Friday, August 4, 2017

July Use It Up

Hi guys! Another month down. It's been unbearably humid the past few days and I just can't wait for summer to be over, even though that really doesn't end until November here in So Cal. 

If you have been following the neverending saga of my daughter's medical issues, I'm happy to say that this month has been productive. An appointment with her orthopedic specialist confirms the diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis that she was given years ago and he agrees with the treatment that her rheumatologist recommended. Methotrexate is the medication she was given and is taken once a week with no side effects so far. This is only the second week and we won't know if it is stopping the inflammation until she goes back in mid-September. If it isn't working, they will add a second medication that is injected at home every other week. The insurance won't approve the second medicine until 4-6 weeks after the first one was started so we wait. Ortho wants to see her back in 6-12 months and will do another biopsy on her arm and leg if there is no improvement. And then she had an appointment with the stomach doctor to find out why she only weighs 73 pounds now (she's 15 years old). Lots of protein is recommended for now, but they will want to put a camera down into her stomach if she doesn't start gaining weight. They also tested her for celiac disease but those results aren't back yet. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed with diet and medicine, but my mind can't help but wander to something more serious like anorexia. For now though, we will wait for her test to come back and hope for the best.

And in lighter news, I've been loving the hell out of Game of Thrones. I barely started watching it and will finish up season 5 tonight. The kids will be starting school on Monday which I'm not looking forward to. I love having them at home, especially the little one who is still in the cute kid phase and not the moody teen phase like her sisters, but they really do grow up quick. They're great kids though and that's what matters. I just wish time went by more slowly.

I have tons of reviews that I really need to get a move on. Moonalisa, Wonderberry, Glitterati, Rosegirls, Lasting Scent, Sniff My Tarts. A big decant circle from the Nocturne Alchemy reopening is arriving any day now and there will be tons of their signature vanillas that I will compare.

Alchemic Muse

Garden Party
A soft and feminine blend of wild orchid and peony blossoms touched with bergamot, white patchouli and sheer musk

Very sweet in a floral kind of way with a soft freshness. Kinda rosey.

Pineapple Milk
A perfect blend of fresh, tangy pineapple enveloped in rich and creamy milk sweetened with raw sugarcane

A bowl of melted vanilla ice cream with the remnants of crushed pineapple. A summer favorite.


Tiare blossoms dipped in milk chocolate with coconut, sugared rum, French cocoa absolute, marshmallows and white chocolate

Milk chocolate and coconuts swirled with hints of fluffy marshmallows and rum with fragrant white tropical florals in the background. More foody than floral and very, very sweet.

Candy Panda

Ring in the new year with Auld Lang Syne and a fizzy champagne toast

A crunchy, sweet blend of green apple and pear. Not really a champagne scent but pretty nonetheless. Medium throw.

Coco for Mango
Mango coconut bliss

A little bit of mango but more of a milky coconut with heavy floral notes. This same coconut popped up several times in the items I used this month, and I'm really not crazy about it. It's what I imagine a B&BW store in Hawaii would smell like. Medium throw.

Olive tree house blend with sweet nectarines, mint and fresh ocean breeze

This is a unique blend that I can only describe as aquatic and spa-like. Tranquil ocean waters and sea salt, peppermint and fresh greens. Light throw.

Strawberry Soda
Strawberry fizzy pop

Zesty lemon and lime with lots of fizzy bubbles that later becomes a thick strawberry syrup after a couple hours. Medium throw.

Over the Sheets is one that I reviewed last month, but to recap, it's a clean linen and sugary Pink Sands blend with a light throw. 

Epically Epic Soaps

Guava Pineapple
A tart tropical fruit salad of guava, pineapple, a little bit of papaya, passionfruit, banana and pink rose

It's mostly sweet papaya and a tiny hint of juicy pineapple with a very soft floral heart. It did smell a little plasticky at times and I wonder if that is from the oils and butters the scrub was made with. The label says solid lotion but it was a scrub.

Haus of Gloi

Black Tea with Milk & Honey
Black tea with creamy milk and a drizzle of honey

Even after using this, it still smells more like soap than tea, milk and honey. Very clean and not foody at all.

