Saturday, August 12, 2017

Glitterati Mystery Box

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

My Glitterati mystery box arrived a few weeks ago and this is my first time trying out the brand. This wax is hard to come by because the wait time can be quite long, but I saw an opening for customs earlier this year and jumped right in. 

The owner, Janine, operates solely through her Facebook group rather than a website. There are three ways to order. The first is through a weekly drawing that is held every Sunday afternoon. A handful of winners are chosen at random and invoiced for a mystery box. The second option is a mystery box. A sign up list was posted in the group back in February and every week 20ish people are called in order and invoiced for a sampler. The list has over 2000 names so it will be a long time before a new sign up sheet is available. The third option is through the customs sign up. I haven't caught the custom sign up but from what I hear the list is only open for a few minutes before being closed down. That's how fast it fills up and also takes a long time for Janine to work through. The quickest way to get ahold of Glitterati is through destashes or trades. 

The mystery boxes have a random assortment of scents that are left over from customer creations. There's a little bit of everything here - fruity, citrus / fresh and atmospheric. I was surprised to see how large these chunks are. I've been cutting them into 6 thin slices. The wax is pretty soft so it's like slicing through butter. Here's a pic of a standard clamshell cube for comparison.

I've been melting through a couple chunks lately and the throw is strong with a small piece, although comparable to brands like Rosegirls, VCS and Sugar & Spice.

Pink Watermelon Pink Sugar Mist is sweet watermelon and hints of green honeydew with a touch of musk wafting around the edges from the Pink Sugar.

Lavender Coconut Milk Cotton Candy is mostly fluffy cotton candy with hints of sweet lavender. A soft coconut blends everything together and adds a creamy touch, but it does lean a little artificial to my nose.

Serenity Spa has fresh lemon and lime topnotes with something green and herbal underneath. Green tea maybe? Very zingy and clean smelling.

Black Currant Tea Blonde Moment is a "purple" smelling blend of dark berries and grapes served beside a cup of refreshing black tea. 

County Fair is scoops of vanilla ice cream piled on top of a powdered sugar dusted funnel cake. A little warm and cozy from the fried dough but mostly a creamy vanilla scent. 

Serendipity Fruity Loops Sugar Milk smells just like a bowl of cereal when you're done with it. Mostly lemon and orange from the cereal but with a sweet milky smell in the background. 

Barbershop Salty Sea Air is sea salt with the smell of a gentle ocean breeze and a  light touch of shaving cream for a masculine edge. I've been melting this one lately and it's more shave cream in the warmer with a strong throw that lasts all day. 

Tahiti Treats & Peaches is all peach and smells identical to Candy Panda Just Peachy. Thick, sweet and syrupy, more of a gummy candy rather than real fruit, with a little bit of green freshness.

Strawberry White Clouds is more of a clean laundry / white linen scent with a sweet strawberry that has some fresh green undertones. This is a softer laundry scent and not at all overpowering. 

Citrus Herb is like a lemon verbena scent. Lots of lemon with a green freshness, sometimes a little sweetness comes through. There's something else in here that gives this one a clean feel, white tea maybe? A favorite from this order.

Cucumber Melon Mist is heavy with the smell of sweet honeydew melon and a soft touch of cucumber. Similar to the popular BBW scent but much sweeter.

Berry Tangerine Honeydew Melon features a deliciously tart and realistic tangerine with a green sweetness from the honeydew floating around the edges.

Overall I'm happy with this first time experience but I do have some mixed emotions. Most of these scents aren't ones that I particularly loved, although this was a mystery sampler and that's just how samplers go. The throw is strong from the ones I've tried and you only need a small piece of wax so these should last a while. Aside from a few unique scents that I haven't found anywhere else like Black Currant Tea and Citrus Herb, most of these are blends that can be recreated from other popular vendors with a fraction of the wait time and an equally strong throw. I'll give the mystery box sign up another go when it reopens and try for the customs list eventually but won't get my blood pressure raised if I miss out. It's good wax but like I said, there are other vendors with great wax and shorter wait time.

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  1. I understand those mixed feelings. I love Janine's wax but I missed out on the customs and now I just wait for my mystery box which I know will be some I love and some I don't. I do enjoy the County Fair scent. It is easily my favorite carnival/fair/boardwalk type of scent (no popcorn!! YAY!!).