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Wonderberry June Preorder - Samplers

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Like last time, I'll be breaking this order up into two separate posts. This first part features samplers from the June 17th wax-only restock. They had a good selection of scents this time with plenty of fun samplers to choose from.

Beach Please

12 scent shots for $15 for the set. This ended up being my favorite part of the order.

Beach Boardwalk
Saltwater taffy, summer scoop and acai berries

Strawberries with a touch of vanilla saltwater taffy. For a berry scent, this is pretty realistic - tart, juicy and a little bit of green stem included.

Beach Towels
Seaside cotton and citrus linen

A favorite from this sampler. The linen is starchy but with a delicate sweetness and fresh orange floating just above it.

Cake Pops by the Ocean
Our Cake Pops fragrance blended with creamy mango sorbet and coconut milk

Fresh mango, smooth and kinda sweet. It's light on cold sniff which is probably from the cake and coconut notes, although I don't smell them. It's all mango but softer like it has been watered down.

Coconut Coast
Fresh coconut, tropical fruits, bamboo leaves and Tahitian vanilla beans

This smells more like a blend of various apples with a touch of creamy coconut. I've smelled this recently and want to say it's the same as Wylde Ivy Cabana.

Frosted Pink Pineapples
Pineapple slices topped with strawberry cotton candy frosting and sprinkled with Pink Sugar

The top layer is strawberry and it leans a bit sour and artificial, but the pineapple underneath is tart, juicy and incredibly realistic. It's pretty good and I'm hoping the pineapple will be strong enough to overtake the strawberry in the warmer.

Hawaiian Melonade
Blue Hawaiian blended with sweet and tangy melonade

The Blue Hawaiian is strong, smelling like a pina colada topped with a maraschino cherry, and just underneath I get a touch of sweet watermelon.

Hula Dance
Island plumeria, lemon, lime and grapefruit

Sweet and heady plumeria with just a drop of lime juice in the bottom layer.

Mermaid Lagoon
Salty sea air, sweet lavender, vanilla sandalwood and Pink Sugar

Herbal lavender made extra fresh with the addition of sea salt. It's nearly identical to their Beach Nights scent, which is another lavender and sea salt blend. The only difference is Mermaid Lagoon has a trace of sweet Pink Sugar although it is extremely subtle and I suspect it will get buried under the other notes in the warmer.

Snow Cones
A sugary citrus fruit syrup drizzled over a pile of tropical blue raspberry shaved ice

Smells like Volcano is in here somewhere because I get a creamy orange and lemon, but it's mostly sweet blue raspberry. A candy type of scent.

Summer Glow
Coppertone suntan lotion and Pink Sands type

A little bit of summery floral sweetness from the Pink Sands but mostly that beachy chemical goodness that is Coppertone.

Swim-Up Bar
Sparkling watermelon limoncello and ocean water

I'm surprised by the description because this smells more like cucumber and linen. Green, fresh and mellow with a soft clean note underneath.

Tropical Fruit Dip
Our Fruit Dip fragrance blended with a deliciously sweet tropical fruit salad of pineapples, bananas, coconut and kiwi

The top layer is sweet pineapple and banana with a touch of smooth coconut; the bottom layer is a creamy orange blend.

I just loved this sampler and these are some of my favorite Wonderberry scents so far. Top picks are Beach Towels, Tropical Fruit Dip and Summer Glow.

Birthday Trio

$3.75 for the set. These are birthday cake blends to celebrate the two year anniversary of Wonderberry.

Birthday Cake Shake
Fluffy chunks of birthday cake blended into a frosty vanilla milkshake and dusted with candy sprinkles

A thick vanilla cream, not very sweet but just rich and creamy, sitting on top of a layer of buttery yellow cake. This one has a plasticky feel overall.

Birthday PiƱata
Birthday cake, skittles and rainbow lollipops

A sweet and mixed fruity blend that smells just like a bag of Skittles. There's a sharp lemon mixed in that is probably from the lollipop along with that plasticky cake note from above.

Wonderberry Birthday Cake
Raspberry vanilla amaretto birthday cake

The amaretto is pretty strong here with a sharp chemical-smelling almond much like pistachio pudding cake with that plasticky cake note underneath. None of these scents really did anything for me and sadly, it looks like I'll be avoiding their cake note in the future.

