Monday, August 14, 2017

Rosegirls Samplers

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Another Rosegirls post for the month and this time it's a set of two samplers that were available for preorder earlier this summer. Each was $24 and weighs a pound. The first is a sampler featuring the house blend Gilligan's Brew, described as a mix of Hawaiian coconut milk and heavy whipping cream.

Alice's Gone Wild
Honeydew, cotton candy, mango and Gilligan's Brew

Summery, fresh mango with a bit of a "green" lean and a touch of honeydew sweetness.

Blue Raspberry Slushie, Lemonade and Gilligan's Brew

Tart and fresh lemonade followed by hints of candy-like blue raspberry sweetness. No coconut.

Coconut Citrus Sorbet and Gilligan's Brew

Fresh orange blended with cream and a nutty coconut. Not a creamsicle scent though. Just pretty, fresh and summery.

Island Breeze
Secret RG blend of tropical fruits, flowers and Gilligan's Brew

A tropical floral blend (hibiscus?) with a fresh, spa-like feel. It smells "blue" and is very calming.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Sugar Cookie Dough and Gilligan's Brew

Similar to Wackadoodle Gilligan's Brew down below. This is a buttery and sweet cookie blend with that distinct waffle note from PPW. Not a lot of coconut but it does add an extra creaminess. I don't really enjoy PPW but this blend is great and I ordered it in the latest preorder opening.

Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie

A very tart raspberry, realistic for the most part but there is a slight perfumey quality going on. No coconut on cold sniff though. 

Strawberry Cherry Coconut

This is pretty much all cherry. Tart and candy-like, one of the nicer cherries I've found. No cough medicine or sweet almond notes. There's a little bit of coconut cream pie far in the background but this is pretty much straight cherry.

Wackadoodle Gilligan's Brew

Buttery and crunchy shortbread cookies blended with creamy, nutty coconut. More of a bakery blend though. This is my favorite from the Gilligan sampler and goes straight on the reorder list. 

Favorites from this half are Wackadoodle and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I do wish these were more coconut heavy but I ended up enjoying everything here.

The next sampler is fresh and clean. These aren't scents that I usually gravitate towards but have been enjoying these spa type of blends in the evenings.

Dragonfruit Awapuhi and Rainforest Sugarcane (BBW type)

A favorite from this sampler. Summer fruits reminiscent of mango blended with a fresh smelling floral. It's very clean like a shampoo. 

Lavender Bergamot Verbena

Lemony fresh verbena with soft green notes and just the teensiest touch of herbal lavender peeking through. 

Olive You

Sweet red apple and rose from the Lush So White dupe really jumps out but there's a little bit of greenery hanging around the edges. 

Pear and Hawaiian Hibiscus

A sweet and perfumey tropical floral blend. Sort of clean smelling but no pear notes on cold sniff. 

Raspberry Lilacs

Lilac is heavy at first, clean and sort of creamy, but then this delicious tart raspberry jam begins to push forward. This is the second lilac blend I've liked from Rosegirls and it may just be enough to convert this lilac hater. 

Rosemary Mint (Aveda type) and Gilligan's Brew

I'm actually not sure which sampler this belongs in since it can fall into either one, but it's a surprise favorite. Icy peppermint candies and refreshing rosemary fresh from the garden is all smoothed out by a rich coconut cream. Milky but also fresh and spa-like. I'll be on the lookout for this to return. 

Satsuma and White Nectarine & Pink Coral

Grapefruity satsuma, heady plumeria and crunchy nectarine in that order. Tangy and tropical with lots of floral. 

Under the Sea

Crisp and very green like a blend of freshly cut grass and hyacinth, but with a gentle background of blue waves and ozone freshness. I love this one and unfortunately just noticed that it was available in the last chunk preorder. I'll grab it next time though. 

White Tea, Green Tea and Ginger

BBW White Tea and Ginger make this a crisp, eye-opener of a scent with a trace of earthy green tea buried underneath.

Favorites from this round are Rosemary Mint, Under the Sea, and Dragonfruit Awapuhi. Really though, every one of these scents is good and smells strong on cold sniff. Samplers can be iffy but every single scent in this post is something I enjoy.

Jenny hasn't announced a future sampler sale yet but I know I'll order whatever she does next. These are no longer available on the website, but she has tons of Mini Melters for sale that can be used to recreate many of these blemnds. 


  1. That Rosemary Mint and Gilligan Brew sounds epic. I got the Gilligan's Brew sampler too but we only had a couple scents in common. She must have really pushed out a ton of different ones. That is cool. Did you order from the last pre-order? I am stoked to lay my nose on that Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

    1. It sure is awesome! I'll send you a piece if you want. I'm sure you will love it.

      I did order and just got a shipping notice. It should arrive this weekend. Light as a Feather is the one that sounds the best. What did you order?