A blooming orange orchard, orange blossom honey, soft white tea and creamy white amber

I just adore their orange blossom note. It has zesty citrus topnotes on an enchanting base of summery white petals. Follow that up with the smallest trace of powdery honey in the background and you have perfection.

Honeysuckle Ginger
Heady honeysuckle warmed with ginger

The ginger has become more pronounced now that it has had time to cure, but I still get more of a citrusy honeysuckle.

Pink Marshmallow Milk
Magical pink berries and frothy cold milk

A creamy, pink strawberry blend. I've reviewed this twice now as a perfume and pumpkin butter, but the bathing dust version was more milky and sour at times. This was the bathing dust which are salt soaks with a little added moisturizers. I got six uses from the jar with soft skin and light fragrance left behind, but I didn't notice any relaxing properties from the salt.

Lasting Scent Candles

Girl Time
Every girl needs her time to relax and get pampered. This is a very upscale spa scent, clean and refreshing. 

This scent keeps popping up lately. I want to say it is the same as Alchemic Muse Sea Moss and Future Primitive Soaps Old Seaside Town. Basically it's a mossy type of scent but it has a heavy soapy undertone. Eventually it began to smell like bathroom air freshener and I had to change out the wax. Strong throw.

Hurricane Punch
A fruity, summery concoction that will take you right to Bourbon Street. Juicy orange and zesty lime with hints of sweet passionfruit and just a touch of grenadine

The sharp bite of lime and orange is softened by juicy passionfruit. It's mostly a citrus blend but there is plenty of passionfruit to help sweeten it while adding a tropical twist. Medium throw. 

This is a luscious blend of red and pink notes on a background of fruity fresh, and it screams LOVE

This has to be a dupe for something and I suspect it is Love Spell. Clean smelling cherry blossom and a heavy white musk with the sweet nectar of peach or apricot. Medium throw.

Pink Petit Fours
An incredible blend of buttery white cake, yummy Pink Sugar, iced with rich buttery creme 

Mostly Pink Sugar with a thick, buttery vanilla bakery base. Light throw.

Razzleberry Rock Candy
Our original LSC white sugar crystal rock candy flavored with the very best razzleberries we could find

A tart and true raspberry but there's that artificial, plasticky rock candy again. A very light throw.

Possets Perfume

Bridal Veil
Froth of orange blossom, neroli, and the scent of silk woven into the most sheer of chiffon

This is a playful blend of orange blossom and a sweet vanilla. Very light and airy like chiffon fabric while reminding me of an orange blossom version of Solstice Scents Chiffon. Softer and sweeter than Possets Christina de Pizan that I reviewed last month.


Best Friends Forever Club
Pineapple, lemonade and frosted cupcakes

A very sharp lemon that borders on a cleaning product smell with hints of sweet pineapple and yellow cake. Strong throw.

Sniff My Tarts

Berry Bellini / Passion Fruit / Lemonade

Sharp lemonade, fizzy soda effervescence and tart raspberries. Very strong throw.

Marshmallow Cake

Vanilla cake topped with sweet marshmallow fluff. Very, very light in the warmer but it does work well as a blender.

Ocean / Spearmint / Salty Sea Air

A crisp blend of chilly spearmint ocean breezes carrying a hint of sea salt. A nice scent to help relax in the evenings with a strong throw.

Serendipity / Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

Like peppermint candies and sweet milk with hints of maraschino cherry. Seriously, this one is saccharine sweet and was almost at the point of being headache inducing. Strong throw.

Soak in the Sound

This is a neroli blend and one of the better ones I've tried. Sunny citrus topnotes with creamy, summery white florals underneath. It's infused with CBD oil and I've had great relief when I use a small dab on my legs for aches and pains in the evening. The body butter formula is not my favorite (my daughter was using it for a while and said it's like Crisco, which I certainly agree with), so when I reorder I will stick with the thinner, less greasy lotion formula.

Solstice Scents

Vanilla, white chocolate, tuberose & tiare flowers

I'm not entirely sure what tuberose and tiare smell like, but this is reminiscent of gardenia blended with an ultra creamy vanilla and sweet white chocolate. The ganache is more chocolatey because of the natural smell of the cocoa butter it was made with so it is more foody than the perfume. Fo a white floral, this is surprisingly soft and easy to wear.

Sugar & Spice

Fruit Smoothie

A very sweet banana candy blended with hints of strawberry syrup. I can't find the description on the website anymore so it looks like it was recently discontinued. It had a strong throw.

