Sunday, August 20, 2017

Epically Epic It's Still Summer

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I just can't get enough of these lip balms from Epically Epic. She has the most unique and true-to-life flavors of any vendor and the formula is absolute perfection. Of course, I had to add a few other things to this order.

Bluebell Knoll
Delicate bluebells and light, fluffy vanillas 

It's sort of a floral blend, smooth and "blue", but really more of a creamy tropical fruit blend like marshmallow and pineapple.

Blue Moon Ice Cream
The flavor is a mystery - some say it tastes like pineapple, others say marshmallow or Froot Loops. 

Oh this is yummy! A pina colada flavor with lots of tangy pineapple and rum.

Daiquiri Ice
Iced lime and rum sorbet

THE best ice cream ever and she nailed this scent because it smells so realistic. A fresh lime, slightly sweet but mostly tangy and fresh, with a slushy sorbet quality to it. Not a boozy scent though but neither is the ice cream. It's like a lime snow cone rather than an actual daiquiri.

An eight berry blend with raspberry, cherry, strawberry, lingonberry, blackberry, blueberry, acai and huckleberry

A smooth blend of sweet raspberry and hints of tangy cranberry and blueberry. It all comes together to smell similar to raspberry sherbert though.

Pumpkin Bread

Sweet pumpkin puree and soft, warm bread that smells just like an autumn kitchen. It does have the teensiest artificial smell to it but overall it's pretty accurate. This was a free sample and isn't listed on the website yet.

Remarried to the Sea
Grapefruit, lime, coconut, sea salt and seagrass

Hints of fresh lime blended with sweet grass and crisp sea salt. It's a green and clean scent perfect for a morning eye-opener.

Another stellar order from this vendor! I highly recommend hopping over to her shop and checking things out. She's clearing out the website with a quickie sale for 15% sale with the code ECLIPSEBLUES from now until August 21.

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