Friday, July 21, 2017

Wonderberry Bath - June Preorder

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

How about another Wonderberry post? These goodies just showed up today and are from the last preorder back on June 9th. I still have a huge wax order coming but those haven't shipped yet, so for now I'll focus on the bath & body order. 

Most of these are body butters but there are two scrubs as well. The smaller jars are $3.50 each for both products and the large body butters are $12. Shipping is a flat rate of $8 and comes via priority mail.

Blueberry Meringue Torte
Blueberries, lemon zest and fluffy meringue are layered into a sweet graham cracker crust

Homemade blueberry pie with a thick crust. The lemon is hard to pick up but it gives the berries some extra tang.

Bomb Pop
Blue raspberry slush, sweet cherry and fizzy soda

It's more of a crisp lemon lime blend sweetened by blue raspberry snow cone in the jar. On my skin the fizzy pop is still the strongest note, but I'm now getting a tart cherry rather than blue raspberry. 

Candy Jar
Sour Patch Kids and Skittles unite for a sweet and tangy treat

It's an ultra tart lemon, more like Warhead candies rather than Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. There are some fruity notes hanging out but they're pretty much unnoticeable underneath that lemon. 

Miami Beach
Golden Sands YC type amnd Pink Sugar Aquolina type. Sweet orange blossoms, sandalwood and tonka bean blended with Pink Sugar

My favorite of the bunch and I'm now wishing I had ordered a second jar. The Golden Sands is what jumps out the most, smelling like a rich, sensual floral with a tropical vibe. The Pink Sugar is soft but gives a gentle sweetness and just a pinch of extra musk. 

Pink Bedtime Bath
A soothing blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley blended with Pink Sugar

Sweet lavender buds and fluffy cotton candy. It's more of a cotton candy scent and too sweet for me to think of a bedtime scent, but it's very pretty and a surprise love.

Rosemary Grapefruit
A fresh blend of crisp, tangy citrus and earthy rosemary

Sometimes it is more grapefruit and other times it's more herbal from the rosemary. Very fresh and it will make for a great morning wake up. 

Sugared Skies
Blue Sugar, vanilla bean and saltwater taffy

I just loved this as a wax sample they sent a few orders ago so I had to nab a full size. It is heavy on the unisex citrus and musk blend that is Aquolina Blue Sugar, but the vanilla and taffy give a rich creaminess that tone things down a bit. I prefer it more as a wax scent rather than b&b, but I'm still looking forward to this once the weather cools down.

Vanilla Sandalwood
Rich and sweet vanilla and earthy sandalwood

This is a clean, kinda spicy sandalwood and not all that creamy. It reminds me more of an old cedar chest than sandalwood.

That's all I have from Wonderberry...for now, at least. There are a bunch of these scents still available on the website that are listed as ready to ship. Quantities are limited because these are leftovers from the preorder, but there was plenty to choose from at the time of the last group update. Someone please grab those Miami Beach body butters because I'm awfully tempted to go back for them! 

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