Mystery Scent

This is a blend of peppermint and either marshmallow or vanilla bean noel, maybe even both. It's thick like VBN, fluffy like marshmallow, and wonderfully soothing from the peppermint. Medium throw.

Simply Divine Cherry Pie

Another that has been sadly discontinued. It's a B&BW dupe that smells just like a can of pie filling - tart, juicy and mouthwatering without that yucky cough syrup note. Medium throw.

Super Tarts

Sweet bananas, buttery pie crust and sweet cream blended together to make this delicious banana cream pie 

Sweet and ultra rich banana cream pie filling with just the tiniest trace of flaky pie crust. It's closer to a true banana than sugary banana candy. Medium throw and a certain repurchase.

Biolage, blackberry jam and cotton candy frosting

More like a dark cherry blend with the clean, fruity-green scent of Biolage shampoo. All of her Biolage blends are great but this one is really special. Strong throw with one cube.

The Bathing Garden

Circus Cake
Blue raspberry shaved ice, powdered sugar and a white vanilla velvet cake

Sweet blue raspberry syrup with a fluffy powdered sugar softness. Low to medium throw.

Sweet jasmine and vanilla blend for a milky floral

It's all jasmine but not as sweet as this note tends to be. It has a bit of a grungy, dirty edge to it and I love that. Strong throw.

Curiouser and Curiouser
Bergamot and lemon combine with soft florals and sweet greens

Nothing soft or sweet about this one. It smells of a harsh lemon similar to the Sparkling Limoncello dupe with a little bit of bergamot added. Medium throw.

Scandalously Talking Flower Bomb
Soft and milky jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage

Very creamy like milk, a little bit of white florals mixed in, but fresh sage is what really stands out. I'm still unsure whether this is a Flowerbomb dupe given the name of the scent, but I'm leaning towards no. I was using another vendor dupe recently and they smelled very different. The other was all jasmine and much sweeter minus any herbal sage. That's what I remember the original smelling like. This version is still pretty and I even ordered a clamshell based off this sample.

Smitten Diaries
Coconut flakes, golden vanilla and whipped cream kissed with a garden of white winter flowers

Two products that smell very different. The scrub was more of a tanning lotion coconut with that harsh chemical smell. It smells pretty similar to B&BW Exotic Coconut. The lotion was softer and creamier, more of a coconut milk. No florals in either format.

Sweet Madi
Sweet vanilla blends with succulent, ripe strawberries and the soft floral of violet and jasmine

A Lush Rockstar dupe. A very powdery blend of violets and red berries with the milky sweetness of jasmine. Strong throw.

Tea Cake
Black tea, almond-y cake and vanilla frosting

Refreshing black tea with a soft and not too sweet almond. It's more of a real almond instead of that saccharine Lush Snowcake type. Medium throw.

Tonshi Mountain


A fresh smelling floral that leans almost into clean linen territory. It's pretty light in the warmer but a nice scent.

Kudzu Blossom
Grapevine, strawberry, jasmine & musk

I still think this smells like purple grape juice mixed with the VS Strawberries and Champagne scent. Kinda boozy from the champagne but more fruity from the grape. Strong throw and very unique.

Vintage Chic Scents

Al Capone
Strawberry mango ginger ale

This is more of a sparkling mango and fizzy ginger ale in the warmer than it was on cold sniff. A little bit of strawberry but not much. Very strong throw.

Beach Bombshell
Bright citrus / coconut lotion / sea salt

A sharp citrus and sunscreen lotion that is softened ever so slightly by a thick coconut cream. I really wanted to like this but the sunscreen note has a harsh chemical smell. Strong throw but not one I'd repurchase.

Freak Show
Cucumber watermelon mint

The mint is pretty strong but I get a lot more watermelon than I did on cold sniff. The cucumber is hanging around the background with that soft, tranquil aroma that makes this a lovely spa scent. Strong throw.

Wonderberry Wax

Fruit Loop Fizz
Fizzy soda and fruit loops cereal

It's heavier on the fruit loop smell of sweet orange and lemon, but just enough fizzy pop to cut through that sweetness. Strong throw.