Disney Sampler

$7.50 for the set. These were the winners of a customer create-a-scent contest.

Aurora's Slumber
Lavender chamomile Love Spell

Very heavy on the calming chamomile with a base of mixed florals and sensual musk.

Cinderella's Midnight Dessert
Coconut cream pie, pistachio pudding cake and ice cream scoop bread

A top layer of sweet, buttery and ultra creamy coconut pie over a layer of pistachio pudding cake. That almondy note is pretty strong so I'm hoping the coconut will tame it in the warmer. My second favorite from this set.

I Wanna Be Like You
Monkey farts, zucchini bread and vanilla bean noel

Sweet banana candy on top of creamy (no spices) zucchini bread. It smells different from other zucchini bread scents I've tried. Still a warm bakery scent but a little bland and plasticky.

Les Poissons
Saltwater taffy, Pink Sugar, mango and champagne

This is well blended so all of the notes are present. A little bit of musk from the Pink Sugar, sweet and fresh mango, a creamy vanilla with a little tang from the salt, and just a drop of crisp champagne underneath it all. I can't wait to stick this in the warmer.

My Friend Pooh
Honey graham crackers, blackberry jam butter cookies and toasted marshmallows

Mostly a sweet blackberry (no floral notes) with golden graham crackers and some warm toasty notes. Toasted marshmallow always smells like burning plastic to my nose so I would've liked to see regular marshmallow in here, but this is my favorite from the sampler.

Orange creamsicle and salty sea air

Mostly salty sea air - crisp like ozone, tangy from the salt with a touch of blue waves in the background - with a little bit of sweet orange and vanilla cream on top.

Mini Samplers

There are two samplers here, each has 6 scents for a total of $6. The first is a fall sampler, the second is spa themed.

Fall Festival

Sweet red apples coated in golden butterscotch.

Homebrewed Cider

A sweet and aromatic cup of lightly spiced apple cider.


Sweet apple cider, lightly spiced, against a background of colorful dried leaves and soft hints of dirt. A popular dupe that is a must for autumn weather.

Magic Shoppe

Sweet clove and plums lightly dusted with sugar.

Salted Caramel Popcorn

A popcorn scent I can get behind. Very buttery and warm, straight from the microwave, with gooey caramel drizzled on top. Popcorn scents tend to smell stale to my nose but this one is perfect.

Sweater Weather

A dupe of the popular BBW scent. Sweet and chilly juniper with a soft minty freshness.

And the Spa Day sampler...

Bamboo & White Grapefruit

Sparkling and crisp grapefruit with an occasional whiff of earthy, green bamboo.

Cucumber Splash

More of a sweet red berry and tangy lemon blend than a spa one. It's punchy and summery, very pretty, but the oddball of the group.

Icy Shine

Clean and kind of sweet with floral accents just like fabric softener but with the teensiest hint of peppermint.

Parisian Spa

Fresh grapefruit on top of an earthy and mellow, almost vegetal, green blend. I know I've smelled this before from another vendor but can't place it. Maybe TBG Venetian Spa?

Stress Relief

Peppermint and fresh greens, but primarily a soapy clean scent.

Tranquil Oasis

A masculine, aftershave type of scent. Lots of fresh greens and citrus with a heavy aquatic background.

Tarts for a Cause

And finally, tarts for a cause. This special creation was made for a member of the wax community who sadly lost her daughter Nora earlier this year. An awful tragedy and baby Nora's family is certainly in my thoughts during this difficult time.

Comfort Zone Camp is an organization that depends on donations to help children cope with and heal from their grief during such a time. Proceeds from the sale of this tart have been donated in Nora's memory, and a total of $150 was raised. 

Frosted Blueberry Bread
Cream cheese frosted blueberry muffins and zucchini bread (something Nora would have loved to eat)

Sweet blueberries and rich cream are at the heart of this fragrance with a buttery background that leans more pie crust than zucchini bread. It's a delicious scent and positively mouthwatering. 

These were all great samplers and my favorite order from Wonderberry so far. The beach set and Nora's scent are the ones I'd definitely purchase again. I still have more from this restock so part two will be coming soon.

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