Tuesday, August 22, 2017

NAVA Bastet's Garden - Part 1

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I have a few more Nocturne Alchemy scents today, this time from the permanent Bastet's Garden collection. This is a rather large collection of fruit and floral blends that I've been slowly accumulating here and there. Eventually I hope to have most of the scents and will keep adding reviews.

The gold labels come directly from Nocturne Alchemy, the white labels are from Ajevie who has most of the scents available as decant sizes that are ready to ship.

Apricot Kobalt
African apricot, apricot cream, vanilla cream, SL:Kobalt

I just love their apricot note which is unusual for me to say. Usually apricot notes smell peachy and the line between the two is blurred, but their apricot actually smells like apricot and not peach. Anyway, the apricot starts out strong in this blend, juicy and sweet, fresh and not syrupy artificial, with soft green hints. There's a sweet orchid underneath that begins to emerge and the two notes strong arm each other for the dominant role for a while. More fruity one minute and floral the next. Just when I think the orchid is about to win, the apricot pushes it to the background and that is where it remains. The vanilla cream is more of a sugary vanilla cloud that blends beautifully with the orchid, making this a touch sweeter and lighter than Kobalt itself. For most of the wear, this is a sweet apricot and vanilla blend with touches of orchid. 

Blueberry Crystal
Egyptian summer blueberry within the beauty of harmonized vanilla and musk (Nokturne:Crystal)

A deep and robust blueberry opens this blend, true to the fruit and not at all candy-like, that becomes sweeter and lighter in the dry down with the emergence of the vanilla. The vanilla in this one is different than when I wore Crystal by itself, which was a deep, sort of boozy vanilla. This one is more airy and playful. A straightforward blueberry and vanilla scent that I love.

Cairo Rose Santalum
Egyptian white rose from Cairo, NA rose accord, White Santalum (sandalwood) of Cairo, blue sandalwood from the Arabian Sea and soft undertones of Moonstone and white musk

Rose opens this blend for the first few minutes, the deepest shade of crimson with a soft, green freshness. It is quickly replaced by a masculine leaning "blue" note that gives an overall melancholy feel. It's smooth like sandalwood and a little musky, but "blue" is the best way I can describe it. It's a linear scent that didn't morph beyond the first couple minutes and it lasted well into the following day, but this just isn't for me.

Daffodil Empire Musk
Egyptian daffodil essence, philae empire musk flower, Egyptian musk and a drop of crimson musk

Very fresh and spring-like but also clean with a fabric softener type quality to it. The red musk eventually pushes forward and really amps on my skin, adding a sensual element that I'm not too fond of, but this remains more of a clean floral through the dry down. I really like this one but would enjoy it more if the musk was left out of the blend.

Violet Santalum Sweet
Egyptian and French violet, Egyptian jasmine and lilac, sandalwood sugar from a natural occurring sandalwood cask and Santalum Sweet

Lots of florals in the description but violet is the one that stands out most. A little  powdery but with a strong fresh, green note mixed in to temper the sweetness. I notice the jasmine very briefly in the opening but it's pretty subtle and not at all overpowering. As it dries down, this perfume becomes sharper and the green note becomes more pronounced with occasional hints of cucumber that I assume are violet leaf. No sandalwood though, just powdery sweet petals on top of a sharp base of greenery. 

Apricot and Blueberry are the two I will be reaching for and will probably reorder a decant of each at some point. They're sweet, fun, and great for summer. Daffodil would be my next favorite although that musk didn't quite agree with me. I'll try reaching for it again in the spring. Now Violet and Cairo Rose are two that get a pass. I like violet scents to be sweet and this one was really green while Cairo Rose wasn't really rosey at all.

You can find all of these and many more on the website in 2 ml sample sizes and full bottles. 1 ml decants are available through Ajevie. 

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  1. The Blueberry Crystal scent stands out to me too from your reviews. Bastet's Garden is one of the few collections I have not ventured into. But when I do, it will be Blueberry Crystal. <3