Lavender Milkshake
Sweet lavender blended into a cold, creamy vanilla milkshake

I mentioned in a review a few weeks ago that this was very light on cold sniff and, unfortunately, this also holds true for when it is melting. It's more of a thick, kinda buttery, vanilla with a soft lavender hidden beneath.

Sex Bomb
Soft notes of jasmine, lily and lavender on a base of musk and woods. Lush type

Smooth white lilies and sensual white musk with a soft, tranquil lavender in the background. I've had this before from other vendors and never really cared for it, but I'm slowly starting to come around. Strong throw.

Sex on Coconut Beach
Sex on the beach blended with creamy coconut milk

The return of that floral coconut that I mentioned above. That's all I smell here. Strong throw but I don't think their coconut is for me.

Sparkling Limoncello

A very sharp but "dry" lemon that is more like the rind rather than the juice inside. Medium throw.

Wylde Ivy

Juicy mandarin oranges, sweet apples, tropical coconut & strawberry puree

Aaaand the coconut strikes again. Very white floral and milky with a cloying sweetness and a hint of red apple.

Coconut Island Castaway
Coconut, vanilla, suntan lotion, sun warmed sand and salt spray

It starts out smelling a lot like the old B&BW Exotic Coconut blended with sunscreen, but eventually it takes on a harsh chemical smell much like VCS Beach Bombshell. These sunscreen scents just aren't working out as much as I would like, but I'll probably reorder this in another format because the opening is lovely.

Alchemic Muse

Arcana Wildcraft

Candy Panda

Epically Epic

Haus of Gloi

Lasting Scent Candles

Possets Perfume


Sniff My Tarts

Soak in the Sound

Solstice Scents

Sugar & Spice

Super Tarts


  1. Glad to hear some answers are coming down the pipe for you and your daughter. I will be sending positive thoughts for her well being. And I know exactly what you mean about the bittersweet end to summer and the longer term sadness of the kiddos growing up too fast. I love summer time (especially since I am a teacher and get to spend all summer with my girls) but Savanna is in her last year of elementary school and it makes me blue. Hoping we all have wonderful school years.

    You went through some amazing goodies. Yes, tiare is like a tropical gardenia and tuberose is a large white floral too that has facets of jasmine and gardenia to it. I love it if done well. It can be a bossy queen sometimes though. I am thrilled to read your take on the NA vanillas!! Girl... I have be BAD!! My NA collection, which was JUST started at the most recent openings, is getting a bit fat. I splurged one one of the ICONS III Copal bottles when I was gifted a sniffle of it a couple months ago. I also tried to buy at least one scent from each limited and studio limited release and now these new ice creams and teas?!?! My wishlist is crazy. Absolutely crazy. I am loving the vanillas though. I particularly love Spooktacular, Moonstone and the Tarrie Cats collection they did with Clive Bakers (yes I bought the whole set... witness my gluttony). But I do have samples of the rest of the vanillas: Kobalt, Crystalline and so on to try. And the dinos... don't get me started. Someone slap me. I am in fragrance heaven.

    1. Cheers to a good school year. She's never been to school or daycare so I worry how everything will go. She's excited now but I'm sure the drop off tomorrow will be tough. Is Savannah your youngest?

      Oh my gosh your collection! You fell down the NA rabbit hole! They're masters at what they do, aren't they? I can't wait to see your reviews! I have a bunch of vanillas that just arrived Friday (decants) and a few more on the way from a different circle. Spooktacular hasn't arrived yet but I'm most excited for that. Crystalline is probably my favorite without having tested it yet but West Indian Vanilla is still my baby. I have a few dinos, 5 from Bastet's Garden, and some random Eternals, Dieties, Goblins and a few others to do. Those teas and the new ice creams sound wonderful too. What does the ICON smell like? I tend to stick with vanilla and foody from them but need to venture out more.

    2. ICON is killing me. It is so stinking BEAUTIFUL. Warm and cozy, resinous but soft. I have the bottle I poured from and into the fancy one they gave me. I think it has a few drops in it still. I can send it to you if you want! Send me your address in a message and I would love to send it and some goodies. I find I really like NAVA amber, resin and woods. Dracula is mmmmmmm

    3. It sounds lovely! I'd love to do a trade. I have a bunch of perfumes you'd probably like from NAVA and Arcana. I'll message you in a bit <3