizz and very clean smelling.

Tropical Soda (fizzy soda, tropical fruit, yuzu and sparkling water) is extra zesty from the fizzy pop and grapefruity yuzu with a sweet tropical base of what smells like banana and coconut.

Fancy Drinks Sampler

One of the mini 6 for $6 samplers that was offered. There were no scent descriptions but the names are pretty straightforward.

Cucumber Spritzer is green and citrusy, very zesty, like fresh limes with that mellow cucumber adding a nice contrast. This one is pretty good and I didn't expect to like it so much.

Lavender Martini is more of a soothing spa scent rather than an alcoholic one with a sweet lavender and a clean green base. A little bit of bubbly effervescence to brighten it up, but still more of a relaxing blend.

Mandarin Mimosa is absolutely delicious! Mostly champagne with a light bubbly fizz, juicy mandarin slices and maybe some floral notes like lily. Very clean smelling. I don't know what it is about this one but I keep sniffing it.

Passionfruit Limeade is all passionfruit with just a drop of lime. Tart but kinda sweet, juicy and very "pink" smelling.

Sparkling Limoncello is pretty similar to lemonade fragrances but slightly less harsh. I want to say this is a B&BW dupe.

Strawberries & Champagne is a dupe of the popular Victoria Secret fragrance so you probably know this scent already. Mostly champagne but not a fizzy one, a little bit of sweet strawberry and a hint of fresh greens far in the background.

Free Samples

Birthday Krispies (birthday cake, rice krispie treats and a splash of citrus punch) is more of an ultra sweet lemon cream rather than rice krispies. Very fluffy from the marshmallow.

Blackberry Marshmallow (juicy, sweet blackberries and fluffy marshmallows) is dark and tart blackberry jam. Thick but no marshmallow sweetness that I can smell.

Lemon Cream Cake (fluffy lemon meringue cream pie filling blended into a dense and creamy white cake and topped with whipped cream) is similar to Birthday Krispies but more tart and very creamy from the cake.

Part two with the rest of my order will be coming up soon.

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